The doctor came out to the doctor and said: "The low HCG value is low, can it be ectopic pregnancy?How to diagnose ectopic pregnancy

Wen/Mo Shang

When I browsed the post today, I found two similar problems: I found that I was pregnant to test the blood, but when the doctor saw the test sheet, they said to them might be pregnant. So they posted for help: Is HCG low?Can I see ectopic pregnancy?

My reply to them is: The low data of HCG has something to do with the number of days you pregnancy. If it is the first time to test the blood test, this data can only be used to refer to whether it is pregnant. If it is the second or third review HCGThe more than 100 values are indeed not high.Also asking if blood tests can see ectopic pregnancy, I can tell you with certainty: No.Regardless of whether the value of HCG is low or high, it cannot be used to ultimately diagnose ectopic pregnancy. It is only a B -ultrasound that can be diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.

When the doctor saw the list, he said to you: It may be ectopic pregnancy, but in fact, the doctor just judged and judged based on his clinical experience.I don’t think any doctor can diagnose you with ectopic pregnancy without seeing the blood test report without passing the B -ultrasound.And the doctor said that this kind of words are not scared, but to help us analyze any kind of risk …

However, we usually look at the words of ectopic pregnancy, especially the mothers who have been bred for the first time, even more panicked.In our minds, we should only remember the three words of the doctor said that the out -of -packet pregnancy!

Under what circumstances should we pay special attention to prevent this odor pregnancy?

I usually give the sisters more euphemistic. I will ask her first: Have you ever done before pregnancy?Is there any gynecological disease, such as attachment?

You must know that most ectopic pregnancy is basically caused by the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and most of the tubal diseases are likely to have something to do with our gynecological diseases, especially chronic gynecological diseases.

If you answer me: the first pregnancy, everything is normal before pregnancy.Then I will definitely answer her: Don’t worry, where can there be so many ectopic pregnancy, the number of days is short … If there is stomach pain or irregular bleeding, then go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.The doctor just analyzes all kinds of possibilities.

If you answer me: I have had a miscarriage before, and I have not performed pre -pregnancy examinations!Then my answer will be as cautious as a doctor: if everything is OK, you don’t need to worry too much. If you have any discomfort, such as uncomfortable stomach and irregular bleeding, please seek medical treatment immediately.

Many people will ask me: Are you a doctor?I’m not!But I am a mother who loves to learn. As a moderator of the pregnancy, I want to work hard to keep studying and reliable professional medical knowledge to help more pregnant mothers.Although my strength is very small, I am still keen to study continuously.As me, my suggestions for sisters are rational suggestions, and will not be diagnosed randomly.

Haha, the topic ran back to the topic.

What if we prevent ectopic pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to pre -pregnancy examinations, we must pay attention to pre -pregnancy examinations. The purpose of pre -pregnancy examination is to minimize the risk of breeding.

2. Women who have had a history of ectopic pregnancy. When preparing for pregnancy again, you must do a tubal examination in advance. As mentioned earlier, most ectopic pregnancy is caused by the problem of fallopian tubes. Thereforenecessary.

3. Women who have had a history of abortion once or many times, everyone knows that the damage caused by abortion to women is unpredictable, and there are many data that the increase in the increasing incidence of extraterritical pregnancy in recent years has a lot to do with the history of abortion.

Therefore, women please love themselves, cherish their fertility, and do not want children to do a good job of contraception.

4. Sisters with ovulation obstacles in the pregnant mother themselves, if you need to achieve conception by promoting ovulation, please be able to do it under the guidance of a doctor. If you encounter problems, communicate with the doctor in a timely manner.

Finally, I wish you all a good pregnancy in the palace.

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