The divorce just two months old was pregnant, and when he came to find his ex -husband to remarry, who knew that he was kicked out of the house by her mother -in -law

The divorce just two months old was pregnant, and when he came to find his ex -husband to remarry, who knew that he was kicked out of the house by her mother -in -law

With the continuous development of society, family relationships and marriage status are becoming increasingly diverse.Divorce is a phenomenon. In some cases, the husband and wife after the divorce may re -consider the reunion.However, fate is always surprised.Let’s take a look at a true story that happened in a certain city to explore the emotional entanglement and social reflection.

In this story, the protagonist is Li Ming (a pseudonym), an ordinary office worker.He and his wife Xiaoyu (pseudonym) married for several years, originally a happy couple.However, over time, there was a problem with each other’s getting along, which eventually led them to have to embark on the road of divorce.

Divorce is not an easy task, and it is no exception for Li Ming and Xiaoyu.After a long time of emotional friction and quarrel, the two finally decided to break up two months ago.Although divorce is their common decision, Li Ming still has reluctant and regrets for marriage deep in his heart.

Just as Li Ming gradually began to adapt to divorce life, Xiaoyu suddenly came to him a shocking news -she was pregnant.The news exploded Li Ming’s heart like a heavy bomb.He began to think about many questions: Who is this child’s biological father?Is Xiaoyu pregnant long ago, so I chose to remarry with him?And does he still have the possibility of remarriage?

Late at night, Li Ming sat alone in front of the window, recalling the little bit of the light rain.He couldn’t help asking: "If she really came back to me because of her pregnancy, is our marriage possibility of happiness?"

In the waves of emotions, Li Ming decided to go to Xiaoyu and talk well.He wanted to ask all the ins and outs of all, and also wanted to know if Xiaoyu was really willing to reunite.So he decided to call Xiao Yu and asked her to meet in the familiar cafe.

The next day, Li Ming came to the cafe in advance, waiting quietly for the arrival of Xiaoyu.Soon after, Xiaoyu really appeared, she looked a little tired, but a warm smile hanging on her face.

After the two sat down, Li Ming finally gathered courage and asked directly: "Xiao Yu, you are pregnant, who is this child’s father?"

Xiaoyu calmed down and lowered his head.Li Ming looked at her and continued, "Are you back to me because of pregnancy?"

Xiaoyu raised her head, and she had a trace of sadness in her eyes: "Yes, I am pregnant, but this is not the only reason I come back to find you. In fact, I have always regretted divorce, but the emotional problem between us made me unable to me.Shi Huai. Now that I am pregnant with this child, I understand the importance of the family. I don’t want my child to have no complete home since I was a child. "

Listening to Xiao Yu’s words, there was a complex emotion in his heart.He can feel the sincerity of Xiaoyu and understand her desire for the family.However, his inner doubts still exist: "Xiaoyu, there are too many problems between us, can we really come together?"

Xiaoyu said softly, "I know we have experienced a lot of bumps, but I am willing to face it with you. We can solve the problem together, learn to tolerate and understand each other. I don’t want to miss you again, and then miss our family."

Listening to Xiaoyu’s sincerity, Li Ming began to shake.Perhaps they can really start again.Therefore, they agreed to re -contact and understand each other again.

However, destiny does not seem to treat them well.In the process of trying to repair their marriage, Mother -in -law Li Ming suddenly appeared.

Mother -in -law Li Ming is a traditional conservative elder and has his own firm view of marriage and family.When she learned that Xiaoyu was pregnant and came to the house to remarry, she was furious.She believes that Xiao Yu returns because she is pregnant, but she just wants to draw their money, and it is not really wanting to reunite at all.

A fierce quarrel broke out.Li Ming tried to explain, but her mother -in -law’s attitude has been decided.In the end, mother -in -law insisted

Xiaoyu is to drive out the house, and even take out the divorce agreement that has long been ready.

Xiaoyu was sad and angry, and she could not accept her mother -in -law’s decision.She knew that if she was kicked out, she might not be able to see the child again, and she didn’t want the child to lose a complete family from the beginning.

Li Ming was in a dilemma. He was unwilling to hurt his mother -in -law, but he did not want to give up Xiao Yu and children.He thought over again, and finally decided to fight for happiness for himself and Xiaoyu.

He decided to talk to her mother -in -law once to explain the idea of himself and Xiao Yu.After listening to his explanation, her mother -in -law was still very angry, but she also saw Li Ming’s inner insistence and the sincerity of Xiaoyu.

After experiencing a choice of soul, her mother -in -law finally let go and agreed with their decision.She told them: "Since you are so persistent, I can’t help it. But I hope you can really live well, don’t hurt each other anymore."

As a result, Xiaoyu finally stayed beside Li Ming, and they greeted the arrival of new life together.This child has become a testimony of their reunification and the hope of their new life.

Marriage is not smooth sailing. It requires the joint efforts and understanding of both husband and wife.In this story, although Xiao Yu and Li Ming had fallen into contradictions, they eventually reappeared together under the arrival and persistence of their children.Although her mother -in -law’s attitude has become an obstacle, she also agrees with their choices after understanding and communication.

This story tells us that marriage needs to be managed, and when facing the opportunity of compound, rationality and sensibility need to be taken into account.Only when you really treat each other and tolerate your understanding can you enter the palace of marriage and create a better future.At the same time, society should also give a certain understanding and support after the divorce couple, so that they have the opportunity to start again and create a better life.

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