The most beautiful face of Zhu Zhu during the pregnancy is here: For these three steps, pregnant mothers can also be beautiful

Zhu Zhuzhu

The most beautiful women in the world for 8 consecutive years

After pregnancy, she also maintains a beautiful state

Persist in exercise and control the weight

Stick to skin care and make the skin have a good state

Persist in makeup, so that you can be beautiful during pregnancy

Zhu Zhu has shared a lot of skin care experience during pregnancy

Because skin sensitivity during pregnancy

She switched to mild water milk and essence

But the habit of skin care and makeup still persist again

Although there are many netizens proposed: less makeup during pregnancy

But Zhu Zhu replied:

Pregnancy does not mean that you have to give up your previous habits

This makeup, makeup, should be dressed up

The product is safe

Pregnant mothers maintain a good condition and have a good mood

Mom is healthy and healthy

The baby is good!

For skin care during pregnancy

Indeed, many pregnant mothers will have some small tangles

Worried that the use of skin care products during pregnancy will hurt the baby

But in fact, just make some adjustments

Avoid efficient products

Pregnant mothers can also skin care and makeup

On the contrary, not skin care during pregnancy can really cause the skin condition to deteriorate!

Do not care for skin care during pregnancy.

The following three skin care steps

Pregnant mothers can refer to it!

Do a good job of daily skin care

1. Do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing

Oil secretion during pregnancy is more

Pay special attention to cleaning the face

Use the facial cleanser at least once a day

Use facial cleanser without soap -based ingredients

The soap is too rough, and it is not easy to remove oil

Not suitable for facial skin!

Daily moisturizing is also very important.

In order to have a good state

While choosing moisturizing milk

To avoid dangerous ingredients, such as:

Diabenonic acid salt, formaldehyde, toluene, chemical sunscreen

Dihydroxylcetone (DHA) and aluminum chloride

Salicylic acid, vitamin A, synthetic spices!

2. Do good sunscreen

The skin will be extremely sensitive during pregnancy

It may be red a little bit

The best suggestion is to avoid the sun

If you want to go out, apply sunscreen to wear a sun hat

It should be noted that you must avoid chemical sunscreen

3. Turn some simple makeup

Simplify your makeup steps

Use products that do not contain chemicals as much as possible

There are many ingredients in lipstick and foundation we like

Most ingredients will not have an impact on you and your baby

If you are worried, try natural alternatives

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is the most effective rule of beauty

Water can transport nutrition and water to the baby

You can also help your mother maintain the body’s moisture and rinse system

As a result, keep the complexion clear and full

If there is a pregnancy, drink a little less at a time

It is also possible to add some lemon!

5. Choose safe skin care products and makeup

① Facial milk

You can use green tea extract during pregnancy,

Facial milk of lemon skin oil and cucumber

Use mild facial cleanser and warm water twice a day

Do not use oxide -containing benzollidal

And salicylic acid removal cleaning milk milk

② cream

Choose a cream according to the skin

Choose low allergies, fragrance, organic products

Make sure that there is no synthetic ingredient or chemical substance in the product

Do not use products with vitamin A, salicylic acid

The impact they bring can be large or small

③ sunscreen

Shot sunscreen index of 30 or more

The safest sun protection measures during pregnancy are:

Use physical or mineral sunscreen

Made of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide

Chemical sunscreen products-

Such as oxygenolone, high salt, and Avzolzerone

There are unsafe irritating

④ foundation liquid

Avoid using foundation with harmful ingredients

(Such as vitamin A and β hydroxyl acid)

Don’t choose the foundation of too water and too smooth

Pregnant mothers should use natural foundation to modify the skin

The texture should not be slippery

It shouldn’t be creamy

Buy a foundation consisting of organic and natural ingredients

Do not contain any preservatives or pigments

⑥ blush

Choose a blush without fragrance, bisphenol A

Pay attention to preservatives


All girls like lipstick

But lipstick is easy to eat

So pay special attention

Avoid lipstick with toxic ingredients

The first thing to pay attention is to lead

Lipstick or lipstick made from natural ingredients

It lasts for a long time and has no threat to the baby’s health

6. You can also look good tips without makeup

● Eat healthy food

Drink more fresh fruit juice and eat more green vegetables

The face will look young and energetic

● Properly supplement vitamin C, E, biologicalin or collagen

Because these help keep the skin moisture

Make it look good

● Drink plenty of water and keep the skin soft and water

Water will flush toxin

Keep your skin moisture and fresh

● Use moisturizing cream to reduce pores and reduce fine lines

● Happy every day

It is the first step to keep the skin!

Understand skin changes during pregnancy

1. Red skin red

The change of hormones in pregnancy

It will make the skin more sensitive

This will also make the skin easier to become red

Do not use the body scrub and a keratin

Wipe your face with a soft towel or cotton soft towel

Some spices can also stimulate the skin

So consider using the fragrant products!

2. Acne explosion

Still caused by progesterone

Remember: Some products that treat acne

It’s not safe for pregnant mothers

So when using any acne products, consult a doctor

Like full anti -vitamin A acid

Prescription drugs such as tetracycline are absolutely not good

You must consult a doctor if you need to use drugs!

Don’t touch and squeeze acne

—— Wash it with a mild facial cleanser twice a day

Clean the pores blocked with steam!

3. Dry and itching of the skin

Pregnancy will make the skin extremely short of water

Make sure enough water every day -drink water

And try to run the humidifier in the bedroom at night

To help the body maintain as much water as much as possible

Use mild emulsion or moisturizing cream

4. Long chloasma

Lloabic spots are usually caused by sun exposure

Coupled with skin sensitivity during pregnancy, it will come when you are injured and injured.

It’s not so easy to remove

So please do sunscreen.

Also do physical sunscreen

If you are not safe, choose sunscreen with safety ingredients!

Note: You must understand the ingredients when buying sunscreen

Like oxygenzolone, high pure acid salt and Avhzzzon

It may stimulate the skin, and there are risks!

5. Annoying stretch marks

Belly care is also a kind of skin care

So while doing a good face care

Also take into account the stomach

After all, the stomach is still unacceptable to be supported into watermelon

Anti -pattern three steps: Do your belly moisturizing, apply moisturizing cream

Thousands of thighs, belly, buttocks, and chests should be applied

There is also controlling weight

Don’t let your weight belly suddenly increased suddenly

And keep moisture and appropriate exercise!

6. The skin becomes black

Black skin is pigmentation

Pigmentation refers to the dark spots or spots on the skin

The increase in melanin generated naturally leads to this situation

Usually, excessive pigmentation will fade after childbirth

But it may last for several years and do a good job of sun protection

Use 30 or more sunscreen coefficients

And wearing a wide side hat when outdoors can reduce pigmentation

Avoid harmful products

1. Be cautious nails

Nail polish and nail washing water

May contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene

These two chemicals are preservatives

If it is absorbed, it will cause serious damage

Pregnant mothers don’t have to give up beautiful nails completely

Just make sure to select the selected nail polish

It is enough to contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde!

2. Use anti -wrinkle cream and acne drugs with caution

Vitamin acid (different vitamin acid),

Full anti -vitamin A acid (vitamin acid) and tetracycline

It is dangerous to the development of the fetus

It may cause serious birth defects, and should be avoided

Anti -wrinkle cream may also contain retinol

This is also dangerous!

If acne explosion during pregnancy, you need to use drugs

You must also use your doctor’s advice!

Note: Botoxin cannot be used during pregnancy!

3. Whitening teeth and other postpartum

Tooth whitening products containing peroxide

Using during pregnancy may not be safe!

So it is best to wait until the baby’s breast milk is born!

In some countries

It is illegal to perform whitening surgery for pregnant women!

Some whitening toothpaste also contain hydrogen peroxide

This content is very low and will not affect pregnancy

But also consult a doctor first

Choose toothpaste that can reduce stains instead of adding white!


Hormone changes during pregnancy will make the skin very sensitive

Skin self -protection and repair ability will also decrease

As a result

At the same time, cells storage and metabolic capabilities will also decline

It will cause water dehydration, dryness, oil out, acne,

A series of skin problems such as sensitive, loose, dark yellow!

If you don’t pay attention to the skin at this time

This is completely worse for the skin

If you want to repair it after the birth, it is impossible

During pregnancy, it is definitely necessary to care for the skin

And stick to it

Don’t worry about skin care products that will hurt your baby


The infection between maternal and infants is passed through blood and umbilical brings

No matter what skin care products are


It is unlikely to penetrate your skin into the blood!

So pregnant mothers

Stick your skin care habit during pregnancy

Just pay attention to the product!

Choosing safe and natural products is completely fine!

I hope the little pregnant women will be beautiful every day!

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