The longest pregnancy is 375 days?Cold knowledge during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must understand

I believe everyone knows that pregnancy is a hard -working and happy thing. There are many details that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy.Cold knowledge learned during pregnancy, see if you know?

When a pregnant mother walks on the street, the neighbors around will unconsciously praise her skin so as to glow.This is due to changes in hormones in pregnant women, the secretion of hormones increases, and the sebaceous glands are more active. Therefore, pregnant women feel that their skin is more shiny, smoother and fair than before pregnancy.

Have you dreamed of during pregnancy?I believe 70%of pregnant women do dreams, and some pregnant women can even have multiple dreams one night.This is because of the influence of estrogen during pregnancy, progesterone in estrogen can induce pregnant women to enter deep sleep, and the longer the sleeping, the more dreams.A study shows that pregnant women who often dream during pregnancy are shorter than pregnant women who do not dream, and childbirth will be easier.

I believe that many pregnant women know this sentence: October in conceived, once childbirth.For women, the normal pregnancy cycle is more than 280 days, that is, more than 9 months, and when the cream is cooked, the mother can give birth naturally.Then there is normal pregnancy, which means abnormal pregnancy.The pregnancy time exceeds the normal pregnancy period. This situation is called an expired pregnancy. This situation will be dangerous to the maternal and fetal baby. However, the world is big.God, people nicknamed a "Nezha". The magical thing is that after the baby is born, all the health of the maternal and babies is the health.This situation is a medical miracle!

A small seed germinated in the mother’s uterus, slowly formed, and slowly grew until it was born.The baby’s belly wants to live in this "small house" for a long time, so how do you pass these boring time?There is also a long umbilical cord with you. These are the happy time that belongs to the baby. However, some naughty fetal baby will be entangled by the umbilical cord without paying attention. If it is slightly wrapped, the mothers need to worry.Smart and intelligence goes out of yourself. If the umbilical cord is more entangled and tighter, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.In addition, the baby will swallow his urine. If you think about this picture, you feel very sensational.Many pregnant mothers worry that the baby’s swallowing urine will cause infection.This kind of concern for pregnant mothers is superfluous.The urine excreted by the baby’s baby is sterile and clean, and it will be excreted with the mother’s metabolism. Therefore, even if the baby swallows her urine, it will not affect the baby’s health.

I believe that when most pregnant mothers talk about their little babies, the response is similar. The baby not only eats and sleeps freely, but sometimes he will interact with herself when he is happy?But what pregnant mothers do n’t know is that the baby ’s baby will have their own small emotions. When they feel uncomfortable, they will cry whispering, but this emotion, pregnant mothers generally do n’t find it.The baby’s crying was because the mother’s mood was too large. When the pregnant mother was arguing, angry, and sad, the heart inductance between the parent -child and the baby would follow the sadness.Provide a better environment to allow your baby to grow strong in the "small house".

Do you get these interesting cold during pregnancy?Do you know which cold knowledge during pregnancy?Come and share with us.

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