The leftopoppanoscopy is removed from the outside of the tubal palace, the ones are blocked for 4 months of pregnancy, and the symptoms conditioning method

At present, more and more female friends are infertile due to the blocked fallopian tube. Especially from the clinical data, 80%of infertility women are suffering from the problem of voting tube blocking to varying degrees.It should pay more attention to the conditioning of the fallopian tube.

Today, I will share with you the pregnancy process of one of my patients (Sister Li).I am pregnant.I hope everyone can inspire and help through her conditioning process.If you are also a problem of fallopian tubes, please leave a message to consult below, and I will help you to answer the analysis in detail for free.

Sister Li found the left palace in ectopic pregnancy in June 2018. The next day she performed tubal resection. When I was discharged, the doctor said that she could prepare for pregnancy 3-6 months after laparoscopy.It is caused by inflammation. After a long time, I was afraid that there was a problem with another fallopian tube.

Beginning in October 2018, Sister Li started running the hospital every month to monitor follicles for pregnancy. The follicles have always been good, but there is no good news. By March 19, the B -ultrasound showed an abnormal echo on the right attachment. Consider considerIt is the fallopian tube accumulation, and the doctor recommends to do a radiography to confirm it.The second month of Sister Li went to act, and the result was that there was a stiff water stagnation on the right side of the fallopian tube.The doctor said that the right tubal of the right side was not available. You can consult the test tube.

Sister Li had planned to go to the test tube, but during that time, she had a colleague who was also a fallopian tube water. I regulated pregnancy here, so Sister Li also came to consult. After the consultation, Sister Li decided to try again.

Based on Sister Li’s situation, first of all, I helped her adjust the inflammation and dredge the fallopian tube, and opened the resumed soup: the ninja vine, the red vine, the sauce grass, the chicken blood vine, the dandelion, the dandelion, the Tu Fuling, the fragrant affiliate,, Shi Tu Pu each, Wang Buliu, Qianzi, Tulips, Road Tong, Gunshan Jia, etc. Start drinking on the fifth day of menstruation every month, and then assisted Wuhong DecoctionOther inner plus conditioning and dredging fallopian tubes and inflammation, because each person’s situation is different, the conditioning method will be different, so here I simply share with you the conditioning method of Sister Li. If you have similar problems, you can check the inspectionSend it to me, I can help you answer the analysis to see what kind of conditioning you are suitable for.

Sister Li insisted on conditioning for more than four months, and she was pregnant as expected. She went to B -ultrasound this morning, and she was determined to be a good pregnancy in the palace.

Here is a reminder to you that the most blocked fallopian tube is surgery and inflammation. If there is a fallopian tubal water blocked, the first thing that must be done is to treat inflammation, because even if the surgery dredges the fallopian tube, it is easy to not get pregnant after half a year.Repeated adhesion is blocked because the inflammation is not well treated because of the root cause.

Because everyone’s physique is slightly different from the cause of fallopian tube blocking, the specific operations are different to condition. If you also have fallopian tubes, please leave me a message in the comment area below. I will help you answer the analysis for free!Wish good pregnancy!

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