The expectant mother lost her life due to pregnancy!If you have these symptoms of pregnancy, you must treat it in time …

It turns out that pregnancy is seriously dead!

A pregnant mother in Quanzhou, because of the severe pregnancy, could not be relieved through many treatment methods. She had to suggest that she had to stop pregnancy.But the pregnant mother did not listen to persuasion, and the result of the died of brain lesions …

Isn’t it normal for pregnancy?Did you vomit for 3 months, did you pass it?

However, the reality is that some mothers will not stop pregnancy until four or five months.Life.

It’s not alarmist, severe pregnancy will really cause life to danger!

Obstetricians explained that pregnancy vomiting is a normal symptom of early pregnancy reactions. It is generally believed that it may be related to the elevation of estrogen in women in women and HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels.The mothers with excessive mental stress are also more likely to be pregnant.

However, it also emphasized that a few pregnant mothers responded particularly seriously, showing persistent vomiting, and could not even eat or enter water.If the pregnancy vomiting is serious, it cannot be eaten, and there is a phenomenon such as less urine or a decrease of more than 5%to 10%.

Here, Xiao WU has to teach you a few tricks to help slow down the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting:

1. Eat less meals.Seeing what you want to eat immediately, you don’t have to wait for the meal;

2. Rush into fresh ginger juice when drinking water or drinking water/milk;

3. Carry a handkerchief with you and drop a few drops of lemon juice on it. You can use it urgently when you smell the unpleasant taste;

4. Exercise appropriately, such as walking in good places such as parks;

5. It is really vomiting, and the weight drops more than 5%of the weight before pregnancy. You can take vitamin B6 and vitamin C under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition to pregnancy, what are the knowledge of mothers in the early pregnancy?

1 Avoid sexual life

In the first three months, let my husband hold it!At this stage, the fetus is very unstable, and any external stimulus can cause bad consequences.

2 Avoid exposure to toxic substances and environment

Such as high temperature, lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic, pesticide, etc., virus and infectious diseases.This is very important. Early infected viral diseases are dangerous for the fetus.

3 Far away from radiation

Remember 2 radiation, particles radiation, such as the X -ray and CT of the hospital, are strictly prohibited from contact with non -special circumstances.Electromagnetic radiation, such as microwave oven, induction cooker, photocopy, desktop computer host, etc., try to stay away or use less.

4 Bigbus and alcohol, drugs

Pregnant women themselves can generally control themselves, and one here is supplemented, remember to stay away from the wine bureau and second -hand smoke environment.

5 Don’t mention heavy things, pay attention to rest

Rest, rest, and rest, say three important things!It is also necessary to avoid masters and large movements. The expectant mothers who are still at work should not work and work high -intensity to avoid high noise environment. If there is bleeding, you must rest in bed.

6 Avoid direct contact with pets

Pets that have been hit for prevention needle, and often inspect pets that do not carry bowworms and other parasites, can foster at home.But don’t sleep with your pets, wash your hands in time after touching, and don’t clean your pet feces yourself.

7 Avoid excessive use of cosmetics

It is also necessary to avoid using whitening freckle cream, lipstick, nail polish, perfume, etc. Most of them contain chemical ingredients such as inorganic mercury salt and hydrogen. Frequent contact will cause chromosome distortion to increase and affect embryonic development.Of course, you cannot dye your hair and perm.

8 Do not use cool oil, active oil, drive wind oil, etc.

These products often contain mint, camphor, eucalyptus oil, safflower, etc. These ingredients have the effects of awakening, passing the meridians, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which will affect the normal development of the fetus and even cause miscarriage.

1 folic acid

Early mainly supplemented folic acid, one tablet per day, half an hour after meals, until the end of 3 months.After the second trimester, pregnant women usually eat composite vitamins and add some calcium tablets.

2 principle

It is mainly light and easy to digest diet, and eat more grains and fresh fruits and fruits.Protein is like egg milk every day. It is best to have a glass of milk a day, and seafood foods 1 or 2 times a week. Remember to cook cooked.Crab is best not to eat it.

3 supplements

Do not eat some large supplements, such as ginseng, royal jelly, etc. in the early pregnancy, these nourishing products may contain more hormones. If the expectant mothers abuse, they will interfere with the growth and development of the baby baby.

4 taboos

Do not eat canned food, processing, pickled foods, and try not to eat litchi, durian, mango, watermelon in the early days.The cold -fitting mother can not eat more, and the persimmons should not eat more easily constipation.

1 B ultrasound [7-8 weeks]

B -ultrasound examination in early pregnancy is the golden indicator for determining the pregnancy in the palace.

Generally, a B -ultrasound can be done at 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy to determine the position of the fetus and exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the vaginal B ultrasound can be detected; the vagina B ultrasound can be seen at 5 to 6 weeks; the germ can be seen at 8 weeks at 8 weeks.

2 nt [11 weeks]

NT screening refers to the thickness of the neck of the fetal ultrasound, which is mainly to diagnose chromosomal diseases and discover multiple reasons at the earlier stage of pregnancy and discover multiple fetal abnormalities.Do NT in 10 ~ 14 weeks, and recommend NT for 11 weeks+.

3 Create file [12 weeks]

The information that needs to be carried in each area is not the same. Generally, it is an ID card, and some of them must be allowed to make a certificate or even a social security card.Ask clearly before you go.The first outbound inspection was empty because there were blood drawing items.

1 [HCG]

Starting from the measurement of β-HCG in the blood on the 9-11 pregnancy, the increase in the increase of β-HCG every 48 hours will increase by doubled by the increase (even if there is a threatened abortion, the increase of the HCG increase will not change.), Can basically exclude abnormal pregnancy.If the amount of blood β -HCG increases is less than 66 % every two days, the possibility of poor ectopic pregnancy or internal pregnancy development is very high.

Blood β-HCG patients with vaginal bleeding more than 66%of vaginal bleeding every 48 hours, although a threatened abortion occurs, the prognosis is good. As long as you follow the doctor’s advice, pay attention to rest, actively protect the fetus, the fetus can still be healthy.

If it is continuously determined that the increase of less than 66%every 48 hours, the prognosis is prompted (embryo stopped), and the success rate of tire preservation is extremely low.

If the HCG value continues and decreases significantly, even if the B -ultrasound is measured, it is best to have a palace surgery, indicating that the fetus has actually died.The average diameter of the gestational sac is still no embryo, or the hip diameter of the embryo exceeds 5mm without seeing the original heart tube beating, the possibility of survival of the embryo is less likely.

Note: "Some babies ask why my value is so low, but I am also doubled." This is because the absolute value of the serum HCG absolute value of the serum HCG between different periods of pregnancy and the pregnant women have changed a lot, that is, people between people and peopleThe difference is large, there is no comparability, but it can only be compared by itself.Therefore, don’t rely too much on HCG numbers. A normal pregnancy may have a lower HCG, and give birth to a normal baby.

2 [progesterone]

The main significance of monitoring progesterone is to understand the development of the embryo. If the progesterone is too low, it is prompted that the embryo may be poor or there is a possibility of aura abortion.For example, during bleeding ectopic pregnancy, the progesterone level of pregnant women will be very low.

In addition, progesterone <63nmol/L (about 20NG/ml), the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is very high; progesterone> 78 nmol/L (about 25ng/ml), which can basically exclude ectopic pregnancy.

Generally, patients with serum progesterone value less than 15 ng/ml fail to protect their fetus; patients between 15-30ng/ml are used with active treatment with progesterone and HCG, and the success rate is higher;No need to treat drugs.

3 Comprehensive analysis of HCG and progesterone

(1) HCG has doubled, but progesterone is normal

Performatone is normal, and HCG has doubled. This is not much. Because HCG is promoting progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good. First of all, ectopic pregnancy must be excluded. Secondly, there may be problems with embryos.

(2) HCG doubles, but low progesterone

The embryo is still developing normally. Before the placental formation is formed, the function of the body itself is weak. At this time, it is more rest. If it is not particularly low, it can be supplemented, but most of them will choose to supplement progesterone.For example, taking medicine or injections is basically curring ketone.

(3) HCG and progesterone are low

HCG did not double, but decreased, and progesterone was also declining simultaneously, which is likely that the embryo itself is not good.This is why the hospitals are supplemented with progesterone without going to HCG, because the abortion caused by the quality of the embryo itself is a natural choice. Strong staying may not be a good thing.

1 cold

A slight cold nasal congestion headache generally does not need to take medicine, drink water, rest, heal itself. In the early stage, you can try to drink some strong ginger soup and green onion ginger soup.But if you want to see a doctor immediately, you can’t take the medicine by yourself.

2 lower abdominal pain

Different abdominal pain and lower abdomen discomfort should be different.In the early pregnancy, because the uterus slowly expanded, it would start to pull again. It is normal to have a little discomfort in the lower abdomen, especially the sensitive mother. Don’t be too nervous and scare yourself.

If lower abdominal pain, be vigilant.If it is collapsed and accompanied by redness, it may be a threatened abortion; if it is severe pain, seeing red or even fainting, it may be the situation of ectopic pregnancy; before the uterine fibroids increase or change during pregnancy, it will also cause pain.At this time, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

3 sore throat

If you get angry and dry, you must control the diet, cucumber, pear, etc.; If the fire is particularly serious, there is no problem with the body, there is no threatened abortion, and there is no fetal stop history. You can drink some honeysuckle water.If you have a sore throat in the early stages of a cold, you can drink strong ginger soup.If the mouth is rotten, the toothpaste can be painted.

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