The four types of pets that are not allowed on the plane are not available in French cattle and Garfield. The last one is very relieved.

The reform of aviation has finally begun to become open -minded. With the continuous efforts of everyone, the improvement of the quality of dogs, coupled with the tendency of learning from predecessors.

Anyway, anyway, anyway, we took a pet on the air on the air, and took a big step!

But everyone knows, not all dogs and cats can take a plane!

So do you know which kinds of pets can’t take a plane?Come and see if your pet is on it?

1. Overweight pets are not allowed to bring on the plane, only pets can be checked

I believe that it is the dream of many shoveling officers to go out with dogs or cats. After all, after raising pets, many people have to give up many opportunities for traveling.

Some can only travel or travel in the province, so after the aviation reform that began in December last year, everyone was very excited!

But the dog’s weight is limited, and those who have more than 5kg with the cage cannot carry the plane!(Dogs and cats who are healthy and not pregnant for more than six months)

2. Cats or dogs with short respiratory tract

This is a bad news for the shoveling officer with a mine in the family. After all, for the precious pets such as Garfield and French bullfighting dogs, a short nose is enough for their desire to take a plane!

Like all stalk dogs, all boxer dogs, all bullfighting dogs, all the dogs, all the mastiff dogs, all Pillle dogs, all Mastev dogs, the American Staffer dog, the American bold dog, the Person small hunting dog, BrusselsGriffin Dog, Spanish Hound, British Play Dogs, British toy hunting dogs, Charles king Xiao Hunting dogs, bullfighting Mastev dogs, Belgian coarse dog, Affin Ping Jia, Lhasa dog, Jingba dog,Chow Chow Dog, Japanese Dog, Sali Dog, Shi Shi Dog, and Burmese cats, Himalaya cats, Persian cats, exotic short -haired cats and other short cats with short breaths!

Sorry, these can not be taken on the plane, and there are no heat -resistant dogs in Samoyed!But this is also a nonsense, because most of the dogs are heavier than 5kg six months later, so this is just a special statement!

Is there a list of your pets on this list?

3. Pets that are weird and may hurt people

Pets such as snakes, wolves, spiders, and lizards cannot also take the plane with them. They are not afraid of the pets that the pets will be harmed, but that the overall aviation environment belongs to everyone.

Pets such as snakes and wolves are afraid of being afraid of. In fact, don’t take it out?

And the piglets, like pet pigs, are actually rejected by many airlines. Of course, little pigs do not exceed 5kg for six months, it should not be much ~

Will you bring pets such as snakes and wolves to the plane to travel together?

If so, you can raise your claws, let the controller look at you!

4. Japanese dog

Japanese dogs such as Japanese Dogs, Japanese Shiba Inu, Japanese Akita, Japanese Kyoku, and Japanese Kya Dogs have also been put on a list of prohibited planes!

Everyone should know why Japanese dogs are not allowed to get on domestic flights in China!

So these four categories have other pets such as domestic airlines and other pets such as cats. Like these, they can’t take the plane and shit offers to travel together!

These babies can only miss the plane, but we also believe that with the opening of this step, the restrictions will eventually be adjusted slowly. It is expected that there will be a Samoyed Samoye, which can take my family 25kg to the plane together ~

Hahaha, Samoyed, who controls the host’s home, also on the airline list. Is your pet’s pet on it?

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