The interesting thing happened to sleep, my husband dreamed of my neck and said, I caught the big fish

My husband snoring is also powerful, but he has always taken care of my son during the confinement, so my son has long adapted to his snoring. Sometimes my husband night shift is not sleeping at home. My son can’t sleep well.

I was pregnant and sleeping lightly. My husband sometimes snorted, and I turned around his neck. At first, he was impatient and now consciously.

My husband is particularly funny. He is a fat man. He sleeps at night, snoring, and dreaming. I think that I ca n’t sleep together when I am pregnant.I was used to talking about his dreams, and one day it didn’t take long. I slept very fragrantly. He suddenly poked me with his hands and said that the earthquake was waking up.Dreamful, the sound is so loud!Then he slept, and turned out to be shocked. He woke me up again, saying that the earthquake was so powerful that he didn’t believe you watched the news tomorrow.I scolded and said: Being a dream is endless, what I say is the same as true, the earthquake is a ghost!You have a dream of burn your brain.Haha, the news that the mobile phone was turned on the next day was the news of the earthquake!

When I was pregnant, dreamed of divorcing her husband, divorced when divorced, he dared to hit me, and woke up at once. When he saw the people lying around, he crackled and woke him up.Immediately lay down and sleep, the beauty in his heart.The face was blushing the next day. His family asked him what happened. He said he didn’t know, but his face hurt a little, and I was almost injured.After six years of remembrance, I want to laugh. Anyway, I have a nightmare anyway. As long as he is there, he will still bite, but if there is a child, he is not as dead as before, and he knows.

I used to dream about something when I was pregnant before, and then I sat up and called my husband to pick me up the things under the bed.He was sleeping incense. When he got up, he went to bed and asked me. He also asked me: What?where?I was still fascinated and shouted there: It’s under the bed!After two minutes, I was awake and told him that I dreamed …

Dreaming husband derailed, woke up in the morning and scolded directly.After listening to my husband’s fans, I helplessly dreamed that I was derailed and scolded me. Dou E was not unjust.Sleeping, the second time I dreamed of derailment again, just scolding, my husband said directly to dream of me derailed again?Swaying in an instant!My husband not just snoring himself, he kicked me out of bed twice, and he couldn’t get a kick again. After three times, he kicked me down.I went, scolded!

Recently, my insomnia has been lying down and playing with my phone. My husband came to the first sentence, "The phone is too bright, the dark point is not listening to your eyes, you want to be blind." Then you coax me to sleep.The monk’s story then hypnotized myself, I still couldn’t sleep quietly and took the phone over to continue playing.

Sometimes I speak dreams, but once I spoke dreaming in the middle of the night, I sat up and said to the quilt at the foot of my feet, where did you sleep, then he sat up and said that I was behind, what happened, I glanced at him and said.It’s okay, then lay down and slept, and then he sat there for a long time. In fact, I woke up after I finished speaking to the quilt.

I was reading at night, my wife was next to my wife, and suddenly sat up at 11 o’clock. I pointed at the door of the room and said that there was something that came in. I had hair on my body, fast, fast, and ran down to the bed.Sleeping, weird in the middle of the night, hurting Lao Tzu overnight.

Her husband dreamed, once he dreamed of catching fish in the river, then jumped up and slammed my neck, and shouted with a smile: I caught the big fish.I am surprised that I want to slap him to death!Once, one elbow came over and dreamed that my tears came out when I was playing basketball.

My husband, I didn’t wash my feet. I and his two quilts. Once in the middle of the night, he moved. The smell of feet followed the bed. I was awake when I fell asleep, and I frowned and turned to sleep.

I met a friend, and he said that he was dreaming and chaotic. He once gave his daughter -in -law’s eyes twice. He kicked the bed N times and went to bed for two months. I said it was unbelievable. LaterHearing him, he punched his bed and kicked, and didn’t wake up. I believed it. The sound of fists and beds could wake me up. I was afraid of his daughter -in -law.

When I was pregnant, I was easily frightened. One morning, I was suddenly awakened by a thunder in the early morning. I hurriedly covered my stomach, fearing that my baby was scared, but my husband tightly helped me cover my ears.

Once I slept, I dreamed of sleeping in the pigpen. When I opened my eyes, I saw my husband snoring against my ears.

For a while, I like to watch the anti -Japanese drama every day. I have been calling the instructor and instructor when I sleep after a day. I stood in front of the bed and watched him silently. What role is this product in the dream?

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