The left side during pregnancy is good for the fetal fetus?Don’t be wronged by pregnant mothers, not anyone is suitable for the left side

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There is no trivial matter for parenting, and this caution of the Baoma has begun to start.Take it as an example. Many pregnant mothers will use the "left side" method, even if this is not consistent with the way they usually sleep, even if they are not comfortable to sleep, they will persist without shaking. What is the reason why the reason is?IntersectionIt is not because I heard that the left side is best on the fetus to the fetus, so that they are wronged for the fetus.

Recently, I always heard that my colleague Xiao Zhang complained that he couldn’t sleep well.Xiao Zhang has been pregnant for more than four months. Since seeing the left side on the Internet, she has changed the habit of lying down to sleep on weekdays. She chose this way of sleeping that made her uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

As a result, Xiao Zhang’s sleep quality was much worse, but when he was far from being able to rest in maternity leave, he still had to drag his tired body to work. In the past two days, the dark circles have obviously have a lot of more.

Is it good for the tire on the left?This assertion does have certain scientific support.However, for the so -called "security", is it worth it?Or in another way, will the poor sleep quality of pregnant mothers affect the development of the fetus?Can the benefits brought by the left side of the left side offset this negative impact?

One: Don’t be superstitious to lie on the left side. It does not always have the impact on the development of the fetus.

When it comes to the benefits of lying on the left side, I believe that many pregnant mothers are also clear. It is nothing more than to reduce the squeezing of the abdomen of the pregnant mother and accelerate the blood flow rate of the uterine part. These two points are indeed very good for the development of the fetus.It is also the two most emphasis on the propaganda on the left.But is this really the case?

In fact, it is not necessary, because the left side has a big premise for the fetus, that is, the uterus of the pregnant mother is right.But in reality, not every pregnant mother is the case. A few are left -handed, just as there are a few left -handers in the crowd.

Therefore, the benefits of the left side to the fetus are not absolute. If the pregnant mother himself happens to be a group of culprit, it will bring harm."That’s right.

Therefore, whether to use the left side to be used depends on the personal situation of the pregnant mother. In some cases, such as the left rotation of the uterus, you should avoid using the left side. If you want to lie on the side, it should also be lying on the right side.

Two: Pregnant mothers with heart problems are not suitable for sleeping on the left side for a long time

Even the pregnant mother who rotates right in the uterus does not mean that the left side will definitely bring benefits.For example, for the pregnant mothers who have not had a good heart and even had heart surgery before pregnancy, using the left side was a very unwise move.

The reason is very simple. The left side is high in circulating capacity of the heart, because when sleeping, the contact area of the body and the bed is smaller, and the oppression is greater.

Those pregnant mothers who are not very good at first use the left side to lie on the left side. It is easy to cause short breathing during sleep, chest tightness, and dizziness.threaten.

Three: Don’t be wronged for the so -called benefits of lying on the left side.

In fact, compared to the benefits of lying on the left side, the quality of sleep for pregnant mothers is more important.If the pregnant mother’s sleep quality is poor, the physical functions of the body will also weaken, and the nutrients transported to the fetus will be greatly reduced, which will fundamentally affect the development of the fetus.

Conversely, the quality of sleep is good, the pregnant mother is energetic, and the development of the fetus will be better.Therefore, whether to use the left side to be lying on the left side is depending on whether the pregnant mother can adapt. If you feel uncomfortable to sleep, don’t wrong yourself.

In short, the left side is indeed good for the development of the fetus under some premise, but this kind of benefit is not worth sacrificing their sleep and quality of life.If you want to settle, you still sleep well.

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