The frequent urination during pregnancy is "annoying", three methods improve frequent urination during pregnancy, and easily cope with pregnancy discomfort

Last week, my girlfriend Sakurako, who was pregnant for more than six months, also went. Do n’t mention how envious of female classmates.Where you get.Everyone recalled the interesting things in the school, which was very lively.

Just as everyone was laughed by a murmured by a classmate, Sakurako suddenly dragged my clothes, watched me, and then dragged me out of the room and went straight to the bathroom.Along the way, I asked her what happened. Sakurazi hid and sparkled without talking. It looked very embarrassing and unable to open up.

After entering the bathroom, she said embarrassedly: Don’t mention, when I just laughed, the urine pants, do you help me see it wet?

She picked up her jacket, and I quickly looked at her skirt. It really had a piece of wet spots. Fortunately, the top of the shirt was long, and she could cover it completely.But Sakurazi felt uncomfortable, and asked me to help my classmates individually, so I hurriedly took a taxi back.

When I get home after gathering, Sakurako called and said: Since I am pregnant, I will not say that I can’t hold my urine in the near future.; Sometimes when you laugh or get up, you ca n’t hold down your clothes. It ’s troublesome to die, and you dare not go anywhere.Today, she was hesitant for a long time. Later, I heard that her best bedroom girlfriend just returned to China and came to the party before she decided to come. In order to attend the party, she had been drinking very little before. Who knows who knows?Still not holding it, she was almost shameful today, and she complained depressed.

Indeed, pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy have more or less frequent urination, urgency or incontinence.This is actually a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much.When the baby is born, the mother’s uterus gradually recovers, and the bladder pressure decreases, and these problems will be cured by self -healing.

During the frequent occurrence of pregnant women and physiological causes.

During the occurrence of frequent urination of pregnant women.

Generally speaking, some pregnant mothers may experience frequent urination symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the uterine pregnancy increases, and the mother’s bladder will begin to cause the bladder to be squeezed and produces frequent urination; but pregnancyDuring the three or four months of pregnancy, the mother will no longer squeeze the bladder because the uterus grows out of the pelvic cavity. At this time, the uterine growth rate is relatively stable, and the symptoms of frequent urination will be relieved.

In the late pregnancy, general pregnant mothers will face severe frequent symptoms again.Because at this time, the fetus grows rapidly, the fetal head is entered into the basin, the bladder and urethra are compressed, the capacity is reduced, causing the pregnant mother’s frequent urination symptoms.

Physiological causes have accelerated metabolism and increased excretion.

During pregnancy, due to the needs of fetal development, pregnant mothers have greatly increased.Correspondingly, the number of metabolites of pregnant mothers and babies gradually increases, and all garbage needs to be excreted by the mother, which greatly increases the workload of the pregnant mother’s kidneys and increases the urine output.Decreased, which led to the increased symptoms of frequent urination and urgency of pregnant mothers.

Pathological diseases cause frequent urination.

Of course, in addition to the frequent urination caused by the physiological reasons caused by pregnancy, some diseases of the pregnant mother can also cause frequent urination.

For example, poor hygiene habits during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers are incomplete daily cleaning, or frequent sexual life during pregnancy, which will cause urinary infection of pregnant mothers, forming urgency and pain, and severe can cause pain and even hematuria.Some pregnant mothers have suffered from spicy and hot foods due to poor diet, which can also cause inflammation of the urinary system, causing urgency and even pain.If it is a pathological frequent urination, the pregnant mother should go to the doctor in time to exclude inflammation to avoid calamities and fetuses.

Generally speaking, these embarrassing situations encountered by pregnant mothers are very common, but under normal circumstances, these frequent urinary symptoms will disappear after giving birth, and the mother’s uterus will disappear.

Pregnant mothers avoid embarrassing preventive measures.

As long as the pregnant mother understands the symptoms of frequent urination during pregnancy, do not have too much psychological burden. Pay attention to some daily life can slow down these embarrassing phenomena frequently.

Prepare before going out.

Pregnant mothers with these symptoms are best to reduce unnecessary frequency.If you have to go out, the pregnant mother must have a clean urine first. Within two hours before going out, do not drink more water or eat diuretic food.Prepare some toilet paper or sanitary napkins in the bag. For a long time when you go out, you need to prepare one or two clean clothes to avoid embarrassing situations.

Reduce frequencies and increase each urination volume.

Every time I urinate, the pregnant mother will lean forward as much as possible. This can effectively excrete the urine in the bladder, which can reduce the number of times to go to the toilet.

However, it is worth reminding that some pregnant mothers are afraid of trouble.This is actually very wrong and harmful. Do not take urine. Urinary urination will only increase the burden on the bladder, affecting its normal contraction function, and in turn, it will increase the frequent urination and emergencies of the pregnant mother.

Due to physiological reasons, pregnant mothers are more or less troubled by frequent urination and urgency during pregnancy. However, as long as the pregnant mother pays more attention in daily life, take some positive means, can still effectively alleviate these symptoms.

Adjusting lifestyle habits can relieve frequent symptoms of urine during pregnancy.

Try not to eat diuretic things.

If pregnant mothers want to improve the frequent urination, the main thing is to reduce urination. In daily life, you can eat less diuretic foods, such as mung beans and watermelons. Pregnant mothers can choose other foods with the same nutritional value without diuretic function.

Don’t drink too much water everyday.

Do not drink too much water during the day to avoid aggravating the burden on the kidney and bladder of pregnant mothers, causing frequent toilet; it is not advisable to drink more water two hours before going to bed at night, so as not to affect sleep.Pregnant mothers should not be afraid to deliberately restrain drinking water frequently, but will cause other discomfort; pregnant women can take the principle of multiple and small amounts of drinking water, and they can be used without water.

Pay attention to adjusting the sleeping posture when resting.

Pregnant mothers should try to take the left side position as much as possible when sleeping in daily life. This posture can reduce the compression of the uterus on the bladder and ureter, reduce the number of nights at night, and ensure sleep quality.

Pregnant women often do anal reduction, which can effectively relieve frequent urination.

During pregnancy, some anus -lifting and anal reduction exercises can gradually increase the tension of the pelvic floor muscle tension and increase the infhenocytic muscle strength, which can effectively prevent stress urinary incontinence.

Pathological urine frequent medical treatment should be treated in time.

Pregnant women do not need to be treated with frequent urination, as long as they pay attention to daily life.However, if the pregnant mother is a pathological frequent urination, it is necessary to take positive treatment. Pathological frequency and urgency are usually accompanied by discomfort such as dysuria. Pregnant mothers must not wait for it to avoid disasters and fetuses.

Therefore, do n’t be nervous during pregnancy during pregnancy. Just adjust your mindset and accept it frankly. Do n’t have too much psychological burden. Wait until the baby is on the ground, the uterus is shrinking as usual, the bladder pressure decreases, the pregnant mother’s urine frequency urgency urgency urgency urgencyThe phenomenon will be healed without medicine.

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