The new house is decorated and stayed in, the ventilation is still tasteful for a few months, and the daughter -in -law is still pregnant, what should I do?

Netizens submitted:

The new house was installed in May. It had been ventilated for 3 months. I came in in August. I found that my daughter -in -law was pregnant last month. I always said that the family had a taste.Although it has been ventilated for a few months, it has been long for a long time, and the words of their daughter -in -law make the whole family very worried!what do I do?

Many netizens will ask:

How long does it take to check in after the ventilation of the new house?

Is there any good way to deal with formaldehyde?

Today, as a decoration master (self -proclaimed), I was anxious, and I thought of what everyone thought about it to answer the things about formaldehyde in detail.

Everyone knows that the main harmful matter of pollution of decoration materials is formaldehyde.Especially the coatings and various glue used during the decoration process will release a large amount of formaldehyde.

However, don’t worry too much. Now as long as we buy regular products of high -end brands, general environmental performance will be well guaranteed, and the amount of glue is not very large, so it is not the root cause of indoor pollution.

The coatings are generally coated on the surface. Although the amount is large, it is fast, and the ventilation time is long and can basically run clean.

Therefore, the main source of indoor pollution is that the most formaldehyde is released by various artificial plates.Various composite flooring and plate furniture use a large amount of glue and adhesive and being sealed inside the plate, making a large number of formaldehyde continuously release.

Therefore, in the decoration, you must choose the floor and plate of the environmental protection level at the EO level to minimize the use of artificial boards. If you can use solid wood, you can use solid wood. Although it is expensive, it is safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition, don’t believe that the edge of the edge can be closed, but it will be closed, but it will delay the speed of formaldehyde release.

So, how to remove decoration of formaldehyde?

Come and come, I’m going to amplify!

That is heating+ventilation.

If you are decorated in the summer, congratulations can save the first step.You only need to open the room door, drawer and other furniture doors, and then close the door for a week. Then for a while, I believe that my formaldehyde will soon run clean.

If you are decorated in winter, then you need to use charcoal fire or air conditioner, heater, etc. to increase the temperature of the room to simulate the high temperature environment in summer, increase the amount and speed of formaldehyde, open the indoor humidifier, close the door to close the doorEssenceThen turn on the wetting function of the air conditioner and quickly remove the water vapor containing formaldehyde.

Considering safety, warming and ventilation can rotate, such as heating during the day and ventilation at night.For a period of time, formaldehyde is almost volatile.

Many netizens say what activated carbon, green plants, incense, etc., in fact, the effects of these methods are very small, even no, so don’t bully yourself!

Do formaldehyde remove mostly, can you stay immediately?

The answer is no, it is best to be vacant for 3-6 months.Of course, you can also ask the formaldehyde appraisal agency to detect air quality. After passing it in, you will be more assured.

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