The face is swollen and painful.

Recently, Yu Yingming posted a photo of the swollen face on the left half, saying that his gums were on fire, causing the attention of many netizens.A dentist blogger commented that this may be the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan, and it is recommended to go to the doctor quickly.Ren Zhiming, the attending physician of the Department of Stomatology, Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital, introduced that the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan can cause the patient’s face swelling and pain, and some will have difficulty in opening their mouths, stubborn swallowing, restless sleep, and some people even accompany them.There is fever.

Many people have troubled wisdom toothy toothy inflammation.Why do people grow wisdom teeth?Why is wisdom teeth inflamed?Ren Zhiming explained that with the evolution of human beings, eating is more and more fine, and the development of the jaw has gradually degraded. The lack of germination position causes the teeth to fail to sprout smoothly and occur.The crown is partially exposed to the gums, partly covered by the gums, and a narrow and deep blind bag formed between the gums and the dental body. It is easy to accumulate food debris and bacteria. Generally, it is difficult to clean the tooth and mouthwash, and the food residues have accumulated for a long time.When the whole body’s resistance decreases and the bacterial toxic power is enhanced, it can cause inflammation around the crown tissue and cause the wisdom tooth crown thorns.

Ren Zhiming suggested that the milder symptoms of wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan, if there is just swelling around the wisdom teeth, the gums are slightly red, you should rinse your mouth, brush your teeth carefully, and keep the mouth clean to prevent the infection from occurring.Diet is mainly light food, eat less spicy and irritating food, drink more water, pay attention to adjust the schedule, and minimize staying up late.

"If the symptoms are worse, the fever occurs, and even the face is swollen, and the mouth will not be opened. At this time, you should come to the hospital for emergency treatment in time." Ren Zhiming said that the hospital will be rinsed with medicine according to the situation to control inflammation.The increase in white blood cells is abnormal, and the severity of the oral antibiotics or intravenous inflammatory anti -inflammatory treatment is clear. In addition to conventional broad -spectrum antibiotics, it is generally necessary to be combined with antibiotic antibiotic antibiotics.The infection has diffusion or abscess has been formed, and cut drainage needs to be performed in time to prevent further diffusion in the infection and lead to multiple gap infections.

"After the acute infection is eliminated, it is recommended to remove the wisdom tooth that cannot sprout normally or even repeatedly inflammation." Ren Zhiming specially reminded that the woman who prepare for pregnancy must be checked before the dental department before pregnancy.The wisdom teeth that cannot be sprung up normally, the wisdom teeth that have no value at all are eliminated; the prospective mothers during pregnancy, the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan, should not care, come to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Beijing News reporter Liu Xu

Editor Wang Lu School Division Light Zhuo

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