The daughter was pregnant before the marriage, her boyfriend proposed to break up, his father -in -law came to stop, the aunt was stunned: why is you

Ethics is a branch of philosophy. Although there are no clear regulations, people are silently observed in their hearts.

If anyone accidentally touches it, it will also feel guilty and consciously reflect on himself, lest to attract the strange eyes around him.

What happens if ethics and love collide?

This kind of little chance is still encountered by Xiao Li, who lives in Qixian, and he is extremely entangled in his heart. I don’t know what to do?

Xiao Li was born in rural areas, and his parents were crop people.

In order to go to college, my sister dropped out of school early. In Xiao Li’s heart, my sister was excellent to herself.

His parents could only provide him with tuition. His sister took his living expenses. He often encouraged him to make him study hard without having to worry about his family.

After graduating from Xiao Li, he stayed in the city and rejected her sister’s help to let her sister take good care of herself.

The sister got married, but the man was not good at her. She often quarreled because of some trivial matters. When she came home, her mother saw the bruises in her eyes and shed tears. Then she knew that the man was irritable and often started to her.

In these things, my sister did not tell Xiao Li, as long as he asked him to work hard and stood in the city.

Xiao Li is also very strong. He has achieved great achievements in his work. He has become the head of a department. He also has a smooth love. He met a Zhengzhou girl. The two were the same age and had a lot of common languages.

When I was in love for 3 years, when I talked about marriage, considering that Xiao Li had no house, the girl proposed to make her father a dowry for a house. Xiao Li was responsible for renovation. She was the second generation.for myself.

The two were full of longing for the future, and the girl was pregnant, so she put the marriage on the agenda. The girl did not expect that Xiao Li would break up.

Ask him why, he refused to say that he only said that the two were not suitable. He was poor in his family and could not deserve her money.

The girl is very strange. The two did not just know. What kind of personality, Xiao Li knew it long ago. Besides, he also had conditions. What is wrong to buy something to spend money?

She suspected that her boyfriend had changed her heart, and she fell in love with other girls before she was so ruthless. She cried and told her father. After learning that the father learned, someone dared to bully his daughter. He couldn’t bear it.

In order to ask his daughter a justice, he went to Xiao Li’s hometown deliberately and wanted to understand the situation and family situation.

As a result, when Xiao Li’s sister saw him, she was stunned. How could it be you?

This problem involves a period of underground relationship, and it also made Xiao Li and his girlfriend almost collapse.

It turned out that the girl Yan Yan’s father and the old king were single. Her mother died of illness more than ten years ago. In order to take care of her daughter, her father never married again.

Occasionally, he met Li Juan, who was stalling, and was moved by the other party’s solid diligence. He often went to Li Juan to buy things, and the two knew.

Li Juan was divorced. In order not to drag his mother’s family, he went to Zhengzhou to set up a stall, and he was more close to his brother, so that the sisters and brothers could help each other.

She and Pharaoh have known each other for more than a year, and their relationships are also stable. Considering that they are not young, they are also ready to get married.

But Li Juan dragged his marriage and proposed to wait for his brother to get married first, and then consider his own affairs.

She didn’t know that she took a group photo with Pharaoh in the circle of friends. After seeing it, she found a problem because Pharaoh was Yan Yan’s father.

Xiao Li didn’t know how to deal with this relationship. If she married Yan Yan, how could she call her father?

This is a matter of ethics and morality. He had to care. If he did not handle it well, he was laughed at by the people around him.

Considering that she was still young, Xiao Li decided to become a sister. Her sister was too bitter and busy for half a lifetime. She should get her own happiness. This is why Xiao Li and Yan Yan broke up, but he did not tell the truth.

Yan Yan’s father came to blame, just met Li Juan, and instantly understood what was going on.

As a father, he hopes that his daughter is happy, but Pharaoh really likes Li Juan. She is a rare good woman. Pharaoh does not want to miss it.

At the mediation site, Pharaoh knocked his head sadly. I didn’t know what to do?

After Yan Yan understood, he said angrily to his father, "Dad, you are too selfish, just think about yourself, I am pregnant, what do you say?"

Between his daughter and his girlfriend, Pharaoh chose his daughter, and he said painfully: "If you can only choose one, then I hope you are happy."

Xiao Li disagreed, he accused Pharaoh: "Is your relationship with my sister fake? It’s really wrong to lose my sister so much trusting you so much."

A pot of porridge was chaotic on the field. Yan Yan cried, Pharaoh bowed his head and silent, and Xiao Li was angry. If he wanted to solve the problem, Li Juan’s attitude was very important.

The host called Li Juan, and Li Juan learned that his brother was anxious when breaking up with Yan Yan. She said to Pharaoh, "What are you going to stir? Let Yan Yan marry my brother, who blocks, I don’t agree, I don’t agree.It’s impossible to me with you, we are not all the way. "

Pharaoh disagree: "But my feelings for you are true."

"What feelings, don’t hurt? Yan Yan is pregnant and has to hold a wedding quickly. This is the right thing. You don’t need to think of anything else. I won’t marry you."

Li Juan’s words were tentatively cut off, so that the audience sighed.

It can be seen that Li Juan is very kind. In order to become a brother, he did not hesitate to abandon his happiness.

But for Xiao Li, he needs to do the construction of his own thoughts. If he can’t understand his mind, he may be guilty for a lifetime, and it will also affect his feelings and Yan Yan’s feelings.

A emotional teacher gave him a suggestion: "When we deal with the problem, we generally do simple and complex sorting. In my opinion, you and Yan Yan’s feelings are very mature.After entering the marriage, this is the priority of the problem. You should take responsibility. "

That’s right, we can understand Xiao Li’s feelings for sister, but we really don’t have to sacrifice our happiness.

Ethics and morality are really difficult to choose. In our current cognition, Xiao Li and sister can only become a marriage. Relatively speaking, his relationship with Yan Yan is more important.

Of course, my sister also has the right to get happiness, but sometimes it is made to make people. Under the concept of morality and ethics, she and Pharaoh can only have a fate.

Such things are rare in life. They can encounter it. They can only say that fate is great, but sometimes, they ca n’t be a lover, and they can be friends. I believe this is also Li Juan ’s voice.

In this life, there are ten or eighty -nine things. If you encounter, you must also learn to relieve your heart and take a step back.

Here, I also wish the kind Li Juan who can meet happiness.

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