The doctor tells you why you have less infusion

A small needle may be the most widely used medical equipment, which has a history of more than 100 years.Although the needle is small, no one has not been tingled by the needle.However, fewer and fewer people are now playing (muscle injection) needles.Many people would rather accept dripping (intravenous injection) and unwilling to accept injections. The only reason that can be explained seems to be "afraid of pain".But the deeper reasons may never be so simple, economical, psychological, and ignorant all include it.

Conditioning is a saying. To be precise, it should be called drug injection, including muscle injection, subcutaneous injection, local injection, and injection of certain special parts.Intravenous injection is actually injection, but Chinese people often call the latter as a drip, which is also very vivid. The drugs flow into the body one drop.Since it is popular science, I will call it anymore with the custom. I hope no one will "top cows" on such a small issue.

Why do some medicines be taken in, and some medicines have to enter the body?The main consideration should be the absorption and metabolism of the drug. In general, it is whether it is effective, the fast and slow, and when the effect disappears.After the drug reaches the gastrointestinal tract, it will not immediately enter the blood circulation. Instead, there is a process of absorption in the digestive tract.Some drugs absorb quickly, and some drugs absorb slowly, so there are differences in the efficiency time.For those medicines with very high absorption rates, they should be taken as much as possible, and the effect is the same as dripping.For example, the absorption rate of metronidazole orally is as high as 98%, and there is no need to dick at all.However, the same treatment of metronidazole, if you buy oral tablets, 40 tablets can eat the total cost of less than 3 yuan for a week, and the dosage of the drip is more than 20 yuan a day.Therefore, on this issue, the impact of economic factors is the main.

Of course, some drugs can only be taken oral or injections or drips into the body.For example, some enzymes that promote digestive function must work in the digestive tract and must be taken orally; some medicines need to be taken under tongue.There is no room for bargaining, so no matter whether you encounter a good doctor or a bad doctor, you will not have a chance to make mistakes.

However, some drugs have to enter the body through the digestive tract for various reasons.For example, some lively viruses or bacterial live vaccines are difficult to endure the decomposition of enzymes in the digestive tract, so they have to be injected, and they have to be injected under the skin, such as the inoculation of acne (prevention of smallpox) and kaley seedlings.However, there are also orally using the ability of the digestive tract.For example, to prevent poisoning vaccines for spinal ash, to make the human body get immunity due to the digestive tract infection, it is specifically made into sugar pills and orally for children.Not only is it sweet, but the sugar coat on the outside can resist the corrosion of the gastric acid, so that the poisoning live vaccine can safely reach the intestine.In fact, the characteristics of intestinal virus are used.

Generally speaking, the drug enters the body as fast as a bit, muscle injection is second, and orally is the slowest.The drug must play a certain concentration before it will play a role.After the drug enters the body, it will reaches the kidneys and liver through blood circulation.The learning of this process is called pharmacokinetics.Unfortunately, most of our doctors did not understand this and only learned 2 hours in college.With these two hours of effort to deal with many clinical problems in the future, many people feel powerless.Fortunately, many drugs are listed on related data. Looking before use, it is good for the prescription.

Some drugs can only be taken oral and quiet, and should not be injected by muscle.For example, the medicine of potassium chloride is very strange, it is very safe orally, and the vein is slowly dripping slowly, but it must not be quickly dripped, let alone betting.When potassium chloride enters the body, it is irritating to the human body, and it will hurt a little when dripping.Of course, such drugs cannot be used for muscle injection.If it is quickly pushed into the body, it will cause arrhythmia and even cause patient death.Some people suspect that the drug of the injection execution is potassium chloride, and some people say no.I did not study this, but quickly pushing potassium chloride into the human body would indeed cause life to danger.Therefore, when injecting potassium chloride clinically, it not only emphasizes that the drug concentration cannot be too high, but also emphasizes that the speed of entering the body should not be too fast.If the patient can take potassium ions orally, try to take orally.Although it is safe, it hurts after all.Patients with interspersed gastric tubes are simple. Pushing the medicine from the gastric tube, the effect is like orally, but there is no oral odor and discomfort, and there is no danger.

However, there are not many drugs such as potassium chloride clinically. Most of the standards that determine that drugs enter the body must be based on pharmacokinetics.From a security point of view, venous injection is actually a dangerous medical measure.

When I was young, I also experienced a major event.The daughter of the employee of the hospital was pregnant and gave birth to a child. Everyone took care of her. The attending doctor opened a bottle of "human albumin" to the pregnant woman.No matter at the time and now, albumin was short of supplies, so many doctors did not put asylum at will.At that time, the delivery room of this hospital was connected to the neonatal ward, and the amount of albumin was small in the newborn, so sometimes leukin that the newborn did not run out was left to the adult, or the children were even a little better in the adult’s albumin.That day was also proper.A nurse was afraid of waste this expensive albumin, so he handed a bottle of albumin that was not used up by a child to the outside of the nurse.Unexpectedly, before the patient had time to be a mother, in the process of white protein, he suddenly died of dyspnea and blood pressure decreased and died quickly.Because everyone watched the child growing up, she was about to be a mother, but the child said that he would leave, not only very regrettable, but also a serious medical dispute between the family members and the hospital.The focus of the controversy at the time was how the patient died during the process of dripping white protein?Family members believe that the albumin after Kaifeng may be infected by bacteria, causing acute toxiamia to cause death; the hospital believes that the symptoms and signs before dying are like allergic shock.The two sides held their own words, and the court’s final judgment was confused.However, a evidence provided by the defendant’s lawyer in court was to keep me in mind: at that time, there were several deaths in the process of gentin dripping in domestic journals.Because the handling of medical disputes at that time was not as standard as it is now, the family members did not get much compensation.If it is now, it is estimated that at least one million will be.The psychological shadow given me this matter is very large, and I have not bloomed albumin until now, unless this person’s indication is particularly obvious.For so many years from the medical treatment, the albumin that I prescribed from my hands has not added up to less than 10 bottles. It can be seen how much this incident has a big impact on me!

More than 10 years ago, one night I went to visit a sick friend, and the man told me the horror experience he experienced during the day.At that time, he went to the hospital to get a bit of medicine at the time of dizziness, and a patient in the bed was exactly the same as him.The two started to start at the same time.After hanging for more than an hour, the patient in the neighboring bed suddenly accelerated his breathing, his mouth was discomfort, and he hung up in a few minutes.The friend was scared to death at the time. After taking a bottle of medicine, he resolutely asked to go home.When I went to see him, he had not recovered from the scare, and his words were a bit incoherent.He asked me what the person died, did he use the wrong medicine, or did he get the wrong needle?I can’t answer until now.

Although dripping is the smallest invasive operation, there is actually a great danger.In the past few years, almost every larger hospital has its own preparation room, producing "in -hospital preparations" such as glucose water and physiological saline.Forgive me, some hospitals or preparation rooms are not suitable for these things at all. The disinfection and sterilization process is not strict, and the preparation preservation conditions are not enough. How can the products be qualified in this way?Fortunately, the "Drug Management Law" promulgated in 2001 excluded these fake and shoddy products from entering the human body, and this type of horror story has been significantly reduced.

After the intravenous infusion caused the patient to die, most of the families first doubted whether the doctor and nurses were wrong.In fact, the wrong drug will cause patients to die, but there are not many such situations.What is more common is

The input liquid itself was infected, and the interview was called "pollution".Many liquid drugs contain sugar, or physiological saline, or sugar saline.In the process of manufacturing and transportation, these liquids are mixed with mycoplasma, chlamydia, and even fungi. They grow and reproduce in these medicinal solution and produce toxins.The process of entering the drug actually becomes the process of input toxins.Light, letting people have a chilling and fever in a short period of time, and the serious ones will have a life -saving life.Although the nurse should check and check it carefully before the drug injection, it does not actually guarantee that everyone is golden eyes.

The longer the doctor does, the more horror ever heard, the smaller the courage.Maybe because I have been clinically mixed, my courage is getting smaller and smaller.Do not get injections with oral drugs. Do not get a bit of injections. The only reason is safety.But the level of drug manufacturing is getting higher and higher, and the courage to doctors is getting bigger and bigger.There seems to be fewer and fewer people like me.Some patients do not take medicine as part of the treatment. If you give him some medicine, he will throw the medicine. Only when you get a bit, he will feel that it will be the medicine; some patients will see the muscles.The injection is the execution ground, I just want to dick without accepting muscle injections.No matter what reason, as long as there is a liquid containing toxins once, it will hang up.In fact, many drugs do not require intravenous drips in clinical practice. The oral effect is the same as dripping, but in order to show the attention of health work at all levels, the more the emergency room is repaired, the better the more functions. The only function is to create conditions., Let people take a bit in the inside.Jun is not seen. Now, whether it is a city, a rural or a community health service center, isn’t it a conspicuous landscape?

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