The fetus has "three fear" in the mother’s belly. In three periods of morning, middle and evening, pregnant mothers should pay attention to

Before birth, the baby must stay in the mother’s belly for about ten months. Don’t think that the time in the belly is very safe. If the expectant mother does not pay attention to her behavior, what you do will affect the fetus in the belly.healthy.Especially for expectant mothers to come into contact with some harmful items, it will directly hinder his growth and development.

Do you know what the baby is most afraid of when he is in the mother’s belly?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby had three fear:

In the first month: Sperm has just come into contact with the eggs, and they are now fertilized eggs. At this time, fear of heat is his characteristic. At this time, the baby’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys slowly slowly split in cells in cell divisions.form.At this time, expectant mothers should never go to an environment where the temperature is too high, such as steaming and taking a hot bath. This is not allowed.There is also a physical illness, and the situation of high fever will affect the healthy development of the fetus, and even suffer from the risk of neurological diseases.

The second month: The embryo is only as large as one small soybean sprout, and it will continue to grow, and it will slowly become a fetus.Perhaps this month, the mother will have an early pregnancy reaction, such as poor appetite, vomiting, weakness, etc. During this period, do not use medicine, because taking too much medicine or not following the doctor’s advice, it is likely to cause the baby’s congenital physiological defects.

The third month: The baby already has a heartbeat and entered a period of rapid growth. Because of the mother’s pregnancy reaction, the whole body and mind are exhausted. During this period, avoid greasy oil fume and high sugar food.

In the middle of pregnancy, the baby also had three fear:

The fourth month: The baby’s hearing is already there. At this time, he can hear the heartbeat of his mother, as well as some big sounds from the outside world.During this period, expectant mothers should not go to a noisy environment, because the baby’s hearing is gradually forming, and the mothers must also protect him.

Fifth month: The baby’s baby has his own small movement, and the small hair will grow on the skin.During this period, lack of nutrition may lead to poor development of baby.Therefore, expectant mothers should not be overly picky, and they must also ensure a balanced nutritional intake during pregnancy, so as not to cause fetal neurological defects.

In the sixth month: Babies enter their own rapid growth and development period, and the mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, so it is not recommended to travel long -distance travel travel.During the trip, the body is very tired, and it will also change the normal rhythm of life. This will definitely affect the condition of the fetus in the uterus, and it will cause contraction or abortion.

Pay attention to these three places in the third trimester:

Seventh month: The baby’s eyes can be opened, and he becomes more and more active.At this time, the baby is most afraid that the mother is sad and sad. If the expectant mother is too worried during pregnancy, it will naturally affect the baby’s physical and mental development.

Eighth month: The baby’s limbs and organs are mature, and now they start to develop their brains.Watching from the outside, pregnant mothers have been in a big abdomen, and their actions are very slow. Some pregnant mothers with poor physical fitness will even cause blood pressure to rise, and lower limbs start to swell.During this period, expectant mothers should not work again and again.

Ninth month: I believe that expectant mothers have been prepared to prepare for production, stop at hand to stop at hand, and concentrate on preparing to welcome the baby at home.The baby is also ready at this time. They are enjoying the last comfortable time in the mother and are always ready to meet their mother.

At this time, the expectant mothers must not worry, wait slowly, wait for melon.

How many months are you now?The baby is not in a safe harbor in his stomach. If the pregnant mother accidentally does these things, it is likely to hurt them.

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