The most uncomfortable thing during pregnancy is not to sleep well. The reasons for each stage are different. Pregnant mothers must learn to deal with them separately.

After pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body needs to bear a huge change. With the level of progesterone and HCG in the body, the emotion and spirit of expectant mothers will be affected.

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If something is the most tortured during pregnancy, it must be a bad sleep.Generally speaking, people need to rest at no less than 8 hours a day, and for pregnant mothers, these 8 hours have been decomposed into countless small pieces.

Nausea and discomfort in the early pregnancy, gastric acid reflux in the second trimester, frequent urination in the third trimester … One pile, one piece, all disturb the prospective mothers’ rest. How can we sleep well in pregnancy?

In response to different causes of sleep, expectant mothers take different measures, and this pregnancy strategy during pregnancy may help you.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby had only one bean sprouts, but at this time, the expectant mother’s sleep had begun to be disorder.Affected by the elevated HCG and progesterone, the mood and spirit of pregnant mothers can easily become fragile and nervous.

Although the babies in the early pregnancy are not large, in order to meet the new metabolic needs, the blood circulation volume in expectant mothers needs to increase by nearly 40%, and the heart rate will increase. These will become the incentives that affect expectant mothers.

The most important point is that the early pregnancy is not suitable for pregnancy. Moms always feel "turning the river" in the stomach as soon as they lie down. It can be said that it is very uncomfortable.

Data show that the pregnant mother who appears nausea and discomfort during pregnancy accounts for 75%, of which 50%of them have obvious vomiting, and 0.3%to 1%of pregnant mothers will have pregnancy drama vomiting.

◆ Relieve method:

① In order to alleviate the gastrointestinal discomfort in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try to eat less meals, such as eating 7 ~ 8 minutes per meal, 5-6 meals a day, and eating more foods they like.

② Eating a little bit of plums and plums before meals can help promote saliva secretion and increase the appetite of pregnant mothers.It is recommended to drink some orange juice, lemonade, etc. between the two meals to ease the feeling of bloating.

③ The bedside is always prepared for whole wheat bread and soda biscuits. When you get up in the morning, you can eat less. You can neutralize the gastric acid, appropriately relieve the morning vomiting, and let the pregnant mother sleep comfortably.

After entering the middle of pregnancy, as the baby grows up a little bit, the weight of the pregnant mother’s uterus has increased several times, and the gastrointestinal and intestines are gradually compressed upward, which will also cause the pregnant mother to reduce the amount of food and gastric acid reflux discomfort.

Especially when going to bed at night, lying on his back will not only compress the lower cavity veins, but also prone to discomfort of "reflux water in the stomach".

In addition, the basic metabolism of the body during pregnancy is high, and it is easier for pregnant mothers to feel hot, especially in the north with heating in the room. Wearing too thick pajamas will also affect the sleeping mother’s sleep.

★ Suggestion: It is recommended that mothers adopt a posture of 15 ° ~ 30 ° to sleep in the middle of pregnancy. Choose to sleep on the left or sleep on the right side. You can adjust according to your actual situation.If the pregnant mother favored to sleep, the bedside can be padded for 15 ~ 20cm, so that the upper body can present a relatively slow slope, and it can also alleviate the insomnia problem brought by gastrointestinal discomfort.

The choice of pajamas is mainly light and breathable styles; the sleep environment needs to be quiet and comfortable, and the indoor light is relatively dark. You can prepare a tentacle -reach bedside lamp, which is convenient for opening at night when you start to the toilet.

The "American Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine" studies found that pregnant mothers with an average sleeping period of night sleep at night will increase the probability of cesarean section by 4.5 times in the future.

After entering the third trimester, the enlarged uterus not only oppressed the stomach and intestines, but also pressed down the bladder, which caused mothers to "urinate" and always got up once an hour.

At the same time, the increasingly increasing belly makes it difficult for pregnant mothers to turn over. No matter what posture they use, they feel uncomfortable. This feeling can only be understood by the pregnant mothers who have experienced it.

▼ Treatment suggestion:

When mothers urinate, they can pour their bodies as much as possible. Such a posture can make urine in the bladder as much as possible.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to consume no less than 1700 ~ 2100ml of water every day. Moms try to drink water during the day and reduce drinking water before going to bed. At the same time, be careful not to drink coffee diuretic drinks. It is not good for the baby.

Many pregnant mothers will have the problem of cramps and feet cramps in the third trimester. Sometimes they are difficult to fall asleep, but they are awakened by cramps. In addition to calcium supplementation, mothers can also try to massage their calves appropriately.

Massage method: Sit straight on the bed and straighten your legs, slowly turn your feet with an ankle as a round heart, or move your toes back and forth towards the direction of the knee; the most direct method is to let Bao Dad help press and rub the calf.

Many pregnant mothers also have the problem of itching of the belly. The skin is dry and itching. Moms can use mild and irritating skin moisturizer and massage oil to apply small belly. Pay attention to the softness. Try not to choose a product that tastes too fragrant.Essence

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