The daughter told her father "I am pregnant", and my father’s reply made netizens laugh: It’s right



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Xiao Hui, who was already a junior, lost with people to play with the "True Adventure" game. After choosing a big adventure, his classmates asked her to send a message to her father, "I’m pregnant."

Xiaohui usually has a close relationship with her father, and I don’t know what the SMS will react to her father.He hesitated for a long time, or sent the news out with the urging of everyone.Xiaohui is very embarrassed, I don’t know how his father would respond to the news.The response that her father gave her was more unexpected.

Her father responded to the news and said, "Can you change a way to ask me for money?" She couldn’t laugh and laugh, and sent one with her friend’s encouragement: "No, it is true." In the past, the father returned: "It ’s just a point." Friends laughed back and forth, and my tears came out.Xiaohui also felt funny. His father knew herself too much, and did not believe in what she was deceiving.

Next, friends encouraged each other to send such news to their father, and the results were funny and sad.A friend’s father replied: "You are not young, you should marry." Another believed that he thought it was true.

Everyone feels funny and moved again."Sure enough, it is biological." After everyone sighed, I felt the sincerity of my father’s love.

In life, "Daughter is the father’s little cotton jacket" and "daughter is the lover of his father’s previous life".Indeed, many times, daughters like to stick to their father, and their father likes to pet daughter.

First, my father can bring a sense of security to his daughter.

We often say that fatherly love is like a mountain. Although it has always been silent, this love is also heavy.Indeed, his father was always associated with the strong male image in the eyes of his daughter.The daughter may not be able to experience the sense of security brought by the strong and magnificent figure from her gentle and kind mother, but to get more from her father.Although his father is generally more serious among parents, and often brings a sense of majesty to his children, when facing his daughter, the tenderness of Tiehan appears.My father is often a symbol of strong, which can bring a sense of security.

Secondly, the ideal type of daughter is sometimes carved according to her father’s template.

The words of the daughter are the lovers of my father’s previous life, but in society, there are indeed many daughters regarding the advantages of her father as the ideal type.His father was the first close to the opposite sex. The girl’s cognition and understanding of the opposite sex originated from the father.Therefore, some girls’ initial imagination of the opposite sex was based on the image of the father.In the process of gradually growing up and gradually understanding the opposite sex, it will also subtly compare his father with the opposite sex he knows, and gradually take the advantages of his father as the requirements of the other half.

Finally, my father was a solid backing.

In modern society, more and more girls are unwilling to be bound by traditional families, and they have begun to pursue their dreams and their careers.The father is undoubtedly a big pillar in supporting his daughter’s career.Although the mother can also provide a lot of help, the father was silent, as always support, and his more fulfilling practical experience, and made the daughter who worked hard outside felt at ease: it didn’t matter, I still have a family, and my father.

The father was like the shield that supported his daughter, and he always gave his daughter the power to fight.

Father’s love is sometimes silent, but the impact of the daughter, including his son, is like spring rain, and the moisturizers are silent.Father’s love can give people a sense of security and courage. For her daughter, the image of the father will also affect their mate selection criteria.The process of her daughter’s growth is inseparable from her father’s company.The influence of his father’s daughter was irreplaceable.

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