The husband’s dream is a good marriage in the sky

Lin Mimi and her husband Dong Fengcheng are very close to each other. After the husband and wife get married, they always respect each other and never quarrel. The parents of both sides are very happy for their children’s happy marriage.However, there was an unexpected situation. One night three years ago, Dong Fengcheng encountered a car accident and rescued in the hospital for more than ten days. He died.

Before the death of Dong Fengcheng, he insisted on saying a few words to his wife: "Misami, God does not bless me, let us have no end. But I don’t regret it because you let me experience the happiness of life. I hope meAfter leaving, you can find a person who is good at building a family, I don’t want you to live alone. You must promise me. "

Dong Fengcheng was very laborious when he said these words. He pulled his wife’s hand with his hand and asked his wife to promise himself, and said, "If you don’t agree, I will not be able to close my eyes."

Lin Meicai endured extreme grief, crying and agreed: "Wind City, I listen to you, I hope that the two of us will be husband and wife in the afterlife."

After listening to his wife, Dong Fengcheng gradually closed his eyes.

Shortly after the funeral treatment of Dong Fengcheng, Lin Meicai found that he was pregnant.She decided to give birth to this child so that Dong Fengcheng’s life can continue.Lin Mimi’s parents supported her daughter’s decision and actively prepared for her daughter’s production.When the in -laws knew the news, the second old man said, "Mimi, Fengcheng has gone. If you have a child, it means that you will have many obligations in the future. If you do thisThis child will understand you. If you persist in giving birth to a child, of course, we are very happy, and we will fulfill their grandparents responsibility. "

Lin Meicai firmly said to her in -laws: "Dad, mother, although Fengcheng is gone, but my relationship and you will not change. In the future, I will be your daughter."

In this way, in October, Lin Mimi gave birth to a son.The little guy has a tiger -headed head, his eyes and noses are exactly the same as Dong Fengcheng when he was a child. The two elderly people were fighting for the child’s care for the child for three days.In a blink of an eye, the child is three years old. The child’s name is Dong Lele. This is the name of the in -laws given to the child. They hope that the child’s life should not be sad.

In the past three years, Lin Meicai will talk to her husband in front of Dong Fengcheng in the cemetery every day or wedding anniversary day, telling him the story of the child’s growth.In the past three years, many men have expressed their feelings to Lin Mimi, but Lin Mimi did not accept it. She said: "I am determined to keep his children for a lifetime and keep his children."

Lin Meicai’s parents repeatedly advised her daughter to find someone to find another person, but Lin Mimi refused.The in -laws repeatedly said to the daughter -in -law: "Mimi, Fengcheng has gone for three years, you should find someone else."

Lin Mimi said, "Dad, mom, don’t persuade, I don’t plan to find someone anymore."

My mother -in -law said, "Girl, although we treat you as a daughter, we remember what you said to you when Fengcheng walked, you can’t make him sad underground. He really hopes that you can be happy. If you are, if you areIf we reject our old two mouths, we will not recognize you anymore. "

Lin Meicai said: "Dad, mom, this is not what this thing can be found today. I have a fate in love. I can’t find a man like Fengcheng.

That night, Lin Mimi had a dream, and in the dream, she met her husband who had dream of dreams.When she reached out to hug her husband, Dong Fengcheng rejected her.Dong Fengcheng said, "Mimi, do you forget what I said to you when I leave? If you don’t find someone again, I will be uneasy. Listen to me, you must marry yourself when you meet a good marriage.","

Lin Meicai cried and said, "There is no suitable good man, how can I marry myself casually?"

When Dong Fengcheng pointed at his hands, he said, "That man is good, just find him."

Lin Meicai turned around and was a handsome guy, which was similar to Dong Fengcheng.She asked in surprise: "Who is that person?"

Dong Fengcheng said: "I am him, he is me, believe me, the child needs dad."

Lin Meicai turned his head again. The man was gone, and he turned around again, and Dong Fengcheng disappeared.As soon as Lin Mimi was anxious, she opened her eyes and turned out to have a dream herself.

Lin Mimi feels that this dream he has made is really extremely real.She thought: Is it really possible to know the underground after death, and the image of Fengcheng is not bad at all. I remember what he said so clearly. This is too much thoughtful.

Today is just Saturday. After having breakfast, Lin Meicai entrusted her child to her in -laws, and bought a lot of paper money sacrifice to the husband’s grave.In front of her husband, Lin Meicai spoke a lot of thoughts, crying for a while.In crying, she seemed to hear her husband saying, "Misami, don’t be sad, listen to me, live again."

It was almost at noon, and it was overcast.Lin Mimi hurried to the outside of the cemetery.When she walked on the avenue, she leaned on the side of the road to block taxi.Suddenly the phone rang. When she reached out to get the phone, she felt a breeze rushing, and a loud noise was "bang". She didn’t know anything.

I don’t know how long, Lin Mimi felt that her body was particularly heavy, her eyes could not be opened, and she snorted gently.

Some people say, "It’s okay, she wakes up."

Lin Meicai opened her eyes and found that everything in front of her was white, lying on the hospital bed.

A nurse checked Lin Mimi, and said, "Sir, your wife is awake, and the doctor said, how can you restore it for a while."

Lin Mimi heard it very clearly. She was very wondering. Who am I?

A nice male voice asked: "Beauty, you finally wake up, you can break me in a hurry."

Lin Meicai turned to look at it and found a man sitting on the side chair. She looked at the man coldly and was startled.Whether this man looks or temperament, it is very similar to Dong Fengcheng. What he does not know is that he is Dong Fengcheng’s twin brothers.Lin Mimi asked: "What’s wrong with me?"

The man said, "I am going to sacrifice my parents in the cemetery. As soon as I rode a bicycle near the cemetery, I encountered you being hit by a agricultural vehicle to the ground. That agricultural car may be bad brakes, from the slope.When driving downwards, I lost control and injured you, and the driver was not saved. The ambulance I called was sent to the hospital.The operation is fixed. Your phone has been broken. I can’t find your family, so I have to accompany you here. "

Lin Meicai said in a weak voice: "Sir, thank you. Can I ask your name?"

The man said, "My name is Zhang Guangbin, you should be about the same age as me. You call me Zhang Brother, I am 31 years old."

Lin Meicai said with pain and said, "I am two years younger than you, and I should call you Zhang Brother. Please tell me my family quickly, my dad’s phone is …"

Over time, Lin Meicai’s parents and in -laws came to the hospital with their children. When they learned that Zhang Guangbin saved Lin Meicai, the four elderly people thanked him and took the medical treatment he paid him Lin Meicai.Give him back.

One month later, Lin Meicai was discharged.During Lin Mimai’s hospitalization, Zhang Guangbin came to see her many times, and the two became good friends.In the two, Lin Meicai learned that Zhang Guangbin was single, and Zhang Guangbin also knew that Lin Meicai’s husband had died and had a three -year -old son.

Soon, Lin Meixia’s parents and in -laws seemed to have a story between Lin Meicai and Zhang Guangbin.At the end of this year, Lin Meicai and Zhang Guangbin finally announced that they were in love and were ready to get married during the Spring Festival.The person who broke the emotional window paper between the two was Lin Meixia’s son.One day, when Zhang Guangbin came to the house to see Lin Meixia, Lele said to his grandmother, "Grandma, the photos of Uncle Zhang and my father are the same. He must be my father. Why do my mother call me his uncle?"

A question of the child blushed Lin Meixia and Zhang Guangbin’s face.Lin Meixia said, "Lele, don’t talk nonsense, he is your uncle Zhang."

Lele was unwilling, and said, "No, I want dad, children have dads, I also have to have dad."

Zhang Guangbin held the child very generously and said, "Lele, if your mother is willing, I will be your father."

Lele grabbed Zhang Guangbin’s neck all at once, and yelled kindly: "Dad!"

Lele’s grandpa and grandma are happy, the old man is very happy.

This story tells us: If one of the couples leave unfortunately, the living people do not have to live in sorrow, and they should pursue a new life optimistically.When you encounter happiness, you must seize happiness. Once you miss the opportunity of happiness, you can only regret itself.

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