The latest standards for bridge rice noodles are rushed to hot search!Is it authentic?Netizens have noisy

The soup is delicious, the rice noodle is refreshing

no one

Being able to reject the charm of the bridge rice noodles



Are you authentic by bridge rice noodles?

Meats cannot exceed 2 mm

The bowl cannot be less than 22 cm

Painted vegetables for 2 minutes to put in rice noodles


Crossing the bridge rice noodles is not authentic

You can judge according to these standards in the future

Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Health and Health Commission released the "Yunnan Provincial Food Safety Local Standard Local Standards for Bridge and Milk Catering Catering Processing Specialty", which stipulated in the aspects of equipment, cooking appliances, ingredients, and scalding processes.

The requirements of the "Specifications" requirements:

① Bowls equipped with rice noodles should be used for ceramic vessels with a diameter of greater than 22 cm;

② Do not use a large soup bowl made of melamine formaldehyde resin;

③ Amaranth: raw (cooked) pork slices, chicken slices (pieces), ham slices, fish fillets, squid slices, quail eggs or crispy meat.Raw meat slices should be thick and uniform, and the thickness does not exceed 2mm;

④ Vegetarian vegetables: raw (cooked) vegetables, tofu skin, edible flowers, edible fungi or pickles, etc.;

⑤ The main ingredients are rice noodles, bait shreds, rolling powder or noodles, etc., and the main ingredients should be hot before the desk;

⑥ The amount of soup should ensure that all ingredients are immersed.

Yesterday (12th)


The topic quickly rushed to Weibo hot search

Netizens said that they have eaten bridge rice noodles in the future

Bring a ruler and thermometer

Among them, the regulations on the thickness of the”过 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其.

Some netizens said: "In the future, you have to take a bridge and rice noodles to bring the ruler, one piece by piece", "when the knife is tested."

Some netizens appealed: Should the number of meat slices be stipulated?

Some netizens said that the real name reported the cross -bridge rice noodles of their own school cafeteria, which did not meet the standards because the meat was too thick.

Some netizens from other provinces asked: "Is 2 mm meat too thin?"

Why is the thickness of the meat less than 2 mm?

The following is the popular science time

Because the bridge rice noodles are because of its unique cooking method

Need to put pork, chicken, fish slices, vegetables

Wait for fresh (cooked) ingredients to cook with high temperature hot soup to cooked

If the ingredients are not controlled during the production process

Or the processing process is not properly controlled

Consumers are easy to consume foods contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms

Causes hidden food safety hazards


For "Mixed ingredients in the bowl

The central temperature should be ≥70 ℃ "regulations"

Some netizens said: "I will take the bridge rice noodles in the future, I will bring the thermometer."

How to identify

Crossing the bridge rice noodles is not authentic

It is a good thing to cross the bridge rice line. However, netizens in Yunnan couldn’t sit still after seeing the pictures of the media.

So what exactly is authentic bridge rice noodles?

Some netizens believe that in accordance with the "Local Standards for Food Safety in Yunnan Province", it is identified by the use of bridges and rice noodles.

Is it really?

According to the "Yunnan Province Food Safety Local Standard Passing Bridge Mine Catering Machining Sanites" regulations, large soup bowls that are placed over the bridge -noodles should be used with good thermal insulation performance and high temperature resistance.Big soup bowls made of melamine formaldehyde resin must not be used.

In addition, cross -bridge rice noodles are unique in Yunnan local special diets with a unique cooking method. They are based on rice noodles, raw (cooked) vegetarian ingredients are ingredients, and use boiling soup as the basis.Catering food for post -consumption.

In addition to Yunnan Province, in order to prevent their local specialties from other provinces, other provinces and cities have formulated corresponding production standards after they arrived in other provinces and cities.For example, Tianjin’s pancake fruit, Liuzhou’s snail powder, and Xi’an’s meat clips and other special foods have standard production specifications formulated by the local catering industry association to ensure the unique quality of these flavor snacks.


When you have eaten bridge rice noodles next time

Are you ready to bring a ruler and thermometer?

(Spring City Evening News-Kaiping Journalist Yuan Xi)

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