The husband uses the mice as a supplement, the stew soup for the pregnant wife, and the "weird" scares the crowd

In 2021, the Xiaoxue couple in Fujian became pregnant shortly after marriage.After Xiaoxue was pregnant, the whole family took care of her meticulously, and she was looking forward to the arrival of the baby.In order to make Xiaoxue and the baby in the belly more healthy and nutritious, her husband often stew mice to eat Xiaoxue.

One night, Xiaoxue broke the amniotic fluid when walking, and the family sent Xiaoxue to Sanming Maternal and Child Health Hospital. After a long waiting, the baby was finally born the next day.

Two days after the child was born, Xiaoxue did not see his child, and his mother -in -law who had always been noisy to take the child did not take care of the child. Instead, he was accompanying Xiaoxue, which made Xiaoxue very confused.So Xiaoxue asked her husband Abin to ask the doctor what was going on, but Abin told Xiaoxue to wait for her to recover for a few days before taking her to see her child.

On the third day, Xiaoxue could no longer want to see the child’s heart, no matter what he said, he had to see the child.The husband couldn’t hold it, and told Xiaoxue to prepare for psychological preparations first.When her husband gave the child to Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue’s face was incredible, and tears couldn’t stop flowing down.Because the child’s face and half of the body are all dark spots, and the surface of the dark spots has black fluff.

The doctor at the hospital said that he had never seen such a situation, and they suspected that it might be inherited by the family.Xiaoxue’s mother -in -law returned to the village to ask if anyone had seen this dark spots, but she got a negative answer, and the family heredity was excluded.

At this time, Xiaoxue suddenly remembered whether it was because of eating mice, because dark spots and fluff were similar to mice. Her husband’s face was ugly after hearing. Is it really because he ate his wife’s mouse meat, which caused genetic mutations?

But after listening to her mother -in -law, she denied this statement, because she said that she had eaten mice when she was Huai Abin, and many pregnant women in the local area ate bamboo rats.

After that, the couple took their children to the provincial hospital for examination. Many people talked about their children along the way, and they could only cry silently.But no matter whether it is a doctor or a senior expert, neither has seen this symptom, and their hopes are shattered again.

Later, they decided to publish their baby’s symptoms to the Internet, which also attracted the attention of all sectors of society.A enthusiastic reporter helped report the child’s situation, hoping to do everything he can helping them.

After the incident was fermented on the Internet, some netizens suggested that they go to Shanghai with better medical conditions in Shanghai, and netizens promise that they will help them come to Shanghai.In order not to let go of any opportunity, they took their children to Shanghai.

Finally, the experts in Shanghai gave the diagnosis.Experts said that children suffer from congenital huge black hair diseases. This disease is not uncommon, and the area is generally small. Large area like their babies is rare.

In addition, experts said that it is still difficult to treat this condition. After discussion, two kinds of solutions have been formulated, one is laser treatment, and the other is skin graft surgery.However, considering that the child is still small, it is recommended to use laser treatment, which is less risky and can reduce children’s pain.However, there are obvious disadvantages of treatment, which is slow and cannot be cured.

In the end, after discussing the couple, they decided to use leather surgery.After many operations, the baby’s skin has improved greatly, and the area of dark spots is gradually narrowing.It is hoped that in the near future, the dark spots of baby can be completely eliminated.

Finally, I wish everyone can walk through the cold winter, face the sea, and spring flowers.

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