The more you can tolerate during pregnancy, the happier the postpartum life. Have you done all these?

In October, the pregnant mother’s pregnancy life was not only full of the beauty of breeding of small lives, but also surrounded by various pregnancy reactions. It was sweet and beautiful, but it also made people "miserable".Pregnant mothers are looking forward to unloading earlier and liberating early.

In fact, whether you can live a fairy after giving birth, it is inseparable from the performance during pregnancy.

After the baby is born, he can eat, healthy, healthy, and sleep. This kind of postpartum life will be particularly happy.Watching the baby grow up day by day, a flower can be laughed on his face.

On the contrary, some babies have poor appetite and constitution after birth, and they do not worry about sleeping. They have to go to the hospital for three days.

In addition to the busyness of this postpartum life, the heart is more tired in the face of the baby who loves illness.Pregnant mothers have no mood to raise their bodies at all, and life after unloading is even more difficult.

The key is whether the postpartum life is to be tolerated during pregnancy. Some things are resisted during pregnancy, which is good for babies and pregnant mothers.


Control emotions, don’t lose your temper

During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone, the emotional changes of pregnant women will be more complicated and changeable. Sensitive, irritable, anxiety, etc. are very common, especially in the early and third trimester of pregnancy.

When pregnant mothers become irritable and angry, they will cause some physiological changes in pregnant mothers, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, and increased adrenal hormones to shrink blood vessels.

These changes will reduce the supply of oxygen and blood of the fetus, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.According to research, if extreme anger emotions occur for a long time during pregnancy, it will affect the fetus and may cause some complications during childbirth.

For example: too low weight at birth, premature birth, babies are more prone to irritability and depression, baby’s sleep mode disorders, limited cognitive ability, and so on.

Although the mood is related to the level of hormones, it is not completely uncontrollable. Pregnant mothers also have to learn to control their emotions and cannot let the bad emotions go.These methods can help pregnant mothers alleviate negative emotions during pregnancy.


healthy lifestyle

Be sure to follow the healthy diet during pregnancy and take more carbohydrates and protein, such as green leafy vegetables and nuts, fresh fruits, etc.Healthy and natural foods are helpful to promote physical and mental health, and also make emotions more stable.

In addition to diet, the habit of developing regular exercise during pregnancy is also very important. You can choose some mild exercises, walks, yoga, etc. During exercise, your body will release a happy hormone called endorphin.When you feel that you want to lose your temper, you can choose to walk around the park.


Do what you like

Pregnant women to participate in some of their favorite activities will help relax their emotions.Go out to go shopping, listen to music, paint, and follow the drama funny variety shows, and even make a rubbing with girlfriends. It is also a good choice to soothe the soul by relieve the soreness of the muscles.


Stay away from debate, try to work as much as possible

If the factors that cause the emotional instability of pregnant mothers are from the family, the easiest way is to avoid it.Let yourself invest as much as possible to work as much as possible to disperse the attention of the family, which can reduce some unnecessary quarrels in the family.


Find how to vent

The vent of emotions is not necessarily a temper, and controlling emotions does not simply let yourself hold all the bad emotions in your heart.Blind control and suppressing your emotions, it is easier to make yourself internal injuries.

Therefore, to find some appropriate ways of emotional venting, such as talking to girlfriends, writing diaries, and even helping some professional emotional counselors or psychological counselors, it helps to release depressed bad emotions.


Hold up and stay up late

Many Baoma has the habit of sleeping late before pregnancy, coupled with some uncomfortable reactions during pregnancy. After pregnancy, she not only did not change the habit of sleeping late, but became more serious.

Staying up late will not only increase the probability of signs of eclampsia, but also lead to an increased level of inflammation in pregnant women, producing excessive cytokines, attacking and destroying the healthy cells and tissues of pregnant women.Infected some diseases.

Studies have found that women who sleep for less than 6 hours per night in the last month of pregnancy are more likely to have cesarean section, and more than 7 hours or longer women who sleep longer.

Synticulous eclaration is a serious disease that affects the blood pressure and kidneys of pregnant women and may lead to premature birth.

Among women without hypertension, hypertension occurred during pregnancy after 20 weeks of pregnancy measured blood pressure greater than 140/90 mm HG.If protein is also noticed in urine, it may occurred as a symptoms of epilepsy, and signs of eclampies increase the risk of death of mothers and children.

Therefore, the habit of going to bed early for the baby and his own health during pregnancy must be developed.In fact, all late sleeping is too late.The morning is getting up early, and there is no extra energy to stay up late at night.

However, there are indeed some reactions during pregnancy, which will make it more difficult for pregnant mothers to fall asleep or even insomnia, and it will be sparked in a good sleep time.


Avoid eating spicy food

The cause of insomnia in part of the pregnant woman is the hot stomach, which is a manifestation of indigestion.As soon as I arrived at night, my chest and throat were hot, like burning.Either can’t sleep or sleep well suddenly.

Therefore, if there are such symptoms of pregnant mothers, avoid eating spicy foods and more sour foods such as tomatoes, and try not to eat too rich in dinner. Do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.


Drink less water before going to bed

As the fetus gradually increases, the pregnant mother’s bladder will continue to squeeze.Therefore, the night meeting of pregnant mothers is particularly frequent.To ensure the quality of sleep and sleep time, pregnant mothers can maintain sufficient water during the day, but at night, they must reduce the intake of fruits and water.


Find a more comfortable position

Finding a comfortable posture will be more conducive to the sleep of pregnant mothers. Although there are more benefits to the left side, it is difficult to keep a sleep posture.From time to time, the baby and pregnant mother will be more comfortable.


Sleep during the day

Sleeping for 30-60 minutes during the day will not affect the sleep at night, but also helps to improve memory and relieve fatigue.But you should pay attention to time during the day, neither sleep too late nor sleeping too long.

If the insomnia problem is particularly serious, you can also intervene through the drugs if necessary. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take some safe and non -prescription drugs to help sleep, such as anti -group aminesine hydrochloride hydrochloride and doposamide.


Hold back the foods that don’t eat raw

Many pregnant mothers especially like to eat raw foods such as sashimi and sushi before pregnancy, but such raw or unfamiliar foods will be very likely to infect Liszer Salmonella and E. coli.

It may cause abortion or premature birth of neonatal, and even cause death or cause serious health problems.Therefore, even if the baby’s health loves Japanese cuisine, you still have to bear it.

In addition to raw foods, some cooked seafood may also allow pregnant mothers to consume too much mercury and other pollutants, such as dioxide and polyllrumin (PCBS).

For example, sharks, arrows, Marlin fish, tuna, salmon, catfish, catfish and catfish.

These fish should also try not to eat too much and too frequently.

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