The fallopian tube blocking two ectopic pregnancy can also become pregnant naturally. The moment I saw the result, I cried.

Today I will share my begging journey with everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

My husband and I got married in 2008. At that time, we were only 20 years old. I was not pregnant for two years after marriage.At that time, infusion began to take medicine.A few months later, it improved.But still can’t be pregnant.Both parties went to the hospital for inspection. At that time, I simply did a B -ultrasound. There was no problem, but her husband sperm A was too few.

Later, a relative was introduced to a private hospital to find an old Chinese medicine medicine. He took a few boxes of medicine for his husband and opened it for me: the fallopian tube tubal liquid examination, the mycoplasma and the like, the blood was normal, the fallopian tube was not accessible!I’m afraid now, so I almost fainted with my pain, I almost fainted

I don’t know how I got out of the operating room, my husband hugged me, scared to die!The doctor let the baking electricity and relieve the pain.The doctor did not prescribe medicine. He took turns to the two hospitals and asked me to get medicine at the Chinese Medicine Hospital on Wednesday.After leaving the hospital at 5 pm, my husband held me.The stomach hurts,

After two months at home, we decided to change to the hospital and went to the women and children. The doctor asked for angiography. In just a few minutes, my legs were scared, lying on the outdoor chair, my face was pale and painful.

As a result, the bilateral fallopian tubes were not connected. The doctor prescribed Chinese medicine. For a month, he went to the hospital for physical therapy every day. The physiotherapy was also a Liuhe therapy instrument.a feeling of.

After a month of treatment, the doctor asked for water, and I was like a lamb that was slaughtered by a person.I took another two months of Chinese medicine and passed the water.As a result, it is not smooth!Later, I went to Zhengzhou to work with my husband, and told a hospital from relatives. We went to the hospital non -stop. The doctor looked at my case and prescribed Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.I can’t remember how much medicine I took. In March 2011, I found that I was pregnant. My family knew that I was particularly happy and told me not to go to work.

After returning home, brown things, go to the hospital for examination, and the left fallopian tubal palace for ectopic pregnancy.Thunderbolt!Can’t, successful treatment!He returned to work in Zhengzhou, continued to take medicine, enema, and the doctor said it was better to have a recovery.In November of the same year, laparoscopic tubes were made.In March 2012, I was pregnant again. I went to the hospital to check the blood. HCG just doubled the next day. Think about it. I should have brown things again in 48 days. From the right side of the hospital, there are things on the right.Hurry to go to women and children again, the B -ultrasound is visible to the fetal heart, think about how strong the child is!Unfortunately, the place is wrong.

Donibalist resection!After going home for a few days, I went to Linxian with her husband. After the menstrual period infusion after surgery, I lost three months in a row. I bought a home Liuhe. According to the method above, I grabbed the traditional Chinese medicine for brewing wine.Eat pumpkin seeds, wolfberry.Ready to adjust your body as a test tube.As a result, I was pregnant in the month when I was preparing for the test tube. I was very accurate menstruation. Two drops of pink blood within two days in advance that month, I checked the Internet bleeding on the Internet.45 days B have spent ahead.I was crying at that moment in the B -ultrasound palace,

I became a giant panda throughout pregnancy, and my husband was also accompanied by the whole process. Now my son is two years old, and Xiaobao is in his stomach for 43 days.

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