The man said to the woman: Last night I dreamed of my heroic killing of the ghosts

①: Go to the small sales department to buy bread, but there is no production date above, so I asked the salesperson: "Why is there no production date in this bread?"

After the salesperson came to find it for a long time, I didn’t find it, so I picked it up and said, "I’m sorry, I forgot to write it, I will write it for you now."

②: Classmate A gets married, and a bunch of old classmates decide that everyone wants to have a dotted house.

As a result, he did not move in the field.Everyone was strange, and after two days, A claimed to have a good deal with him in the group.

It turns out, it turns out!This product was prescribed in the cup of wine, the groom’s cup was Viagra, and the bride’s cup was Bazou!

③: Men said to women, last night I dreamed of killing the ghosts heroic!

The woman slapped in the past, and you called Taijun and Taijun for one night. I didn’t sleep well!

④: Someone asked: During college, girls can give themselves to her boyfriend at a rental house of 50 yuan. Now it takes 20,000 square meters of houses … even second -hand … three -handed … four -handedIs God reply: Of course, work experience is directly linked to wages.

⑤: One night, Introduced the Internet and went to the neighbor’s window to eat snacks and wifi.Suddenly, the door of the room was wide, and a beautiful woman wrapped a bath towel and rushed out of the toilet brush and scolded: "I have seen those who peek at others to take a bath.

⑥: Since using Pinduoduo, my salary of 3,000 per month is enough to spend. Vike eats Kang Shuai Fu drinking pulse robbery.Use the blue moon shell washing solution, the melon seeds to cure melon seeds, functional drinks and drinking red noon, milk drinking large walnuts and nutritional lines, biscuits to eat Cantonese, real incense [meow meow]

⑦: A test at a time, take a girl in front of me very carefully and carefully, and she is willing to copy it.In order to avoid suspicion, I deliberately changed the wrong choice questions.As a result, she was the first in the class, and I was the second.

⑧: My husband is back, a lot of wine flavor.I stared at him suspiciously. He smiled and said that he was a little bit happy today. He said that he bet with the leader. Who lost who fried three dishes in person, doubled wine, and the leader drank.I gave him the slippers and asked what gambling, can you win the leader?Her husband was flying, and said, "He has to bet with me who remembers the name of the ex -girlfriend, hahaha he lost!

自己: I dreamed that I was pregnant last night, and asked my boyfriend to accompany me to check!I was particularly excited along the way, and I felt so warm with my stomach.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor said that I was eating.I collapsed instantly, crying, and kept crying until I woke up!After waking up for a long time, I remembered that I didn’t even have a boyfriend!Cry

来: This row of words, who wrote is not neatly written

The factory under the factory, the eleven Hui Binhui and the second one, the second and second, the second and the half -Hui Shi, the ten scholars, the off -planting of the factory, the Shi Xi, and the second one, the second one, the second and the half of the scholar of the second oneTwenty -广 士 十 卞 卞 卞 卞 卞 士 士 士 士 士Hui Ten Scholars Ten Shi, Guang, Guangsu, off the factory, and the Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi

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