The eight major reasons for sows to make death are related to our improper breeding!Must -see pig farmer

The sows often happen, and it is a dead tire that has been born for so long. This is something that every pig farmer does not want to see.However, the sow’s death tires are basically because we have made a mistake in some aspects. If we do n’t understand this, the same thing will happen in the future. Therefore, today I will summarize the eight causes of the sows that cause the sow to produce dead tires. EveryoneSee if you have any recruitment.

Reason 1: Premature attack on the tire

Sow is not to attack the fetus as soon as you are pregnant. Too early to attack sows will cause nutrition to exceed the standard. The development of sows and fetuses is not good. As a result, the sow is too fat, the fetus is too large, and the sow has too much fat fat contentThis has caused sows to be easy to produce during production, the fetus cannot be born, and stuck in the birth canal to suffocate and die.

The time we gave sows for breeding for tires should be after 90 days of sow sow.

Reason two: abuse of drugs

Sowing is to do health during pregnancy. This is to enhance the sow’s physique and reduce the disease rate of pregnant sows, but it cannot abuse antibiotics or health medicines.We can use the health care of pregnant sows, and we can use it: maternal animals too much+multi -dimensional guarantee to regulate the sow’s body, enhance the sows ‘constitution, and improve sows’ resistance and immunity.

Reason three: feed moldy and deteriorating

The feed feed to the sow is moldy, and the grooves are not cleaned in time. The remaining material accumulated in the groove is moldy, causing the mold toxin in the sows to exceed the standard, and eventually died the fetus.

This requires us to add it when mingling: Cycus is too guaranteed to purify the mold toxin, and at the same time purify the mold toxin in the sows, and the grooves should be cleaned in time.

Reason 4: Long -term limit

Long -term restrictions on sows have caused sows to seriously lack exercise. Sow’s body vegetarian food is greatly reduced, and physical and endurance are too poor. Such sows are too long.

Reason 5: Reproductive disorders

Viruses such as blue ear, ring, pseudo -rabies may not cause harm to the sow’s body for the time being, but it will cause the fetus in the uterus to die.Circus, purify the internal virus of the sow to protect the safety of the fetus.

Reason 6: An accident occurs when turning the group

When the sow is transferred from the pregnancy house to the delivery house, because the ground is slippery, the bed and the ground are too high, and the sow is too rough, it will cause dead tires.

Reason 7: The temperature of the delivery room is too high

The temperature in the delivery room is too high, which will cause the sow to cause stress, resulting in hypoxia in the uterine muscle, reduced frequency of uterine shrinkage, and the childbirth time is too long or even unable to give birth.

Reason eight: Less amniotic fluid

When the sow is produced, there are too few uterus amniotic fluid, dry birth canal, too low lubrication, the friction of the birth canal will increase, and the difficulty of production will increase greatly. As a result, it is difficult to produce. The sow cannot be born, and the fetus stretchs to the birth canal.

In this case, a clean lubricant can be injected into the sow’s birth canal.

The above is the eight reasons for the sows who have summarized it for everyone. Today’s content is over here. Thank you for watching it.Follow me and share with you about breeding every day.

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