The four "embarrassed things" after pregnancy, most of the expectant mothers will experience it, it is better to face it calmly

Many women will prepare before pregnancy, but once they are pregnant, there will be many embarrassing things.And these women have never noticed that these things will embarrass themselves, and at the same time they will surprise themselves.And this kind of thing really exists in real life. Of course, we can also find some solutions to avoid these problems, so we do not need to be embarrassing at all.

Most of the mother -in -law will experience the 4 things after pregnancy

The first is pregnancy and farting. Many pregnant women can’t stand this matter in the physiological reaction of pregnancy, that is, farting.These pregnant women will clearly realize that they are much more fart than ordinary people, and they are likely to have a bad impact.For example, when there are many people, they especially want to fart, and the farts are particularly loud.

The reason why this situation occurs is because the abdominal pressure of pregnant women is relatively large, and the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal gastrointestinal can become more, and the gas will become more.And there is no need to worry too much about this point. We just need to pay attention to diet. Eat less soy food and broccoli.At the same time, in ordinary life, try to drink less carbonated drinks and gas juice. If the conditions at home are allowed, you can take less meals, so that you can avoid this problem.

Many pregnant women will find that vomiting will occur since pregnancy, and the saying of morning vomiting is not so accurate.Because some pregnant women will vomit from time to time, as long as they feel uncomfortable, they will immediately spit out all the food.It is precisely because of this that this will cause pregnant women to feel particularly embarrassing.After all, the time from nausea to vomiting is very short, and this situation will also appear on inappropriate occasions.

In fact, this situation is normal, and we don’t need to think of this matter too seriously. Many pregnant women will feel anxious because of this.Eating more meals can effectively solve this problem.

In addition, we can also eat more foods with high vitamins, which can also effectively relieve vomiting.If this feeling is still strong, we can also go to the hospital to let the doctor prescribe a little prescription, and it is necessary to prevent vomiting from vomiting through drugs.

There are also some pregnant women who have found that their temper becomes particularly bad since she is pregnant. These pregnant women often quarrel with the people around them, and they have no gentle look during pregnancy.These pregnant women will find that they are difficult to get along with the people around them. If there are some uncomfortable places, they will become furious, and they are also willing to quarrel with their loved ones.The reason for this situation is that the hormone in the body is changing, making pregnant women particularly easy to get angry.

Furthermore, there are some pregnant women who have depression in themselves, and it is difficult to accept mild stimuli.If we are always annoyed by things around us, then we must not ignore this situation.Pregnant women can talk to the doctor at all, because this is sometimes not caused by hormones, and it may be caused by emotional problems.

Usually open your heart as much as possible, and then discuss such issues such as the family around you. Do not hide your negative emotions in your heart and talk more about your inner thoughts, but you can make yourself more painful.

Furthermore, some pregnant women will find that in the process of walking, urination will automatically flow down the legs.Especially when I see my shoes and socks when I see my shoes and socks, I feel very ugly.The cause of such a condition is also very simple, because the uterus becomes bigger, and the bladder is compressed, so that the bladder can not store so much urine at once.

And many pregnant women will find that once more water is drinking at night, the number of times will become particularly many times, and even the condition of urine beds will occur.If you want to avoid this problem, you should exercise more before pregnancy and exercise the power of the bladder.There is usually no need to urinate. If you want to go to the toilet, you can go to the toilet. At the same time, you can also use a sanitary napkin to solve this problem.

If you really feel that your urine volume is relatively large, you can also use diapers.We must not think that only children can use diapers, and women can also use diapers during pregnancy.

In fact, women must be prone to some embarrassment after pregnancy, and most girls will experience things in this regard.But the more we exclude these things, the more likely these things will happen to ourselves.It is better to face these things frankly and look at the problem in front of you with an optimistic attitude, but it will make yourself more transparent.At that time, we will not continue to be afraid of these things, and we will become more optimistic.

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