The new mother’s breast milk is excessive, and she is kind to the nephew to be kind, and the sister -in -law is abandoned: frozen milk is not nutritious

The new mother’s breast milk is excessive, and she is kind to the nephew to be kind, and the sister -in -law is abandoned: frozen milk is not nutritious

People often say that pregnancy is like raining. Drought drought and waterlogging dies, why not breast milk?Some mothers secrete more than one, the children eat this, and the other starts to spray milk; some mothers have less milk secretion, and the two are not enough for babies to eat.

Recently, a mother has caused trouble for herself because of excess breast milk, which makes her very upset.The novice mother is Xiao Yi. There is a 3 -month -old baby. She feeds her baby every two hours, but she has a lot of breast milk.In order not to waste extra breast milk, she will also freeze the extra breast milk.It didn’t take long for the refrigerator to be filled, so I started bathing the baby with breast milk.

Last month, her sister -in -law gave birth to a second child. It may be because of the fact that the breast milk secreted was too poor. The doctor suggested that they add some milk powder to the child.But who knows, the little nephew vomited milk after drinking milk powder, which made the elder brother very troublesome.

At this time, Xiaoyi volunteered and said that she could give extra breast milk to the little nephew. The sister -in -law agreed at first.However, when Xiaoyi sent the frozen milk to the sister -in -law’s house, the sister -in -law refused. She had to feed her breast milk. What breast milk should be feeded to have nutrition. The frozen breast milk is not nutritious.

Although Xiaoyi can understand the thought of sister -in -law, she still feels that it is awkward and uncomfortable to feed other people’s children to eat breast milk.So she told her sister -in -law that if I suck it out with a breast pump, you feed the child again.Who knew that the sister -in -law was hurt and said that she was selfish and was unwilling to help her and her children.

After listening to Xunzi’s words, Xiao Yi threw a sentence "Love or eat", and got up and left.

In the evening, the elder brother and sister -in -law apologized, saying that they could accept frozen breast milk, and asked Xiaoyi to forgive them.

When breastfeeding, this kind of thing is very common. There are three questions in it: First, can children drink other people’s breast milk?The second is how to save breast milk?Third, what should you pay attention to when your baby drinks frozen milk?

Let the baby eat other people’s breast milk, the mother will have two worries. One is "whoever eats, whoever eats, and who is pro -pro." The other is the problem of breast milk safety.

Breastfeeding is a kind of intimate contact between mothers and babies, which helps to build a stable parent -child relationship. It is indeed possible that "whoever eats and who is kissing".In fact, there are many ways to establish parent -child relationship between parents and children. Breastfeeding is only one of them. If mothers cannot breastfeed, they can work more in other aspects.

Another worry is the problem of breast milk safety.The physical condition of breast milk providers and the quality of breast milk cannot be seen with the naked eye.If the baby is suffering from the infectious diseases of other people’s breast milk, it will be lost.

If the baby really needs to drink other people’s breast milk, it is best to do breast milk testing in advance to ensure the safety and quality of breast milk.As long as the breast milk is healthy, there is no problem with the baby’s breast milk.

Generally speaking, fresh breast milk is stored at room temperature for 4 hours. There is no problem with nutrition and safety, and the baby can continue to drink.If the excess breast milk is placed in a bag and saved in a refrigerator about 4 °, you can remove it at any time within 4 days, and you can directly drink it after heating.If the excess breast milk is frozen in the refrigerator of minus 18 °, the shelf life of breast milk can be up to 6 months.

It should be noted that whether it is refrigerated or frozen breast milk, once it is heated, it cannot be refrigerated or frozen again.Moms must write the date on the sealing bag when refrigerating or frozen breast milk to avoid the baby drinking the expired breast milk.

If the baby has to eat refrigerated or frozen breast milk, the mother must check the breast milk carefully before eating.If the sealed bag is damaged or exceeds the shelf life, don’t give your baby anymore.

If the mother finds that the breast milk is layered, this is normal, the upper is milk fat, and the bottom is milk.As long as the mother rotates the bag lightly and mix it evenly.Remember not to shake hard, otherwise it will destroy the nutrition of breast milk.

After a long storage of breast milk, it may occur. It may look a little blue and yellow. Do n’t worry about your mother, just shake it gently.

After thawing, the breast milk is generally not stored for too long. It is necessary to feed the baby within 1 to 2 hours. You can throw it away directly after eating, and you cannot continue to refrigerate and freeze.

Well, we say so much about refrigerating breast milk.So, will you mind your baby eating other people’s breast milk?

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