The newlywed woman has always lived in her mother’s house after pregnancy. Her husband checked his wife in the past and was shocked after he was cheated.

For more than ten days, his wife lived in her mother’s house after pregnancy and was unwilling to see her husband.The red -character wedding photos on the wall, the candy on the table, all shows the joy of this marriage to people, but now I have not lived in a long layer of dust because they have not lived for a long time.After a few days of marriage, what happened between the new couple?

Yang Guanghan told us that when everyone was still immersed in the joy of marriage, his wife Liu Xin told him the news of pregnancy, which made him even more exciting, but the good times did not last, his wife moved back to her family on the grounds of radiation, YangThe family was very puzzled by this, but did not stop too much, but the next production inspection had to doubt.Yang Guanghan said that during the checkup, his wife opened himself many times, and replaced the gynecological department he had hung himself. The wife did not need to hang the obstetrics for more than two months.This makes Yang Guanghan’s heart very puzzled, so why did Liu Xin do this?What exactly does she hide?

Yang Guanghan told us not long after the birth checkup, his wife sent a text message and told himself to get rid of the child. He knew that the news was very anxious, and he quickly felt that his wife’s family found that the news had long been empty, and there was no wife at all.It is a conspiracy that intentionally planned. So what is the truth of the matter?As soon as they met, the two were noisy. The Yang family started to Liu Xin and said that Liu Xin cheated more than 200,000 in their family. At this time, Yang Guanghan did not towards his wife Liu Xin.Liu Xin was bullied, and Liu Xin was unwilling to show weakness. The two sides did not make the scene very chaotic. What happened to this family?

Liu Xin said that on the first day of marriage, because of a little thing, Yang Guanghan fought on herself, and threatened to let herself go back to her mother’s house. This made her unbearable. She felt that her husband did not love herself at all.Only then did the child be killed in an impulse. For Liu Xin’s speech, the Yang family did not buy it. They insisted on doubting that Liu Xin married Yang Guanghan to deceive the gift money. Now the money is on the hand and wants to leave. So what is the truth of the matter?IntersectionWhat kind of person Liu Xin is Liu Xin?

For more than ten days, his wife lived in her mother’s house after pregnancy and was unwilling to see her husband.

Yang Guanghan and Liu Xin were introduced by others, because they were older, and the two sides talked for half a year. The two had a wedding. Liu Xin found that he was pregnant half a month after marriage.Hi, the days should have been done step by step, but what makes people unexpected is that Liu Xin suddenly disappeared!What happened in the middle?Yang Guanghan retrieved his wife’s report in the hospital for a birth checkup. It shows that his wife has been pregnant for more than three months, and the two have been married for two months. Recalling the abnormal behavior of his wife’s wife before, Yang Guanghan wanted to understand everything for a moment.This child is not his own at all. With a deeper investigation, he found that there was a 6 -year -old child under his wife Liu Xin’s name, which made Yang Guanghan hit.

The next survey results are even more surprising!The house opening records found in the hotel near Liu Xin, the opening time of the house has never been broken, including when the two had just determined the relationship, there were two people when they were just married.The frequent opening time of the house made Yang Guanghan shocked. When I was married, I was very generous when I was married, and the wedding was very grand.This is the abnormal scam of Liu Xin’s carefully planned in order to deceive the colorful ceremony. He urgently wanted to get Liu Xin’s explanation, but the reality gave him a good start!

No one was at home when he came to Liu Xin’s mother’s house. He called Liu’s father but was hurriedly hung up. It was learned from the neighbor’s mouth that the Liu family had no one lived for a long time. In the face of the intention of the Liu family, the Yang family felt deeply felt deep.The deep helplessness, the ground covered with Yang Guanghan’s mother’s film. The relatives of the Yang family told us that Mother Yang now has three cancers and has a very poor body.When I was alive, I watched my son marrying a wife, but I didn’t expect that it would become like this in the end, so how should I explain all this Liu Xin?Where will this marriage go?

For more than ten days, his wife lived in her mother’s house after pregnancy and was unwilling to see her husband.Yang Guanghan and Liu Xin were introduced together and spent more than 200,000 to marry the house. After half a month after marriage, Liu Xin found that she was pregnant.Liu Xin said that he did not frequently enter and leave the hotel. He had done a member card in that house, but later because the card was lost and he did not cancel it.It is not herself at all, she gave such an explanation to the child.

She explained that her children must be Yang Guanghan, but because she lived in the Yang family for a short time, she said that she was not unwilling to live in the Yang family, but that the relatives of the Yang family did not know it.Yang Guanghan did not stand here. She felt very wronged to live in her maid’s house. It was because Yang Guanghan hit herself, and she would kill the child under her impulse.As for Liu Xin’s explanation, Yang Guanghan no longer wanted to investigate too much. He only wanted a result, either Liu Xin went home with himself, or returned the money he had married to himself. So what would Liu Xin choose?

Yang Guanghan sincerely apologized to Liu Xin. He said that he would no longer investigate the previous things. He used to be too impulsive before. He hoped that Liu Xin could give himself a chance, and he would make up for him.?Liu Xin said that at the beginning, he was thinking about living with Yang Guanghan. Due to the complex relationship of this big family, he also did not handle interpersonal relationships. When contradictions occurred, Yang Guanghan did not choose to stand on his own side.She felt very aggrieved, and she said that she could go back and live with Yang Guanghan, but the premise is that the two of them are going to live.Relatives of the Yang family agreed to this request, but considering the physical condition of Mother Yang, they often went home to see while living outside.The opinions of both parties are unified.In a relationship, frankness and communication are the long -term way to maintain feelings. I hope that Yang Guanghan and Liu Xin will understand this truth.

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