The fetus was found to have accumulated water, and she made a painful decision: aborted pediatrician said that it is not necessary

—— Ren Sha/Wen

Reading Tips: I have to say that, due to the historical influence you know, our abortion is too casual.

The fetus detects abnormalities, especially the more troublesome diseases. The first reaction of many people is abortion.The reason is to be responsible for the fetus and the fetus.

Not to mention that the illness that is directly deprived of him is considered to be responsible for him, but how many children who have been aborted. If surgery after birth, it has no effect?

The doctor -patient relationship is tight, or professional restrictions, obstetrics and gynecologists often dare not guarantee, speaking is a bit vague, and pregnant women dare not take risks, and they actively abortion.Wang Xiaohui, deputy chief physician of pediatric surgery of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital: Many unnecessary abortion, will not affect children’s lives and work after surgery.

He focused on the accumulation of kidney water.

I was found to have accumulated kidney water for 6 months, and she made a painful decision

6 years ago, Huang Xia was pregnant for the first time.He and her husband have experienced many years of marriage, a little tired, and the relationship between the two is not so harmonious.So the arrival of this baby was highly hoped by Huang Xia.

Because I really want a baby, Huang Xia is very cautious. It was originally desperately desperately. Now I do n’t care about what work. I collect the knowledge of babbling every day.

She was looking forward to the birth of her baby every day, and she never thought that she would encounter a good stick: at 4 months of pregnancy, the fetus was investigated and punished.Fetal kidney water?Can suffer from kidney disease and uremia in the future?Destiny.Huang Xia was beaten, but he didn’t die, and he kept comforting herself.At 5 months, it was still the accumulated water; at 6 months, it was still aggravating.

I wanted to have a baby to save the marriage. If there is an unhealthy one, Huang Xia dare not think.Consultation of obstetrics and gynecologists, the doctor said a bit vague.She didn’t hesitate again: beaten.

In the past six years, she can clearly remember the scene of the time: others are waiting for hope, she is waiting for despair.Lying alone and waiting for the results, other people are happy.

Six years later, the doctor said that many fetus with water accumulation did not have any effect.

6 years ago, Huang Xia woke up early and almost forgot about this story.After that, Huang Xia gave birth to another child. The child has been healthy and healthy, and there are many topics with her husband.

Until chance, he talked to Wang Xiaohui about his heart.In a word of Wang Xiaohui, she was a bit embarrassing: the fetus found the accumulation of kidney water. After birth, the surgery did not affect the child’s development, study, and work. It was no different from normal children.

Wang Xiaohui explained: Fetal renal water is mostly caused by stenosis at the connection between the pelvis of the fetus. The left side is more common and rare on both sides. Because of the strong reserve and detoxification ability of the kidneys, most children can review it after birth.It is only a very small part. Do not deny the child’s life because the child’s kidney accumulates water. Therefore, the child needs to do a color Doppler ultrasound examination after birth. According to the situation of the accumulated water and the slow decision of the water progress, whether the surgery requires!With the improvement of surgical skills and the application of pediatric laparoscopic equipment, the surgery of the past has now become a minimally invasive surgery. Not only is the surgical effect good, but also the trauma is small and the postoperative body watch is more beautiful!

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