The fetal age is only 24 weeks, and the treatment is successful!

"When I saw my child at first glance, I was almost desperate. It is not too much to say that the child’s" death and return to life "under the treatment of the doctor." Ms. Gu said.On June 14th, the third hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangyi Third Hospital") was treated with a premature babies who were only 24 weeks old.Mom.

It is understood that at the time of birth, the weight was only 385 grams, the whole body’s skin was transparent, the body had no adult slap, and his breathing was weak.At the time of discharge, the body weight reached 4,460g, and the vital signs were stable.It is reported that this is the minimum weight premature babies of the successful treatment of the Third Hospital of Guangyi, and it also refreshed the record of the minimum birth weight superpatient babies of the survival of Guangdong Province.

Sleeping year

Long, weight like canned cola

On December 16, 2022, Ms. Gu, who was 22 weeks pregnant, was transferred from the local hospital to the Guangzhou Medicine Third Hospital of the Guangzhou Medical Critical Medical Maternal Maternal Salvation Center due to the early stage of "chronic hypertension concurrent eclampaic".If you continue to pregnancy may endanger the safety of mothers and fetuses, but if you stop your pregnancy immediately at this time, the chance of being rescued after the fetus is childbirth is extremely low.Under the premise of strict monitoring and guaranteeing the safety of mother and child, the hospital has adopted a series of treatment measures to extend the gestational week as much as possible.

On December 28, 2022, Ms. Gu’s blood pressure on the 24 weeks of pregnancy continued to rise, and she had to terminate pregnancy in advance for safety considerations.Under the escort of the hospital’s newborn team, Ms. Gu’s cesarean section gave birth to only a "slap" baby boy -year.

The weight is only 385g every year, the whole body skin is transparent jelly -like, the thighs only have thick index finger, and their mouths are only as "peanuts", and their breathing is slightly weak.The length and weight are similar to a canned cola, which is very difficult to treat.

Sleeping year

After being safely transferred to a multifunctional thermal box every year, after the medical team completed the live recovery in the shortest time, it was transferred to the neonatal severe conditioning ward (NICU) every year.

"I only glanced at the child when I was born. I felt particularly worried. The family members were nervous, and even a little almost desperate." The child’s father said, "But the doctor expressed his willingness to rescue the child. We believe in the doctor’s medical skills.It’s strong. "

The treatment is very difficult!

Every operation must be soft and cautious

"Faced with super premature babies, we must be careful every step of treatment." Wu Fan, chief physician of the newborn department, said that there are two difficulties in the treatment of super premature babies.Both are weak; followed by many medical equipment for children, they must be careful with medication and water.

Faced with such a "little bean sprout", the fragile life cannot bear it lightly. Every small change may endanger its life. Any operation requires soft and cautious."The child weighs only 385 grams, 20 ml of water, and less 20 ml of water is a great change for the child, let alone how rigorous the medication and treatment are."confident!"

As soon as I arrived at NICU, it was replaced with a ventilator for support for treatment every year.Because the skin of the year is as tender as jelly, the blood vessels are as thin as hair, and they cannot bear the conventional venous puncture. The doctor made a tube at the umbilical vein that has not been closed within one hour after giving birth.The precious "life passage" -The umbilical vein catheter provides nutrition and infusion therapy for the year.

Medical staff is in rescue of the year

"Due to too low fetal age, severe delay in the palace and infection in the palace, the annual bronchial and lung development have poor development, and severe respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, severe bronchial and lung development."Physician Wu Fan introduced.After refined breathing and circulating management, after 57 days, it successfully transitioned from Youchuang breathing to non -invasive breathing support every year.

"The biggest difficulty we face in the treatment is that the child has a systemic infection." Wu Fan introduced that due to the weak immune force of premature babies, severe sepsis appeared every year, which caused a capillaries.Like a ball, the newborn team has made every effort to rescue the child from the hands of death.In addition, there are neonatal hyperbilotchin ledmia, arterial catheter unclean, neonatal necrotic small intestinal colonitis, acute renal insufficiency … with the uniform efforts of all medical staff and family members of NICU, they will be cut through the thorns every year.After one after another.

After 168 days of treatment

"Ling Doll" was discharged from the hospital smoothly

"At the time of birth, the child’s development is seriously lagging. Now his development is gradually catching up with children born in full moon." After 104 days of breakthroughs, in April this year, it was transferred from the Newborn Child Child Chronicles of the Third Hospital of Guangyi.Enter the maternal and baby ward and return to the mother’s arms.

Every year with family members

"During the process of pregnancy, my baby’s activities made me feel extremely warm. We all believed that he was a strong child." Under the guidance of medical staff, Ms. Gu learned to care.In the warm embrace of my mother, she was stronger every year, smoothly separated from breathing support and oxygen therapy, breathing air freely and freely, and various physical indicators gradually became normal.

After 168 days of treatment, the moment of reunion with his family was finally ushered in the year of June 14th. At this time, it has grown into a 4460G pink baby."We named him every year, and also hoped that he could be healthy and peaceful in the future, and better year -old than a year." The child’s father said.

The hospital gives to the blessings of the year, printing the footprints of the year

"We hope to work with their family members not only to survive premature babies, but also to catch up with sexual growth, live more life quality, and meet the growth and development standards of baby -age babies." Professor Cui Qiliang of the freshman department introduced that the 385 gram of the 385 grams of this treatment was the treatment of this time.The minimum weight of the current successful treatment of Guangdong Province is currently survived. So far, the minimum birth weight baby that survives the country is 370g and 380g. The successful treatment of the year can also enter the top three in the country. It is a precious case of treatment.The assistance of the child provides a reference.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News,, Yangcheng School

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Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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