The little baby is coming, the expectant mother will have these signals, come and get pregnant

It is believed that the husband and wife are very much looking forward to and hope that there is a little baby with each other. It is very different from a woman to be pregnant and not pregnant.And if girls are pregnant, they will often have such three signals. Many couples choose to get during their ovulation period, so about 7 days after the girl’s ovulation period, whether the fertilized egg can succeed in the mother’s uterus.Inside bed.If the fertilized eggs are in bed successfully, the female body will send out several signals, and women who want to have a baby must start paying attention.

The first signal was that women’s chest began to swell and pain.

About 7 days after the ovulation period of the woman, if she found that her chest has changed significantly, she starts to swell, and feels some pain.In this case, she is likely to be pregnant.Although the chest swelling can also show that this woman is likely to be pregnant, but this is not the only criterion, nor is it exact evidence. If you are pregnant, you have to look at your aunt.Come.

Another signal is that I feel that my body is easy to get tired, and I feel that I am in a very tired state all day.

If the fertilized eggs are successfully bed in the woman’s uterus, the woman has successfully conceived her pregnancy, and her body will involuntarily secrete some hormones. These hormones can gradually reduce the physical strength of this woman and let this woman produce a oneIt feels very tired.Women here should pay attention. If they have not done any heavy work when they have about 7 days after their ovulation period, they will feel tired from morning to night every day and feel very tired. In this caseIt is likely that you are pregnant with your body. It is best to go to the pharmacy to buy a test paper to test whether you are really pregnant.Presumably many people know that when women ovulate, they are more likely to pregnant, far greater than other times this month, and the chance of pregnancy is much greater.

The third feature is that if the woman really pregnant with her pregnancy, the temperature of her body will rise in the past few days after the ovulation period.

Women must regularly measure their daily body temperature during this period. If the body temperature increases, it is likely to be the cause of pregnancy, and the body temperature will be slightly higher than when they are not pregnant, and they will be maintained at that temperature for a while.

For some of the more careless women in life, they may not care too much about such small changes. Sometimes they may think they have a cold, and even want to see a doctor, just buy a few cold medicines casuallyJust come and eat, this approach is wrong.Women must pay attention during 7 days after their ovulation period, if the temperature of her body has always been higher than that of the usual time, and maintains it in that high temperature for a long time, then she is likely to be very likelyBecome a mother, and a young life is about to come to this family.

If women find these signals on their bodies, don’t be sloppy, it is best to buy test strips to check to see if they are really pregnant.If you are still afraid that the test strip is not accurate, it is best to go to the hospital for a examination.

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