The entire process of women’s upper ring announced that men and women should take a good look. Boys must cherish the people in front of them!


Hello everyone, I am Dr. Guo, and I will explain to you about the knowledge of the girl placing the birth ring.

For young people now, sexual life is a "adjustment product" of life, which can help people boring life become colorful.It is precisely because of this function of sex that more and more young people are obsessed with it.

However, for young people today, most of the pressure of life is very high, and they do not want a child to increase their pressure. Therefore, at this time, many girls choose to use the way to prevent accidental pregnancy.

"Shang Ring" is commonly known as the folk in my country. The academic name is "in -palace". This is a contraceptive appliance placed in a female uterine cavity that can achieve contraceptives. step:

First of all, girls should be prepared for the upper education ring: if women are sure to perform circular surgery, they should be carried out within one week after menstruation. "Put the ring" surgery should avoid eating, eat less greasy and spicy food, and use light food with light foods.Mainly.

Secondly, for women’s in -palaces, doctors will first disinfection in all directions, because the in -palaces should be put in the women’s uterine cavity. If there is bacteriaas a result of!

Doctors will disinfect all aspects of the in -palaces. This is a necessary step. After all, this is a medical device to be transported to the female uterine cavity.Unpredictable.

Finally, the most dangerous part of the birthplace is placed in the palace.Because there is no anesthesia in this link, the pain encountered by women during the loop is no less than the pain during production!

In the end, the loop may also cause side effects such as back pain and irregular menstruation.

1. Perform perforation

The Shekuan refers to placing the birth ring in the women’s uterus. When women are exercising, due to the sharp shape and inertia of the birth ring, the inner wall of the uterus will be fragile.Water droplets are like stone.

In addition, the contraction of the unknown cause may also squeeze the in -uterine birthifiers, which causes the symptoms of uterine perforation; another case is that if the doctor operates properly during the surgery of the upper ring, it will also cause uterine perforation and severe uterine perforationIt will endanger the life of the mother!

2. As a result of too much menstrual flow

Forex stimulation can cause too much uterine bleeding in girls. Some contraceptive rings contain copper ions. Copper ions have hemolytic effects, leading to non -coagulation of bleeding, which leads to too much menstrual flow. In fact, this is normal and does not need to worry too much.

3. Lower abdominal pain or back pain

A small number of uterine women who are sensitive to contraceptive ring will have these symptoms, but these symptoms generally disappear after adapting in the uterus in a short period of time.

Generally speaking, if it is normal after childbirth, the rod can be put in 3 months after childbirth; but if it is a cesarean section, it is best to put the ring 6 months after surgery; except for these two times, during the menstrual period,It is not recommended to place the birthplace, you can choose to put the ring within 3 to 7 days when menstruation is clean.

Before girls putting the ring, they need to pay attention to eliminating acute infectious diseases in the body, and check blood routine and leucorrhea routine. If the leucorrhea is normal, they can place a birthplace normally.

1. contraceptives

There are many types of contraceptive pills, including long -term, short -active, and afterwards.Cause menstruation and gynecological diseases!Therefore, women should try to reduce the number of oral contraceptives.

2. Ligger

In fact, men and women can ligate. For men, ligation is just cutting off the vascular tubes and does not affect the reproductive function of men.

There are two types of surgical methods: the surgical surgery that sperm is not fertilized by the sperm conformity and epididymal dharma.

3. Aphrodisiac

Knitter is a contraceptive tool used by men. This item can prevent semen from entering the vagina, so that sperm and eggs are not encountered. Generally speaking, this contraceptive method is simple and safe, and it is very good to adhere to the correct use effect.

Topic today: Do you know which common contraceptive methods?

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