The embarrassment of frequent urination during pregnancy is solved easily!

For expectant mothers, pregnant in October is not a relaxed thing. There may be some discomfort during this time. Frequent urination is the most common problem that troubles expectant mothers.

Why do expectant mothers have frequent urination?

Women’s uterus is located in the center of the pelvic cavity. The front is the bladder and the rectum behind. The uterine body can change the position with the degree of filling of the bladder and rectum.Under normal circumstances, urine is only when the bladder urine is stored at 400 ml, and urination is urinated once every 4 hours.In the early pregnancy, the uterine body increased but did not rise into the abdominal cavity, occupying most of the space in the pelvic cavity, pushing the bladder upward, stimulating the bladder, and causing frequent urination.In the third trimester, the fetus dropped to the pelvic cavity, compressed the bladder, reduced the volume of the bladder, reduced the urine volume significantly, and increased the number of urine times.This kind of frequent urination is normal and there is no need to worry.

Frequent urination needs to be cautious

After women are pregnant, the ureter and bladder will be shifted. At this time, a lot of urine will accumulate in the urinary tract and then breed a large amount of bacteria, and then infect the urinary tract.If the frequent urination of pregnant women is accompanied by the feeling of urethral pain, or if there is often urgency to tolerance, they can go to the hospital to check the urine routine to avoid the urinary system infected with certain diseases.In other words, the feeling of frequent urination accompanied by urethral pain should seek medical treatment immediately.

Frequent urine misunderstanding

One of the misunderstandings: drink less water.The importance of water does not require too much explanation. Science has confirmed that people will die without drinking water for 3 days.Some expectant mothers deliberately drink less water in order to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet, and even drink water.This has entered a misunderstanding.Drinking water for thirst is like watering after the field is cracked. The thirst is a rescue signal that requires hydration to replenish the brain center. It is the result of the lack of water and not the beginning.The thirst shows that the water in the body has been imbalance, and the dehydration of brain cells has reached a certain degree.This is very unfavorable for pregnant women and fetuses. Specific mothers should not do this about picking up sesame seeds and throwing watermelon.

Two of the misunderstanding: urinating.The urination time is too long, which will affect the function of the bladder, so that in the end, it cannot urinate by itself, causing urinary retention, and need to go to the hospital to guide urine.

Method to deal with frequent urination 1 often do anal shrinkage exercise

Early pregnancy is often done, so that the tension of the pelvic floor muscles can help control urination.Before exercise, you must empty the bladder. If necessary, you can pad the pad to catch the omitted urine.

2 Avoid supine positions

When pregnant moms are resting, pay attention to take the side lying position to avoid supine positions.Sideline can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, and prevent the accumulation of urine infection with the accumulation of urine and ureter.

3 Appropriate amount of water replenishment

Expectant mothers can replenish water in a large amount during the day, but start to limit the amount of water intake a few hours before going to bed, which can reduce the number of times you go to the toilet at night.When you go out, if you have urine, you must go to the toilet and try not to urinate as much as possible to avoid causing bladder inflammation or bacterial infection.

4 Pay attention to diet during pregnancy

In the early and at the end of pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat foods that are diuretic at night, which can effectively prevent symptoms of frequent urination during pregnancy.

When will the frequent urination be relieved

After the baby is born, the phenomenon of frequent urination will be relieved.But in the first few days after giving birth, your urine frequency and urine volume will be higher than during pregnancy.This is because your body will discharge extra liquids in the body during pregnancy.A few days later, your urine frequency should return to the normal state before pregnancy.


Pelvic relaxation exercises: That is, the knees of the limbs are crawling, the back is straightened, the hip muscles are shrunk, and the pelvis is pushed to the abdomen.And bow to the back, relax after a few seconds.

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