The first two treasures said that the first two treasures said her internal memory, and after listening to my regrets, I kept crying.

Have you ever heard about the dream of fetal dreams and internal memories?

Every time I see others being sharing the baby dream, I am always very excited, because my fetal dream is really incredible, and I still remember it even after so many years.

One night 9 years ago, I dreamed of a little boy sitting beside me and always called my mother. After waking up in the morning, I said nothing. At that time, I was still unfamiliar with the term "baby dream", so I came to me.Saying this is just an inexplicable dream.

But soon after, her husband got up, but the first sentence after getting up turned out to be asking me, "Daughter -in -law, will you get pregnant?"

I asked him in a mist: "Why?"

He said, "Because I dreamed of a little boy last night, I kept calling your mother …"

Suddenly I was hairy, and I said unbelievable to him: "I also dreamed of …"

So we went out immediately to buy a pregnancy test stick. Sure enough, the little boy who had been called my mother in the dream was my son.

After a few years, I was pregnant with fat. In the early days of pregnancy, I was wondering: "Why didn’t I have a baby dream?"

But one day, when a few of our adults had been guessing the gender of the fetus in the belly, the son who was more than three years old suddenly told us: "The baby is a sister."

During that period, my son never changed his mouth. No matter how I told him that the baby was not necessarily a girl or a boy, he always said to me very firmly: "Sister, my sister."

I asked him how to know?He wouldn’t describe it, just always told me, "Sister, my sister", but then think about it, maybe, I didn’t have a baby dream because the baby in the stomach entered the dream of his son?

After Fei En was born, she loved her brother. This was the case from birth. She only saw that her brother would laugh and her brother could often coax her crying. Her eyes always chased her brother.

I often think that if the saying of "internal memory" is true, the baby will choose one of his favorite family members to reborn before the fetus.So, before she was born, she should have met her brother in a dream, right?

Speaking of the memory in the fetus, I have not been observed in my child. Until a few days ago, I heard that Fe En said a terrible words.

On Saturday night, I talked to her when she was still a baby before going to bed. After a while, she was almost asleep, but she suddenly said to me before falling asleep: "Although I know you love me now, but when I am in your stomach, I always thought you would throw me away. When I was in your stomach, I thought you didn’t like me. "

After speaking, she fell asleep, but I was shocked, because the memory in the fetus was right, and my mother was right. The fetus could feel the mother’s mind in the stomach.

I remember that I was not pleasing to her at that time, and I kept telling my husband that I didn’t want her, because I had waited for her for more than two years. I always hopedThe second child, but I couldn’t wait for the good news; it was not until I gave up this idea to return to the workplace, and she came in an accident, but at that time, I just stood firmly at the company and was about to fight well in the company.Some achievements, but she came when I didn’t want her?

I remember that I would always have only one sentence in her stomach: "When I want you to come, you don’t come when you come, don’t you want to come when you come, you just come to me for trouble.Just do it! "

My mother also scolded me for my thoughts. She always told me that my baby would feel my resentment, but I did not listen.Become a Libra baby and feel more disgusting the children in the stomach.

I said to my husband more than once, "I don’t think I can love her."

Now when I think of these words, I feel unbearable, but when I think of Fei En, I have heard it. I really feel guilty and uncomfortable. I think she may not remember, but these feelings have always existed in her subconscious consciousness.Inside, right?

If I still have a chance to regenerate, I must tell my baby how much I love him when I was pregnant!

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