The leucorrhea rushes appear before ovulation or after ovulation?Have you figured it out?

As we all know, if you want to succeed in pregnancy, you must be pregnant during ovulation or during ovulation.In order to increase the surrogacy rate, for women with more regular menstruation, finding a successful pregnancy for her ovulation period and ovulation day, but for women with irregular menstruation, the ovulation period is also uncertain, soOnly find the ovulation day can you be pregnant.

It is relatively simple to find the method of ovulation period. As long as it is calculated based on your own menstrual cycle, if the menstruation is not regular and inaccurate, it will also occur inaccurate when calculating the ovulation period. In daily lifeYou can judge the arrival of the ovulation day and ovulation through some changes in the body.

The leucorrhea rushes appear before ovulation or after ovulation?Most people may not know yet, may wish to see

As a female friend, it is very clear that when the ovulation period is coming, the leucorrhea will appear brushed, so there are many women who are wondering. The leucorrhea is drawn.Woolen cloth?Under normal circumstances, after the menstruation is clean, the private parts will secrete the secretions, which is often called leucorrhea, which may need to be secreted more after seven days, and it will become thinner.

At this time, the leucorrhea will be drawn, which means that ovulation will be ovulated within 24 hours to 48 hours. Generally, after ovulation, the leucorrhea brushes will gradually disappear, and the leucorrhea will return to the normal stateAt the same time, it is relatively sticky. If you want to succeed in pregnancy, you must pay attention to this.

So how can a woman judge whether the leucorrhea is drawn?

Under normal circumstances, when the leucorrhea is abnormal, it also means that the ovulation period is about to come. At this time, you must learn to judge. So how can you judge leucorrhea roses?If the menstrual period is clean, about 10 days, use toilet paper when going to the toilet. You can observe it. If you see that the white belt is drawn, and you will feel that the vagina is accompanied by a humid feeling, then it means that it means that it means that it means that it means that it means that it meansThe ovulation day is coming.

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