The increase in pregnancy phenomena of college students is increasing.

With the development of society and the improvement of education, more and more female college students choose to fall in love during college.However, at the same time, the phenomenon of pregnancy of college students is becoming more and more common.Why does this happen?

There are differences in the concept of marriage in modern college students. Compared with the past, they are more willing to fall in love, live together, delay marriage, etc., thereby increasing the risk of pregnancy.

Some college students lack sexual education knowledge and do not know enough about safety measures.They may ignore sexual health in the process of falling in love, or do not take correct contraceptive measures for various reasons.

There are problems such as lag and imperfections in the popular education of colleges and universities in my country.For example, the online report released by "Youth Health Education" in 2020 shows that only 22.4%of the respondents believe that the current sexual education materials of primary and secondary schools are sufficient, detailed, and effective; at the university stage, there are still many schools of sex education.Lack of attention and even special courses, which has led many college students to have many blind spots in terms of sexual knowledge, contraceptive measures, and safety protection.

A questionnaire survey was conducted on 250 college students from 25 universities in 10 provinces across the country. The results showed that up to 67%of young people interviewed had sex experience; 26.4%of them did not use any contraceptive measures. Some people said that they did notKnow the specific operation method or lack of safe settings.

In the process of pursuing love, some college students often do not mature enough.It is difficult for them to truly understand the meaning of love and easily fall into the relationship between pure emotional expression and meet the needs.They cannot bear their own responsibilities and obligations, and they cannot bear the nurturing and care for a new life.

The value of the current society has also had a certain impact on this.Some young people blindly advocate cultural trends and eager to get recognition in the eyes of others.To this end, they will participate in various gatherings and activities, and use drugs or alcohol.These drugs and alcohol have a negative impact on mental health and physiological health, which increases the risk of pregnancy.

The emergence of college students’ pregnancy is related to the lack of sex education, inadequate mentality, and social values.Therefore, we should take measures to increase the popularity of sexual education knowledge, guide young people to have the right sense of emotional concepts and responsibility, and advocate a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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