The entertainment circle is madly "mother and child love", the godmother, the godmother meets each other and hates late

In this era of love, everything is possible.In today’s entertainment circle, "sister -in -law love" is no longer enough, and the crazy "mother and child love" is being staged.

"Bao Ma" Wang Meihua and "Dan Son" Wang Jianmin are 13 years old

Recently, 43 -year -old Wang Jianmin and 56 -year -old Zeng Zhiwei’s ex -wife Baoma "mother and child love". The man was also photographed to accompany Baoma to buy underwear, which attracted a lot of reveries.On June 7, Zeng Zhiwei’s ex -wife Baoma attended a press conference, and his emotions were so excited that the "Son" Wang Jianmin stared at the Bao Ma behind him, worried, and kept bowing his head to hold his nose.

The exposure of Bao Ma and Wang Jianmin’s "mother and child love" stems from a report.According to the Taiwan Weekly report, Wang Jianmin’s ex -girlfriend once cried that two people broke up because of the discovery of Baoma’s clothes in Wang’s home."Bao Jianlian" male and female protagonists were also photographed together. Although the man did not purchase together in the car, Wang also Zai Bao Ma went to buy noodle lines. The two sides returned to Baoma’s house to enjoy, and the interaction was beyond friendship.

Bao Ma and Zeng Zhiwei had a marriage. The daughter of the two daughters Zeng Baoyi also active in the performing arts circle. With her ex -husband and daughter’s prestige, she dared to say that Bao Ma was welcomed by Taiwan variety shows in recent years, and the announcement was about 15,000 yuan.Wang Jianmin started with a drama. The well -known relationship in the past was the past with the former Dong Niang Qian Yueyue of Sanhe’s refractory.EssenceWang Jianmin is only 4 years older than Zeng Baoyi.

Lan Xinmei and Tang Yuzhe are 17 years old

Most of the stars who came up with a TV series are there, but no female star can be outrageous like Lan Xinmei.

One is a strong woman in the career, and the other is the new idol. The two people who seem to have nothing to do with Lan Xinmei and Tang Yuzhe have become the focus of the outside world because of intimate interaction.Lan Xinmei responded that he had a good opinion of Tang Yuzhe, but Tang Yuzhe’s answer was ambiguous, and he seemed to worry that everyone felt that he was "highly climbing."

For Tang Yuzhe, who was 17 -year -old with himself, Lan Xinmei responded very fiercely when he responded: "I felt disgusting when I heard it, and I could be a fuck, which was perverted." But she did not deny that she did not denyIt is good to have Tang Yuzhe, and the relationship between the two in private.She said that when I was traveling in Japan during the New Year, she couldn’t even move when she returned to Taipei when she returned to Taipei. With a bunch of luggage, she thought of Tang Yuzhe to pick up and drop off. "At that time, my situation was.It is very serious, but I have never dared to let my mother know that my friends were not there during the Chinese New Year, and the female assistant couldn’t hold me, so I asked him to hug me in and off the car and move luggage. "The word is very sensitive, he said, "It’s’ help", Sister Xin Mei hurts so much, everyone I want to see will help her. "

At that time, Tang Yuzhe, who was a newcomer, found the first one and found Lan Xin.Lan Xinmei said with a smile: "We often play together is true. He often tells me the difficulties or emotional minds he encountered, and he wants to listen to my opinions. Once, he made a mistake in his work.I still reprimanded him in the car. I remember that for a long time that night, from 12 o’clock in midnight to 4 o’clock in the morning, he was still crying with me. "Spark? Tang Yuzhe said, "How is it possible, I call her ‘mother’."

And Lan Xinmei said that she cares about Tang Yuzhe’s concern. "Once, his hands were very skinny.I think that can no longer be filmed, and I immediately contacted the dermatologist I was familiar with, and I took a shot in his inflammation. "She cares for him, and she has exceeded ordinary friends. As long as I go out during work, I willCome back with a gift to send him, she frankly said: "I send many staff, but the most expensive one who sends him."

Although the two had a denial of this "mother and child love", they could not afford to be insisted on the true relationship of the two at the time.

Xu Chunmei and Qiu Pinrui are 25 years old

Xu Chunmei, a woman in Taiwan at that time, was the most popular star figure in Taiwan at that time. It was also the celebrity with the highest exposure of the media.However, this crazy rich woman was also very crazy to treat her relationship. At that time, she had disclosed her 25 -year -old ABC boyfriend Qiu Pinrui’s relationship.

It was just that this "mother and child love" was the words that everyone joked at the time, and Qiu Pinrui, the young and young, couldn’t stand it.According to Taiwan media reports, Qiu Pinrui thought that he had a hot temper. He went to the nightclub with about ten friends in the early morning of one day. He said that he was criticized by a group of people as "Xu Chunmei’s little wolf dog".The other party stared at him fiercely, because there were many "pulling" at the door, and many people hung the lottery.

What Xu Chunmei didn’t expect was that Qiu Pinrui not only was addicted to gambling, but also a tendency to violence.

According to Xu Chunmei, Qiu Pinrui lost 1 million Taiwan dollars (about S $ 50,000) because of gambling, and she refused to help him pay off his debt, so he was seriously injured by him.Qiu Pinrui threatened to kill Xu Chunmei’s family. At that time, Xu Chunmei had bloody face and a lot of bruises on the back. After being taken to the emergency room of the hospital for treatment, a snot and tears accused Qiu Pinrui’s evil behavior to the media.EssenceXu Chunmei said angrily that after Qiu Pinrui injured her, she also took the Rolex watch worth millions on the spot.

Earlier, Qiu Pinrui was reported several times to fight with people at night and moved away from Xu Chunmei’s home.After he moved away, Xu Chunmei did not want to show weakness that he had "sexually transmitted diseases", and the relationship between the two began to fall into a deadlock.Qiu Pinrui often shouted to Xu Chunmei around her, and seemed to treat her as a maid!

The relationship between the two was over.

Chi Chongrui and Chen Lihua are 11 years old.

It is believed that the fans’ friends will not be unfamiliar with Chi Chongrui. He is the role of Tang Seng in the "Journey to the West" who caused a huge sensation in 1988. After that, Chen Lihua, the first Chinese female richest man in his eleven years old, quitIn the entertainment industry, since then, he has become the deputy director of the China Rosewood Museum of China Rosewood, a subsidiary of his wife Chen Lihua, and a director and general manager of Hong Kong Fuhua Furniture Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Most netizens admired this relationship.One after another praised Chi Chongrui as an actor for the first half of his life, so that the "Tang Seng" has been popular to this day, and his later life has moved to Shanghai, his future is like a brilliant.Although it is 11 years old from Chen Lihua, Chi Chongrui’s choice is wise. If he has been an actor, his life may be bigger.

Although some commercialized marriage was questionable for a time, Chi Zhongrui and Chen Lihua used time to prove that the two were full of feelings. Although the couple were busy at work, they always took advantage of the public to travel and took a big photo to break the outside world to break the outside world to break the outside world to break the outside world to break the outside world to break the outside world to break the outside worldquestion.Chi Chongrui and Chen Lihua are also strange in the "business" marriage.

Zhou Haimei and Li Guifu are 18 years old

Earlier, Zhou Haimei admitted to falling in love with Li Guifu, who is known as "Li Junji, Mainland", and the two were 18 years old.At that time, although Li Guifu often denied, he could still hear that the relationship between the two was very intimate from the words. The relationship between the two did not surface until a certain tour of Nanjing.

After the relationship was exposed, the two became the focus of the media capture, and they did not seem to have been concealed in the past.Zhou Haimei, who was indulging in love, claimed that she was in love, and when they were in love, there was news that the two wanted to get married.

However, everyone’s voice of this relationship is not high.Soon, when Zhou Haimei and Li Guifu appeared again, the two began to avoid each other.At this time, Li Guifu, who was already famous at this time, was also accused of using Zhou Haimei’s upper position to embark on the road of star.The relationship between the two ended with Zhou Haimei’s "will not remarry and have children".

Bai Yunqin and Xie Weijun are 15 years older

Bai Yunqin was the host of the Radio of Hong Kong, and some people called her "Bai Cai" or "Sister Bai".The host shows "The Sound of the Hotline" and "Zero Time".Since the 1990s, Bai Yunqin has lived together with Xie Weijun, a lawyer of "Legal Superman", who was 15 years younger than her, and often accepted media interviews with a loving attitude.

After living together, the two experienced the ups and downs of their lives together.

In 2009, the 50 -year -old Xie Weijun resolved Ni Zhen’s peacock on the screen and set up a 25 -year -old "Qingdao Zhangye". Bai Yunqin also confirmed the matter.Subsequently, Xie Weijun moved away from the love nest of Bai Yunqin for a month, all because he met a Xu Chengcheng (known as "Qingdao Zhang Ye") who lived in Qingdao on the Internet often passed on email.

It is just strange that Bai Yunqin, who had just admitted to breaking up with Xie Weijun the day ago, denied at the press conference the next day.She said that most of the reports were real. She did have been separated from Xie Weijun for a while, but it was just ordinary quarrels, and the relationship between each other did not change.The bitter drama of this self -directed and self -directed and self -acting staged "true fake and false", and today’s confusing feelings are still a mystery.

Li Ziting and Huang Changfa are 20 years older

In 2006, Mr. Huang Changfa, the champion of Hong Kong, and Li Ziting, the third wife of Hong Kong’s wealthy businessman Deng Jianqun, had been in love earlier. Huang Changfa, who was a public figure, gave up his career for his girlfriend and canceled his contract with wireless.At the beginning of the relationship between the two, Huang Changfa pulled Li Ziting out and vowed to say that the two were sincere in love. They ignored the worldly vision and their family’s opposition, and continued to be entangled every day.

It is just that the wealthy businessman loves face after all, and he can’t bear to make a counterattack, and Huang Changfa Li Ziting is still you.Huang Changfa knew Li Ziting because he taught the law, and then the two fell in love. After being exposed, they were criticized. HoweverAnd the police said that Huang Changfa walked into the quilt of Li Ziting’s daughter wearing underwear, so that Huang was going to the police station for investigation.However, the incident did not subscribe to this. The counterattack of the wealthy businessman made Huang Changfa and Li Ziting fly to France to shelter.

The two’s firm feelings ended in the breakup because they were not optimistic about the outside world. In 2009, Li Ziting was said to commit suicide by Huang Changfa abandoned.Subsequently, Li Ziting denied that he was dizzy and dizzy in the hospital because he was under too much pressure in the near future, and he did not commit suicide.When asked about the relationship with Huang Changfa, she emphasized that she still cherishes each other, but she can’t bear the pain and suffer from the pressure of the other party. She has to break up peacefully and concentrate on solving the current problems.

On the other hand, Li Ziting and Huang Chang developed a scolding battle.Huang Changfa was smelly by Li Ziting for days, and he had been dumbly carried out a counterattack, suggesting that old love has recording addiction and self -control news, and also reprimanded the other party: "She used to call my friend!" He even threatened that she was no longer a friend!

Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng are 10 years older

Hong Kong actor Hong Xin and Mo Shaocong had a relationship, and the two suddenly broke up after Hong Xin’s pregnancy.The persistent Hong Xin gave birth to a child and raised the child alone.In 2004, Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng were associated with the drama. At that time, Zhang Danfeng, who was only 24 years old, fell in love with Hong Xin, who was 10 years old at first sight, that the relationship between the two developed rapidly.In order to protect Zhang Danfeng’s career, the underground relationship between the two has been dense. Until 2008, when they played their friends Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen’s grooms and bridesmaids in 2008, the relationship finally surfaced.

At the beginning of 2009, Zhang Danfeng and Hong Xin ended for 5 years after the long -term love run. The two were married in Hong Kong. Hong Xin’s 9 -year -old son Mo Hao was served as a flower girl.Congratulations.At the wedding scene, the groom and bride kissed in public, the show was sweet and affectionate, and the groom even confessed to the bride emotionally: "I will love her for a lifetime." Since then, the two have officially started a sweet and happy life.

So far, Zhang Danfeng Hong Xin is still in love.Not long ago, the two collaborated on a new drama and mentioned Hong Xin. Zhang Danfeng expressed his happiness. The two neither had to separate the two places, but also took care of each other.When he mentioned Zhang Danfeng, Hong Xin broke the news that he was "very nagging" and often said that he wanted her to wear more clothes and eat on time.Although blame, it is not difficult to see Hong Xin’s sweet face.The loving couples are planning to work hard to make people, hoping to have a baby dragon.

Chen Songling and Zhang Duo are 8 years older

Zhang Duo played Gao Qi in "My Youth Who as the Lord" and was well known to the audience, and Chen Songling was a famous Hong Kong artist.In 2006, because of the end of the drama, Chen Songling revealed that seeing Zhang Duo’s ideal target for Fu Tuo’s life, he was more willing to get married before the age of 40.

In 2011, Chen Songling and Zhang Duo ended long -term love long -distance running, and Chen Songling after marriage also settled in Beijing. In the free time, the kitchen below was happy to focus on taking care of the family.Talking about her career and love, Chen Songling said frankly: "Actually, it was already a half -interesting state before, because my husband didn’t want me to end too late, I would rather stay at home to cook and greet my friends. Now I am a full -time housewife. This is mine.If my husband agrees, I will make a show again. He doesn’t want me to be too hard and worry that my body will not be able to deal with it. My husband said he will be responsible for raising me, I am very satisfied now. "

Lu Liping is 18 years old and ex -husband Tao Wei

Tao Wei was a player in Beijing Guoan Football Team.After the professional league began in 1994, he officially transferred to the Sichuan Quanxing Team. He retired in 1996. In the same year, Tao Wei and Lu Liping officially established a love relationship.

Lu Liping and Tao Wei met in a basketball game in 1996.At that time, Lu Liping and Zhang Fengyi took their son Zhang Boyu to participate in the basketball game and met Tao Wei, who had just retired from the Sichuan Quanxing Team.Zhang Boyu and Tao Wei liked to play with him after knowing it. The two became "forgetting the year."Due to Xiao Boyu’s weakness and illness, Tao Wei suggested that Lu Liping asked Zhang Boyu to practice football and give her a month of consideration.When Tao Wei called a month later, Lu Liping discussed with her mother and decided to take her son to the court together. Since then, Zhang Boyu and Uncle Tao Wei learned to play.Later, Lu Liping and Tao Wei began their football love.

After Tao Wei retired and returned to Beijing, Lu Liping invested in a football club, which was served as the general manager and legal representative by Tao Wei.Although their relationship has not been known for outsiders, almost everyone knows that they are in love, and Lu Liping is familiar with many players.In 1996 and 1997, Quanxing arrived in Beijing to play in Beijing. Lu Liping and Tao Wei also went to visit Quanxing’s players and went to the scene to cheer Quanxing.

Lu Liping said: "At that time (referring to Zhang Fengyi after divorce), my mood was calm, and I had no regrets about the past life. I didn’t want to marry anymore. But now I realize a particularly real emotional relationship.","

After three years of acquaintance and love, on January 16, 1999, Lu Liping and Tao Wei held a wedding in a simple and peaceful church in Los Angeles in a low -key situation.After the marriage, Lu Tao was loving, and both had his favorite career.

On July 23, 2001, Lu Liping filed a divorce lawsuit to the court, requesting to end her second marriage life.The request made by Lu Liping to the Chaoyang Court of Beijing was very simple, but they urged the court to judge divorce in accordance with the law. The two had no common property, so they did not need to divide the court.

Lu Liping said in the prosecution that she met with Tao Wei freely and got married on January 16, 1999 without knowing it.After marriage, there are often contradictions due to the disagreement between the two.Now the relationship has been completely ruptured and can no longer live together, so a divorce lawsuit is filed to the court.On August 2nd, the court ruled that the two divorced.

Yu Anan and Ah DEE are 22 years old

The corner of "Princess Xiangxiang" in "Sword Sword" is very popular.At the age of 14, Yu Anan and the 16 -year -old Er Dongsheng patted, and his feelings maintained for 8 years.In 1983, Yu Anan and Zhou Runfa flickered, and the marriage maintained for 9 months.year 1987.Yu Anan married a racer Li Wanqi.

After Yu Anan divorced Li Wanqi, her new relationship has not been settled.She thought she was a single mother who buried her heart, and she was shocked and only 30 -year -old little white face recently.Knowing that her mother has been teaching hard for many years, her two daughters have not disagreed with their mother’s choices.Yu Anan, who was more and more serious, made Xinhuan enter the room before the month and moved into his large pit apartment together.

In his early 30s, because two years ago, a real estate company in the mansion of the western Half Mountains worked and met the A Dee he met with Yu Anan. Although he lacked the appearance of the male model, he was well -described as he was unsatisfactory."Mother and child love".The close friends around Yu Anan revealed: "At first, An An resisted, but the boy’s mouth was so good. While telling An An very sweet, he also made the two daughters of An An very happy and accepted this ‘brother’."

Yu Anan left the tone, "Love someone, age is not a problem. The most important thing is that he is sincere to me. I don’t rule out that I will flash marriage again."

Shao Meiqi and Shi Zunnan are 10 years old

According to the Hong Kong Weekly report, 47 -year -old Shao Meiqi was single for 9 years before Zheng Yijian and then encountered "the second spring" -the male star Shi Zu, who was 10 years younger than her.Although Shao Meiqi has repeatedly emphasized that the "marriage news" of the two is only a flowing material, but the two people are sweet.A few days ago, the media hit Shao Meiqi in a cute youthful dress. She and her boyfriend Shi Zunan first supported the table and went to the supermarket. When the love was so strong, her boyfriend even kissed Shao Meiqi’s cheek, making Shao Meiqi a sweet smile like her first love.

After breaking up with Zheng Yijian in 1999, due to Liang Yongqi’s intervention, Shao Meiqi, who was affectionate, became lonely. Although he had no shortage of opposite pursuit for many years, Shao Meiqi did not dare to start a new relationship easily.Until the film "Mobile Force -the same robe" in 2008, he wiped out his love with supporting role Shi Zunan.The two were 10 years old, and Shi Zunan loved to eat stealing from time to time. However, Shao Meiqi still devoted himself to her, and let her boyfriend go to his own fragrant girlfriend and drove his car.

In the past, Shao Meiqi was low -key about emotional things, and she had rarely had double -in -in -laws when she was dragging with Zheng Yijian. After patting with Shi Zunan, they had no avoidance, and often appeared in the public place.

Shi Zu is born in Hong Kong. When he was 3 years old, he moved to France with his family. Childhood and growth were in the romantic capital -Paris, France.Shi Zunan’s dream of becoming an outstanding professional actor, so when he graduated from French university, he returned to Hong Kong to find opportunities for development. Unfortunately, he has been lingering in the third and fourth -tier development.According to Shao Meiqi friend: "French boys may particularly understand how to coax people. After she is with him, the whole person is completely different, with a lot of smiles, and she is not taboo with him. In the past, she was so lingering.Take him out to meet with friends, sometimes coquettish and feed him in front of us. Where can I take it like this with Yi Jian? "

Shao Meiqi said that in the past, they said that they would be natural. When they said that having children, she said that "children are just playing", but at the age of 47, it turned out to be anxious.His close friend revealed: "She said that she didn’t want to be born in two years before regretting it. Earlier, she wanted to find a Chinese medicine for conditioning. We told her that the adjustment mentality was most important. After allShe performed coquettish and answered.She once again denied that she had married Shi Zunan and asked her when she was going to get married.I want to have BB too. "

Fang Shu and Tu Honggang are 10 years older

Fang Shu, who was popular in the 1980s, married the director of the director Chen Guoxing in 1994 to divorce the director Chen Guoxing to Tu Honggang.Although Fang Huashan was 10 years older than Tu Honggang, the two still became a good story in the entertainment industry.Tu Honggang and Fang Shu, who have experienced a marriage, re -form a family with a son and daughter. After the marriage, the two added a good girl.

It ’s just that the good times did not last long. Fang Shu and Tu Honggang, who were known as the" exemplary couple in the entertainment industry ", also finally divorced, and their daughter obediently sentenced Fang Shu to raise.According to people familiar with the matter, the main reason for the divorce of the two is that there are great differences in the personality and attitude of both parties and the attitude of doing things. In addition, the age gap is too large, and they have gradually produced contradictions and frictions in common life.

It is reported that Tu Honggang’s personality is more introverted, and at the same time, it often performs outside, increasing the difficulty of communicating with Fang Shu.In addition, Fang Shu, who Gan Yu gave up his acting career, had high expectations for Tu Honggang. Once she found that her husband was not as perfect as expected, she could not be rubbed into sand in the eyes.confidence.Therefore, over the past few years, the barriers between the two have become deeper and deeper, and eventually they have to end the marriage for more than 10 years.

After the divorce, it was once reported that Fang Shu will sue Tu Honggang to court because Fang Shu after the divorce with his child’s difficulties, and asked Tu Honggang to ask for living expenses.For the news, the two parties denied the per capita parties, and Fang Shu said that the two had negotiated their living expenses when they divorced.Tu Honggang denied that he had this "lawsuit", and he even claimed that he was still a friend with Fang Shu.

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