The girl was sentenced to five years in prison for the first trial of the fraud village secretary, and her mother regretted: "If I am at home, I will not come to this step."

On November 4, 2007, Li Xiujuan took a group photo with her daughter Liu Lian in Shuangyuehu Park, Luozhuang District, Linyi City.(Photo confession/picture)

The 26 -year -old Liu Lian (a pseudonym) became the protagonist of a "fraud case".

The girl born in Xiyu Village, Xiacun Township, Lanling County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, was convicted of fraud in the Lanling County Court on July 7, 2023. The first instance was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 100,000 yuan.Essence

The court determined that the object of her fraud was Hu Guoyin, the former village branch of Shenshan Town and Zhuangxi Village of Lanling County.Earlier, the Hu Guoyin reported that after Liu Lian met with him in the fall of 2016, he concealed the fact that he had dropped out of school, married and had children, and had a sexual relationship with him. Later, he had defrauded him 1.43 million yuan for tuition fees and medical expenses.

Liu Lian’s lawyer Zhou Yanyan did not think so. She told the southern weekend reporter that 1.43 million transfer records really exist, but how to determine the nature of the money is not determined, because as early as 2016, there was a transfer record between the two and chatting.Records further show that there is an improper relationship between the two.

In fact, this relationship is likely to start around 2012.At that time, Liu Lian was less than 15 years old.

Liu Lian’s mother Li Xiujuan regretted it very much. During her daughter’s "accident", she and her ex -husband (Liu Lian’s father) were serving in prison. "If I am at home, the child will not reach this step today."

Li Xiujuan did not expect her daughter to have so many people’s attention. Basically, reporters called her every day.On July 17, 2023, a reporter from the Southern Weekend talked for the first time Li Xiujuan.

After getting the verdict, "I will shake my hands when I take the chopsticks"

Southern Weekend: When did you receive the judgment?

Li Xiujuan: On the afternoon of July 10, the lawyer called me, and I knew that Liu Lian’s decision came down.After waiting for nearly 900 days, after 5 years, I couldn’t accept it.I called the judge of the trial and did not answer it three times.Later, he called me back and said that the result of the judgment was determined by the court’s collegiate panel.

Southern Weekend: What will affect this judgment on your life?

Li Xiujuan: I went to the court on the 11th to wait for a day before getting the judgment. After that, I couldn’t sleep. When I was very sleepy, I could sleep for ten minutes, and I suddenly woke up.

Southern Weekend: How do you send the news about your daughter to the Internet, do you expect such a high degree of attention?

Li Xiujuan: In June 2023, when we went to Jinan to visit, we met a person in the procuratorate.After hearing the encounter of my daughter, he left the mobile phone number and sent it to him after the judgment came out.Therefore, I sent it to him after getting the judgment on the 11th. He helped me send it to the Internet. I did not expect that there would be so many people’s attention.

Southern Weekend: In these days, who is it contacted by you?

Li Xiujuan: On July 15th, a director and the other two of the Lanling County Public Security Bureau came to my house and asked the content on Weibo, my appeal, and mentioned the judgment.I mentioned that Liu Lian had a child who had been born at the age of 15, and he suggested that I write a material and give them to them or hand it in the Lucheng Town Police Station.

There are many reporters looking for me, and it is Liu Lian’s previous encounter.

Southern Weekend: What did Liu Lian look like when he was a child?

Li Xiujuan: She is very good and timid.When she was seven or eight years old, she once returned to her hometown and left 20 yuan for our mother. She secretly took a small bag in school.I scolded her at the time, took her a meal, she was scared and had a high fever.

She used to be very sensible before she wrote her homework on Friday night. Even if she wrote at 11 o’clock in the night, she had to finish her homework.Neither her dad and I are literate, and no one can coach her, but she has a good academic performance.

Southern Weekend: When did you find that she changed?

Li Xiujuan: After I was released from prison, she was disobedient.

Southern Weekend: In which year did you enter jail, what is it?

Li Xiujuan: I was in prison in 2009, when she was only 12 years old.The reason for imprisonment is that my brother -in -law could not have children because of physical reasons.There was a pair of Sichuan couples who worked in Lanling County and gave birth to a baby girl. They didn’t want it. A friend contacted them.At that time, I followed them to the hospital for examination to show the baby, showing that the brain was hypoxic and my body was bad.Therefore, the brother -in -law did not want it in the end, and the friend helped to contact others.

I didn’t know illegal at that time, and I heard that it was good deeds, but later I was convicted of a trafficking population.The baby’s biological father was also sentenced to five years.

Southern Weekend: I heard that after you were in prison, Liu Lian’s father also sinned. Do you know what’s going on?

Li Xiujuan: After I was released from prison, I heard that in 2010, her father was sentenced to 17 years because of robbery and rape.

"A lot of rebellion"

Southern Weekend: After you and Liu Lian’s father have been in prison, who takes care of her?

Li Xiujuan: Her grandparents were almost 80 years old and couldn’t take care of her.

She told the lawyer before that after her father was in prison, in order to maintain her life, she picked up at the night market in front of the county cinema. During this period, she met a friend. This friend introduced her the first boyfriend Yang.

I heard that in the second half of 2011, the owner of a hotel introduced her to Hu Guoyin.She should be pregnant at the end of 2011. After several months of pregnancy, she didn’t know.

In the first half of 2012, she went to her aunt and aunt’s house, but no one asked.My second sister said that she had seen her big belly.

Southern Weekend: When did you get out of prison?

Li Xiujuan: I came out before the "May 1st" in 2013. Liu Lian drove me with the owner of a hotel.At that time, she grew a lot, but her face was particularly thin.My sister and my dad also went to pick me up, but they couldn’t literacy, and I was not literate. When I was released, I signed by Liu Lian on behalf of me.

Southern Weekend: How do you get along with her when you come back?

Li Xiujuan: A lot of rebellion, completely different from before.She didn’t listen to anything, and she didn’t meet me much. It was difficult to find her.For example, asking her to have a meal, she left immediately after eating, and the tone of calling was fierce.

She occasionally calls me to ask me for money, such as a dozen or hundreds of dollars. If I do n’t give it, I will not answer it.

Southern Weekend: That is to say, at that time, there was some gap between you and Liu Lian?

Li Xiujuan: In order to be closer to her, I rented a house next to the hotel she worked and worked as a waiter in a nearby hotel.What she wants to eat, I will take it to the hotel and go to the hotel to wash her clothes.

Southern Weekend: Do you know what she does in the hotel?

Li Xiujuan: When he was released from prison, the owner of the hotel told me that Liu Lian was the front desk at the hotel and was in charge of cashier.

Soon after, I went to the barber shop next to the hotel. At that time, the hairdresser told me that don’t let such a small child work in the hotel.I just doubt it, and I don’t know what this hotel is doing.

She didn’t tell me, so I don’t know what happened in this hotel.It wasn’t until 2015 that the public security caught her and I knew she had drugs.

Southern Weekend: What can you think of educating her afterwards?

Li Xiujuan: In October 2015, she was detained for 15 days for drug use, and she happened to be her 18th birthday on the day of her day.I picked her back in the morning, gave her birthday in the afternoon, and bought an 8 -inch cake.After my birthday, I brought her around, basically together.I want to be optimistic about her, so as not to let her be with the people who are not in the society.

In November 2015, I found her a job and worked at a breakfast shop. I got up at 4 am every morning and sent her over. After I came back, I went to work and then took her after get off work.After more than a month, she had a mop and injured her waist and took a few days.

After that, I took her ticket on the bus. At this time, I had found the work of a passenger car seller, and she had been doing this job before pregnancy.

I heard my dad say that she had a child in prison, so I wanted her life to settle down.She wanted to find a matchmaker to introduce her to her. As a result, she met a boyfriend in April 2016, and the two quickly got married.

Her husband was born in 1991. She was more diligent and was willing to cook clothes.He got married and also brought a daughter at the time.They set their relatives on May 18, 2016, and Liu Lian was pregnant in July.At that time, she had to go to the township police station to test the hair on a regular basis. I thought she was impossible to get pregnant, but the test strip showed her pregnancy after the test strip was tested.

After she was pregnant, I felt that she should be able to settle down, and I was more assured.

Southern Weekend: After marriage, do she change?What about spending money?

Li Xiujuan: It is more frugal.Clothing and shoes are bought at the stalls in the county night market, and the prices are between 30 yuan and 50 yuan.She likes to wear jeans and does not like skirts. In June, she was wearing tight jeans.

Southern Weekend: What happened during this period?

Li Xiujuan: I remarried in November 2017 and gave birth to a daughter in early 2021.

Contact the lawyer as soon as possible

Southern Weekend: When did you know that Liu Lian was sued?

Li Xiujuan: On the evening of February 21, 2021, a friend who drank together told me that she was arrested and said that Liu Lian was suspected of fraud. My first reaction was that "her little girl could not cheat so much money."

I was hospitalized because of premature birth.My husband now drove to the police station to find her at night, waited for three or four hours outside the police station, and saw Liu Lian more at 6 am, and took her child from her.

Since then, the Shenshan Police Station has always asked us if we have prepared money for each other (Hu Guoyin), and asked four or five times before and after.Until early March 2021, we invited a lawyer.After the lawyer met with Liu Lian, she learned that when no one asked in 2011, she lived in the cement pipe in the sewer of the sewer in the county town.

On March 30, 2021, the lawyer told me that she had been officially arrested.

Southern Weekend: Liu Lian has been detained for more than 800 days. During this period, have you seen her?

Li Xiujuan: I only saw her twice on the video.The first time was on July 19, 2021. I opened the trial. I led her child and asked her to take care of herself.During the trial, she kept crying and emphasized that she was not deceiving.

Southern Weekend: During Liu Lian’s detention, you have always been taking her child?

Li Xiujuan: She was taken away by the police station the next day, and we took the child back, and he began to have a fever.My husband took the child to Linyi Children’s Hospital to get an injection.Later, he often nosebleed, dreaming in the middle of the night, suddenly stood up and shouted his mother, shouting and shouting and starting to cry.

Southern Weekend: Have you went to Hu Guoyin?How did he say?

Li Xiujuan: I first went to Hu Guoyin on April 20, 2021.He said Liu Lian sent him a text message, saying that he went to Shanghai to go to college in Shanghai, and went to Wuhan and Beijing to go to school. He had to fund her tuition.

I think, if the daughter really lied to him, I would give him 30,000 to 40,000 first, and I did not pay it off.But he disagreed, saying that it would be 500,000.

When the lawyer met Liu Lian, he learned that they met in 2012.Liu Lian’s uncle went to see Hu Guoyin with us at the time. He even asked whether the two met in 2012, and Hu Guoyin’s answers were "yes".

These have recording.

Southern Weekend: Is there any other evidence on hand that can show their contact?

Li Xiujuan: I can see the collection in her fast -handed video number. Among them, Hu Guoyin took his mother to climb the Great Wall when he took his mother to Beijing in the winter of 2014.I went to ask Zhuangxi Village specifically that the villagers said that he was Beijing, which he took his mother in 2014.

Southern Weekend: Did you appeal after receiving the judgment?

Li Xiujuan: I don’t believe she will scam so much money.Therefore, after receiving the judgment, I contacted the lawyer as soon as possible to appeal.Although I don’t know what it will be later, I have to go on anyway.

Southern Weekend reporter Wei Cuicui

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