The elderly mother has to face these three major challenges, each is not easy, it is not easy for the old baby to give birth to a baby

Introduction: The talents of the family are the thoughts of our ancient people. The life span of the ancients was relatively short, so we first flowed down their blood and then tried to raise it, but now many people are busy at work and do not have a family.

Stars are a kind of high -paying job, but they are not small. Many stars dare not say for their own stars, and they dare not say, even if they are not married, they will not have children.

For example, Gu Juji, who was on fire because of "Deep Love in Love" more than ten years ago, has been in school for several friends who performed TV together. However, he did not take a 20 -year -old girlfriend who had hidden for 20 years.Only the good news of being a dad was announced.It is said that the child is actually born for a while, but because everyone is resistant to epidemic and does not want to occupy public resources, it is almost 3 months before saying.

When netizens saw the news, while congratulating them, some netizens said: It is not easy to be a mother when the grandmother’s age becomes a mother.People of this age around them have been upgraded to be grandparents, and there is no harm without comparison.

Another netizen said: Isn’t it that it is not good to have children in the age?Why do so many celebrities and celebrities have missed the best fertility age. They are only old only when they are old. They look very beautiful and smart?

Some netizens said that the 50 -year -old child was too great, and it was true.

1. The challenge that can’t be pregnant

Generally speaking, the best childbirth age is between 20 and 30 years old. The proportion of women who have a desire for fertility in the age of 30 are 75%of pregnancy in one year. By the age of 35, the chance of pregnancy is 66%.The chance of pregnancy is only 44%. By the age of 45, natural pregnancy has become more difficult. Generally, IVF needs.

And before, I heard that Gu Juji’s wife was pregnant with a test tube baby.

2. The challenge of my body after conceived

After our body is 30 years old, we slowly go downhill, and the nutritional absorption ability has decreased, especially the regulating ability of blood sugar is also declining.

Elderly women are more likely to have factors that are not conducive to pregnancy during hypertension during pregnancy.

Many mothers who have a second child have a deep understanding. When they are born, they are good at their age, so they do n’t feel much. When they are pregnant with the second child, they start vomiting from knowing that they have not been pregnant, and then they have high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Every night, the urine that can’t be pulled is panting, and there is basically no sleep in the third trimester.

3. The child’s healthy challenge

At the age of age, our sperm and eggs are more likely to be defective. Some people do not necessarily keep it when they are pregnant, and they are more likely to have a miscarriage, or the malformation rate of the fetus has increased.

Of course, rising is compared to the best fertility age. No matter how old we have children, we still have healthy. Otherwise, how do we see so much 40 years old, 50 or even 60 years old and still be mothers.

The possibility of premature childbirth will be higher, and premature babies will be more troublesome.

We see that many stars get married in their 30s or even 40 years old, and they only have children in their 40s after they get married. Even our maternal maternal in Shandong gave birth to a daughter at the age of 67 last year, and India was 74 years old.Twins.

1. Wealth

The money is basic. Many stars have children to be a test tube baby. They just condition the hospital in advance without test tubes. These require money.Being a test tube baby is less than tens of thousands, and it may not succeed, so 100,000 is the bottom limit.

If you have money, you can get better medical conditions. If you have money, you can ask more professional people to help themselves to condition their bodies.For example, professional nutritionists to regulate their bodies and professional doctors help conditioning physique.

2. The physical fitness is okay

Some stars will go abroad when they are relatively young, mainly because when we are young, the quality of the eggs will be better, the quality of the eggs will be better, the possibility of child health is higher, and the possibility of successful conception will be successful.higher.

And we are pregnant, kidneys, and lungs, etc. internal organs are all under pressure. If our physical fitness is poor, it may cause the symptoms of the body. There are some seriously unable to control the hypertension during pregnancy and hypertension.of.

Therefore, you still have to look at your physical fitness. Some are good in physical fitness. At the age of 60, you can still conceive naturally.

Not only does it require good physical fitness during pregnancy, and after children are born, we need to take care of the child. It is really a physical work to take care of the child. We can ask a nanny, but some things still have to do it by mother, so it is also a challenge to the body.

3. Good psychological state

There are not only physiological challenges, but also psychological challenges. In his 50s, you can obviously be a grandmother.

After the child was born, he took the child out, and others thought he was a grandma. At this time, the psychological gap was also very large.

Mother Jing said: The mother who gave birth to a child is even more great. Being an elderly mother must have the courage to make her healthy baby.

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