The first time I was pregnant is so nervous!Easy, the doctor tells you what you should pay attention to

Women’s pregnancy is a special period. Many people attach great importance to this period. Some people do not pay attention to this period. In factNext, let me tell you the basic knowledge of health care during pregnancy.

1. Keep your nutrition during pregnancy, but don’t surplus

Many pregnant women are afraid that they can’t keep up with their nutrition during pregnancy, so they eat a lot of supplements during pregnancy. First of allIt is the difficulty caused by children’s nutrition.

So what are the more suitable nutrition types during pregnancy?

Generally, in the first three months of pregnancy, you can properly supplement folic acid to prevent fetal malformations. After three or four months of pregnancy, you can start supplementing calcium tablets, iron, and trace elements. Proper supplement according to the test results. Trace elements, not for not.Take too much to avoid excess.These nutrients can be obtained through food or administration, but the purpose is just right, don’t be too much.

2. Appropriate activities during pregnancy are conducive to production

Secondly, proper exercise should be done during pregnancy. Of course, this patient who does not include habitual abortion should be lying on the fetus to protect the fetus, so do not exercise.

For women with normal pregnancy, some gymnastics can be done appropriately during pregnancy. As long as they do not directly pull the abdomen, they are all possible.The advantage of this is that this can control the weight during pregnancy and help production.

3. Be careful with heel pain and varicose veins during pregnancy

For women who have not exercised during pregnancy, they are prone to heel pain during pregnancy. On the one hand, due to rising weight during pregnancy, on the other hand, they do not move during pregnancy.Heel pain will occur.If the heel pain during pregnancy, do not rush to wear high heels. Wait for the heel to return to the heels for a period of time before adapting to high heels.

In addition, due to the increase in weight, women are also prone to veins in the legs during pregnancy. This is a relatively common situation. Remember to lie down and rest in time, which is conducive to improving this situation.

For women, pregnancy is a special period, but don’t pay too much attention to it, and the mentality should be stable. Normal activities during this activity, eating normally when eating, can reduce many production and postpartum problems.

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