The first five twins in China, the live -action version of Fuwa, see a lot of blessings, full of blessing

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I wonder if you still remember the mascot Fuwa of the 2008 Olympic Games?

Have you ever seen the live version of Fuwa?

That is the first five twins in my country. It was once invited to be the spokesperson for the realistic version of "Fuwa" in the 2008 Chinese Olympic Games. The six -year -old Xiaofuwa is also the youngest messenger of the Olympic Games. He also participated in the Olympic torch transmission ceremony.

Xiaofuwa often participated in some variety shows and frequently appeared on the screen. Everyone paid special attention to them.

When the host interviewed Fuwa’s mother, she told the host with tears:

"If time can flow back, I will not want five children!"

What are the reason why the mother says such a sad and sad thing?

What did the five children do something wrong?Is there any hidden love behind?

What about the current situation of the five children who grow up today?

Next, let’s reveal the story of the five twins.

In 2001, there was a remote village in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. There was a family named family named by the village.The name is Yueyue, and his family lives.

The old man at home wants to hug his grandson, and the couple can ask for a child in total. Whether a boy or a girl, they can be a companion with Yueyue, so as not to be lonely in the future.In this way, the couple decided happily and was very positive for pregnancy.

However, he never conceived his child. When he went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that the two had no problem, but it was not the time to get pregnant.The two were waiting for the timing when they went back. The first was two years. They didn’t see the disease in the middle, and the medicine didn’t eat less. After all the ways, they were not pregnant.Both husbands and wives have lost confidence, so let’s let it go, it doesn’t matter.

One day, Wang Cuiying suddenly felt uncomfortable, a little dizzy, and felt like to vomit. At that time, he didn’t think much at the time, thinking that it was heat stroke.I did not expect that it was not good for a few days.Thinking of whether to be pregnant, I went to the pharmacy to buy the test strip and came back. The two red bars came into view. The two sons were ecstatic and finally pregnant.Older, it is not easy to be pregnant.

The stomach grows day by day, and the speed is very fast, which is not the same as when the moon is.The two planned to go to the hospital for an examination and built a file for the children by the way.I came to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination and gave it to the doctor after getting the report form.The doctor looked at the report, frowned, and picked up the auscultation to Wang Cuiying to listen to the fetal sound.

The husband and wife were very nervous, thinking that something had happened, and the doctor had that expression.The doctor looked at them and said, congratulations, you are pregnant, but you are pregnant with four twins.

The husband and wife are dumbfounded, when the twins, when are this gene.If you can’t say one, you can’t be pregnant, saying that there are four.The husband and wife are worried, and the conditions of their own homes also know that if you raise another child, you can do it. If you raise five children, there will be no conditions.

The doctor also saw the expression of the two and told them that he had seen four twins from the medical for many years. From a medical perspective, the survival rate of the four twins was very low.It is recommended to have tire reduction surgery, and one or two children can be left.

When the couple discussed at home, the conditions at home were not good. Can children live all?Due to the low local medical level, it was decided to go to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for surgery.

I came to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for another examination. The doctor told the two that it was not four, but the five twins.Is the doctor who read it wrong? We came to reduce the tire. Why did we have one more?Doctors told them with certainty that they were five twins.

Gynecological experts also told them:

The best time for reducing tire surgery is that at 11 weeks of pregnancy, you have missed time and you can’t surgery anymore.

"The chance of being pregnant with five twins is only one -60 millionth, and the survival rate is extremely low. China has not yet succeeded.

"So, you are likely to be aborted naturally."

After listening to the doctor, the two could only leave helplessly, and returned home to wait for the fetus naturally.But after waiting for a long time, I did not flow away. When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told the current fetus that the fetus was very healthy and there was no sign of natural flowing. Go back and wait.

The two went back to wait and checked on a regular basis, but the fetus always grew healthy, but there was no sign of flowing.As the fetus grew up day by day, Wang Cuiying’s belly became bigger and bigger, and the action became inconvenient.Simple lying movements have become out of reach, and everything is taken care of by her husband.Over time, Wang Cuiying couldn’t lie down and sleep, only sitting and sleeping. Sometimes he couldn’t stand it and went to bed. During his pregnancy, Wang Cuiying suffered a lot of sins.

Others are pregnant and drink well, but she is the opposite.As the child is getting bigger and bigger in the month, the pressure in the abdomen also increases, and she squeezes Wang Cuiying’s internal organs. What do she eat and vomit, and accompanied by symptoms such as dyspnea.In just a few months, the 160 pounds of people were tortured. The husband looked in his heart in his heart, but there was no way, no one could replace it. He could only silently pray to bless their mother and son peace.

In order to have more nutrition for the child, Wang Cuiying touched his scalp and spit it up. He insisted on it for seven months. It was really unable to hold it. He came to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital again.

After being inspected after arriving at the hospital, the doctor informed that at this time, the uterus was as thin as paper, and it would break the danger of big bleeding at any time. It would endanger the life of the mother and the fetus and need to surgery immediately.Once up the doctor’s suggestion and are ready to surgery immediately.

Due to the particularity of the operation, the hospital invited a large number of authoritative experts to consult to formulate a perfect and feasible plan to ensure the successful completion of the operation and protect the safety of the mother and child.

On March 4, 2002, the miracle of life appeared. The first five twins in my country were born smoothly and all survived. The two men and three women, Wang Cuiying and medical staff jointly created a miracle of life.Because the child was relatively small, he was immediately sent to the thermal insulation box.Pay Baocai saw that their mother and son danced with peace, crying and excitedly, and sent good sugar everywhere, reporting to the family to report peace.

On September 6, 2012, the triplets lying in the heating box of the newborn child in Longgang Central Hospital.

However, something unexpected happened. On the seventh day, the doctor said that the second child had colonitis, needed surgery, and could not guarantee the success of the surgery. Wang Cuiying listened to the top of the five thunder and prayed to the doctor to save the child.God’s open -eyed children’s surgery is very successful and has not left any sequelae.

However, the good times did not last long. There was a problem with the third child, jaundice, and urgent treatment. They could only bless their children’s peace.Maybe God is poor, their mother and child, the child is finally out of danger, everything is safe.

The old saying is good. If the disaster will not die, there will be a blessing. After these ordeal, the children finally have the difficulty.The treasures were stored to the children very good names: Fuqing, Fussen, Fulie, Fuxin, Fuyuan.The meaning of the five blessings is full of blessings.

As the saying goes, it is easy to give birth to children, and it is another problem to return home to feed children.The conditions at home are not good, and you cannot feed all the milk.In order to save Qian Wang Cuiying decided to breastfeed, but how did the five children feed, they can only feed them in batches. This is how the children will cry hungry, and they ca n’t eat enough. It is impossible for who has so much milk.

Since the pregnancy of the five twins, they have attracted the attention of everyone through the media. Outsiders knew the situation of their family, and they took the initiative to extend their assistance to them, donate and donate materials, and temporarily resolved their urgency.

The problem of eating has been solved. Seeing that the child has become a problem again. There is no way to ask for help. The children’s grandparents, grandpa, aunt and others, everyone knows to help the children, they are very active.

Children are young and inevitably have a headache. In a year, Lin Lin always spent more than 100,000 yuan. Now it is a debt platform. You ca n’t live outside the day. You ca n’t always support the life of others. This is not good for the child ’s growth.So Bao Cun decided to work in the south to make money to support his family. In this way, he went to the south train and went out to work. I did not expect that this was ten years.

Wang Cuiying took care of the child at home, and also found a job to make up for the family.Their lives are very difficult. Fortunately, the children are very sensible, never mess up, and learn well.


In 2006, the five Fuwa also reached the age of the kindergarten, but the family had no money to arrange all children to go to school. When she was worried about it, a famous education group in Beijing, Chairman Cheng Huai extended assistance to them to help themHands, funding the full funds of Wufuwa to school, until the children graduated from college, solved their urgent urgent need.

Wang Cuiying took the child to Beijing, and the child also went to the school arranged by Chairman Cheng Huai to go to school. Wang Cuiying worked in Beijing to make money to raise children, while taking care of the child’s diet.Watching the children’s healthy and happy growth, Wang Cuiying was very satisfied, as long as they were good at eating themselves.

Maybe it was God who cared about them. Their fate turned a turn. Just when Fuwa’s sixth birthday, good news ushered in.2008 was just when the Olympic Games opened, perhaps the destiny of fate in the middle.The mascot of the Olympic Games is Fuwa, which is consistent with the names of the children.The Beijing Olympic Committee invited Wuwa to participate in the torch transfer ceremony and became a live -action version of Fuwa.

On the day of the holiday, Wuwa wore festive costumes and walked happily on the street. It was welcomed by everyone and was scrambled to take a group photo.Wufuwa perfectly completed the task. The organizing committee also personally awarded a ribbon and certificate, which kindly called them as the smallest "Olympic messenger" and became a household name.

After having a fame, it has also received more attention and funding from the outside world. He often receives invitations from variety shows. With the income of funds, the problems in life are also resolved.In order to allow their children to develop better, Wang Cuiying reported them to the hobby class, and could form a small band.Someone and Wang Cuiying jokingly said that you don’t have to go out to sing the concert, and you will have it at home. After listening, Wang Cuiying shows a happy smile.

When participating in a variety show named Mommy, when the host interviews a few children, what is your ideals?The child is in a different word: I hope I will grow up quickly, I can share pressure for their parents, let my father come back early and reunite with us.Wang Cuiying did not cry from pregnancy, fertility, and the baby’s all kinds of hardships. At this moment, he sowed happiness and sad tears. Seeing that the children grew up, they were sensible and worth it.

Life is getting better and better, but there is an unexpected situation, there is a bad news. The father of Wufuwa has fallen ill because of excessive labor and illness. In the end, he did not see the last side of his wife and departure of his father, all the burdens of life fell on Wang Cuiying’s shoulders, and even if he was tired and tired, Wang Cuiying would also raise his child to a big adult.

On the morning of May 27, 2022, the five -zone health was discharged from the hospital and returned home.

In 2020, the college entrance examination came as scheduled, and Wufuwa also ushered in the turn of their fate.Without expectations, the four children exceeded two lines, all admitted to college, completed their studies, and finally grew up. They could give their father an explanation, let him be in the spirit of heaven, and bless the children.

Seeing the hard work of the mother, the children are very sensible. In order to reduce the burden of mothers, they went out to work and earn living expenses during the holidays. They used them to eliminate their mobile phones. They all had no complaints.Seeing that the children are so sensible, Wang Cuiying is distressed. Until now, I still say: If time can flow back, if you choose again, I will not want it. I don’t want the children to follow me. I am sorry for them.better life.

For more than two decades, it has passed by. For most people, it is just time for time, but for their mother and child, the suffering of life has always been with them. There are hardships, sweetness, joy, and more exciting stories.

The story of Wang Cuiying and Wuwa told us that life kissed me in pain, but I reported it.

Wang Cuiying is a great mother and a mother who has created a miracle.

Perfect interpretation of what is love, what is responsibility, what is strong, and what is kind.

I hope that Wang Cuiying’s mother and son will return to the haze, usher in light and blessing.

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