The newlywed wife was unwilling to be in the same room for three months. After tracking, she found that the wife was actually pregnant for four months.

Marriage was originally a happy thing. Mr. Zhang, 27, spent hundreds of thousands of marriage with Ms. Liu.But after more than three months of marriage, Ms. Liu did not have the same room with Mr. Zhang once.After Mr. Zhang found the clue, he secretly followed Ms. Liu, but did not expect to discover the great secret of his wife!

Mr. Zhang was 27 years old and was born in an ordinary rural family. His parents are farmers.Occasionally, Mr. Zhang’s uncle said that there was a good girl called Mr. Zhang in the past. This girl was Ms. Liu.

At first Mr. Zhang wanted to refuse, but his parents urged him to get married again, but he had no choice but to bite his head and passed a blind date.I have to say that the day of the blind date, Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with Ms. Liu.First of all, Ms. Liu grows very beautifully, and people are talking about it, especially suitable for Mr. Zhang.

Because Mr. Zhang has been lonely since he was a child, people are particularly honest.The biggest disadvantage is that the mouth can’t speak, and you don’t know how to please girls.Therefore, even if he is 27 years old, he has not talked about love once.However, Ms. Liu’s personality is more open. Mr. Zhang finds various topics without talking.

Because the family urged at home, and Mr. Zhang was very satisfied with Ms. Liu, and Ms. Liu also demanded that Mr. Zhang showed a marriage attitude.Mr. Zhang is an unpredictable person. When he saw Ms. Liu very much when he saw his family, he agreed to marry Ms. Liu.

Unexpectedly, after getting married, Ms. Liu actually refused to have the same room with him, and even found a reason to quarrel with him. After that, she returned to her mother’s house with a quarrel.Later, in order to pick up his wife back, Mr. Zhang also went to the mother’s house many times, but every time Ms. Liu made it clear that she refused to return, and this trouble was more than three months.According to the reason, even if I quarreled back to my mother’s house, I shouldn’t say that I would not come back for more than three months.After many friends knew, they felt that there was a problem with Ms. Liu, and they also gave Mr. Zhang a lot of suggestions.

In order to figure out the truth, Mr. Zhang sneaked to follow his wife’s whereabouts. However, he did not expect that he really discovered the clue.It turned out that she found her wife’s belly and didn’t know why she suddenly bulged.This is not like the feeling of getting fat, but the feeling of pregnancy.And his wife went to the hospital that day, and finally found that his wife actually went to the hospital for a pregnancy examination!

This shocked Mr. Zhang very much. He had been married to his wife for so long. He didn’t have the same room at a time. So how do you conceive your wife?Who is the child who is pregnant again?

In order to get the truth, the angry Mr. Zhang found his wife and asked the reason.Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu admitted directly and generously, and also said that the child was not yours, and it had already available before marriage.

When Mr. Zhang asked his father’s father, Ms. Liu expressed his refusal to answer.He even said that he married Mr. Zhang because he was pregnant.After being planned to get married, Mr. Zhang said that the child was him, so he was anxious to marry Mr. Zhang.But after getting married, she was reluctant to lie to Mr. Zhang, so she refused to have a room with him and returned to her mother’s house.

Seeing Ms. Liu’s speech, Mr. Zhang was ashamed and angry. He was angry and made a lot of things in his mother’s house, and he smashed a lot of things.After that, Mr. Zhang said that he had to divorce, not only to return the money he gave.You have to pay for your mental loss!

At this time, Ms. Liu began to persuade Mr. Zhang. She said that divorce was impossible, and her parents would not be willing to retreat.You just face the reality calmly, whether the child does not matter if you have you, as long as you are willing to give birth to the child, you will definitely ask this child to give you old -age care in the future.I also want to live a good life with you. If you love me, you have to accept all of me.

Later, after mediation, Mr. Zhang considered that he had spent all his savings when he got married, and it was very difficult to marry a daughter -in -law again.In addition, Ms. Liu is also very beautiful, making him very reluctant.In the end, he gave a plan that he agreed to continue to live with Ms. Liu without divorce, but Ms. Liu must kill the child and in the future to cut off the relationship with the so -called child father.Ms. Liu was unwilling to agree, but she was helpless and had to agree.

Summary: Marriage is not a child’s show. Mr. Zhang just fancy Ms. Liu’s beauty, and then she became a man.Just after knowing it for less than a month, a flash marriage was conducted.If he can spend a little more time to understand and spend more time to understand the personality, character and emotional experience of the other party, he may not suffer this loss.

Ms. Liu’s approach is also very wrong. This is obviously cheating. She also hopes that she will be better to Mr. Zhang in the future and make up for Mr. Zhang.

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