The difference and taste of 10 common pears!Which is the most suitable for boiling water?Detailed answer, recommended collection

Pear is a more common fruit in life.Not only is it crispy, juicy, but also very rich in nutrition.It is rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, carotene and other nutrients.

The sexual taste of pear is sweet, acidic, and cool, and has the effects of reinforcement, lungs, clearing heat and detoxifying.After the "liberalization of the epidemic", these three fruits have become hot -selling fruits.Especially pear, which has the effects of reducing phlegm and cough, replenishing fluid, clearing the heart and moisturizing the lungs.Therefore, after "infection", many friends will buy some pears, with Chuanbei and rock sugar, etc., stewed pear water to drink together.

There are many types of pears on the market. Common crown pears, Spring pears, crisp pears, etc., but which kind of pear is more suitable for boiling water and drinking?What are the specific differences between the variety of pears on the market?What is the difference between the 10 kinds of pears on the market with you today?

When it comes to Syroda pear, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous "Zhaozhou Swilish".Serror Pear is one of the famous native products of Hebei Province. It is mainly distributed in the central and southern parts of Hebei Province. Among them, Zhao County, Hebei is a famous centralized area.The listing time of Sauhal is generally around September each year.Storage and transportation can generally be stored until February to March of the following year.

Most of the Sydney pear products are oval, the flesh is white as jade, crispy and tender, and the juice is sweet.Syrodal pear flavor is unique, so most of them are made of canned pear, pear, pear juice, etc., most of them are made of Sydney pear.The taste and finished product are better.

Compared with Crown Pear, the distribution of crown pears is much widespread.Cultivated in most parts of Huang, Huai, and Hai, and is also suitable for cultivation of the Yangtze River Basin and most south of them.Crown pear is generally around mid -August every year.It can be stored until March and April of the following year under refrigerated conditions.

Huang Guanli is cultivated from Sydney Pear as a mother -based hybridization, so the taste is also very good. The skin is thin and thick, tender, soft and juicy, sweet and sweet, and the fine products also have honey flavor.The nucleus is very small, so the consumption rate is high, which is more suitable for raw food.

Yali is also known as "white pear". The epidermis is pale yellow and looks thick. Yali is suitable for growing in a dry and cold area or hillside.Yali is generally around September.Yali has a lot of moisture, but the sweetness is not too high, so it is not so sweet to eat.However, the meat quality of Yali is also relatively tender, so many people also like to eat Yali to quench thirst.

Crispy pears are native to Laoshan, Anhui Province. Because of the excellent variety, it has gradually begun to plant in other parts of the country. However, due to the environment, soil and other reasons, the quality and taste of crisp pears will be discounted.Therefore, the famous crispy pear is still the most famous of Pushan Crispy Pear.The crispy pear is characterized by a large leather, juicy and crispy, and small cores. Eating raw is also sweet and crispy.

Because Apple Pear is exactly like an apple, it is named Apple Pear, which is produced in the Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Yanbian, Jilin Province. Apple pears in all parts of China originated from this.Apple pears also belong to autumn seasonal fruits, and the listing time is also around September each year, but there is an advantage that is convenient for storage. It can be stored in a general cellar for 8-9 months.

Apple Pear is known as the "Show of the Northern Pear". It is also relatively high, fleshy and delicate, delicious and sweet; compared with the above -mentioned varieties, apple pear water is not so much.Personally, I think that apple pear taste is somewhat a little bit.

Xiangli, also known as the big pear; it is mainly distributed in Xinjiang, China, with large production and good quality with Korla Xiangli;Many reputation.The listing time is also around September each year.

Xiangli can be said to be the top of the pear. The skin is thin and delicate, the juice is sweet, crispy and refreshing, and the entrance is melted. There is almost no residue, sweet and crispy, and long aftertaste.Especially for the New Year, many friends will buy a box of crispy pears as gifts for each other.It is also a very good gift.

Nanyu pear is called perfume pear. Nanyu pear belongs to the southern Liaoning specialty.The listing time is around mid -August each year.The biggest feature of Nanguo Pear is that you can feel the strong wine no matter whether you smell or eat; although the taste of Nanyu pear just picked is not prominent, after the natural fermentation of L0 to 15 days, the meat quality will be at this time.It became very soft, very sweet, full of fragrant mouth, and long aftertaste.

Fengshui Pear belongs to the Japanese variety. In 1972, it was formed by the Japanese agriculture, forestry and aquatic provincial fruit tree test site.It was introduced in China to start a lot of cultivation.Feng Shui pear’s peel is generally yellow -red brown, crispy meat, and fragrant taste; Feng Shui pear is generally around late August each year, but some friends eat Feng Shui pear, feel that the pear is thick, the taste is not good, the fiber feelsIt is also heavier.

Qiuyue Pear is also a variety introduced from Japan, so it is more like Feng Shui pear. Many friends are also easy to understand the two and easily confuse to buy wrong.The surface of Qiuyue pear is white spots, and the surface of Feng Shui pear is black spots. Remembering this can be well identified.

The main producing area of Qiuyue Pear is Jiaodong Laiyang and Laixi area, and the listing time is also around late August each year.Qiuyue pear is crispy, sweet and sweet, and refreshing; compared with Feng Shui pear, the taste is more delicate and the sugar is higher.So for Xiaobian, I prefer to eat Qiuyue Pear.

Gongli was mutated from Laoshan Pear. It has experienced many years of artificial cultivation, natural domestication, and artificial choices, forming a new variety -Gongli.The main origin of Gongli is all over Shanxi. Among them, Linfen County, Shanxi is the "Township of Gongli".

Gongli’s head is also relatively large, thin and juicy, and sweet; many friends raised Gongli and believed that Gongli was crispy pear. In fact, it can also be said. After all, Gongli also came from crispy pear.Gongli was also "stupid".

Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" describes: "Sydlase pear is sweet and cold, slightly acidic", has the effects of "clearing heart and moisturizing the lungs".Serror Pear is known as "Chinese Famous Fruit" and "the first pear in the world".Like ordinary Sydney cream, it is made of Sydney pear plus Chinese herbal medicine Chuanbei, honey or rock sugar.

The crisp pears of the mountain are called "Gan Luzi in the fruit, and the saint in the medicine."The crispy pear is the head of the three traditional Chinese pears. It is famous for its juice and sweetness and lung cough effect.Therefore, from the above description, if it is used to boil water, it is recommended to choose Syrian pear or crispy pear.

In fact, there are more than the top 10 species of pear.And there are many ways to eat pears. You can eat raw, you can steam, and you can make soup and soup.Especially in the winter, it is dry in winter and stays indoors for a long time, which is more suitable for eating more pears to supplement water.Therefore, it is recommended that you buy more pears to boil water to drink.

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