The hospital sends the wrong medicine 47 -year -old pregnant woman to take a 6 -day contraceptive pill in a row

Ms. Zhu in Pingxiang, Jiangxi is 47 years old. More than a month ago, she was pregnant. For Ms. Zhu, this is a great news. However, just a few days ago, the practice of a local hospital made Ms. ZhuUnacceptable.

Ms. Zhu

This approach is equivalent to killing me. To be honest, understanding in my heart is equivalent to killing.

Ms. Zhu is 47 years old. More than a month ago, she learned that she was pregnant. The family was very happy. At the end of August, she contacted a doctor from Hanhe Hospital in Pingxiang., Ms. Zhu took the prescription to the hospital’s pharmacy to take medicine, and the problem was here.

Ms. Zhu

The medicine prescribed by the doctor is the medicine of the musching ketone tablet, but the pharmacy took the medicine to me for this medicine, referred to as "You Siming". I was Baidu. It was a contraceptive medicine.

Earth-alcohol tablets are mainly used to solve the situation of lack of progesterone in pregnant women. The prescription prescribed by the doctor can see that the amount of this medicine is twice a day.Alterolitettestone, the indicator of the adaptation is for women’s contraceptives. Ms. Zhu said that she did not carefully check whether the medicine on the prescription was consistent with the actual medicine, because she believed that the hospital would not have such errors.After taking the medicine, Ms. Zhu took the "You Siming" twice a day according to the dosage of the doctor’s order, that is, the dosage of the musch tablets.

Ms. Zhu

After eating for 6 and a half days, it was suddenly bleeding on the evening of September 4th, and then we rushed to the hospital.

At this time, Ms. Zhu found that she had taken the wrong medicine.Until September 8th, Ms. Zhu was also at Pingxiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, waiting for the results of the hospital for examination.The reporter learned that in accordance with the "Prescription Management Measures" issued in 2007 in my country, the pharmacist’s adjustment of prescription must achieve "four checks and ten pairs". Specifications and usage must be checked.

So how did Hanhe Hospital’s pharmacy adjustment medicines wrong?The president of the hospital told reporters that the staff of "You Siming" to Ms. Zhu was also a pregnant woman, and the person in charge of the "four checks and ten pairs" was not present that day.

Hospital Dean Huang Xiaoling

At more than four o’clock that day, Ms. Zhu came to get the medicine. After prescribing the medicine, our pregnant woman staff was directly given to Ms. Zhu after taking the medicine, so she did not review it.Reviewing the person in charge of doing things on it, he did not wait for him to give her the patient herself directly.


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