The old mother left the property to the younger son, and also planned to seek the eldest son’s house. The eldest son was angry: dreaming

To what extent can a person be a male light and woman?The harm of the native family to children is irrelevant, but have you ever seen that because your son has not given birth to his son, does you even look down on his son?

Today, let’s take a look at how does Uncle Zhou’s mother treat their eldest son too much because of the heavy men and women?

My surname is Zhou. I am sixty years old this year. My wife died early. I only left me a girl. Now that the girl is also married and has a child, I should enjoy the blessing.

Unexpectedly, my brother pushed the eighty -year -old mother to let me care for me. At that time, I drove them out directly!

It’s not my heartbreaking, the reason is really chilling.

My wife and I were free in love. When I was married, I was also an envy of many people. After all, many marriage at that time was an arranged marriage.

There is a sister and a brother in my family. My sister is married, so I moved out of the old house after marrying my wife, because my younger brother also had to get married and had children.

So my daughter -in -law and I moved to another old house. Two years later, my wife was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. I was very happy, but my mother felt that the girl was not good. Sooner or later, she was a foreign name.

So she has never liked my daughter -in -law and daughter, and she often treats them coldly. In fact, I can just understand my mother’s approach. What I think is to regenerate a child in the back!

What I did not expect was that when my daughter was three years old, my wife found out early gastric cancer. In order to treat her, I gave up the idea of asking for the child.

This time my wife was sick, and I completely saw my mother’s face!

When my mother looked at my wife, I didn’t say anything. No matter what our family was asked, it was because our family had no son.

My brother has two sons at home. My mother does not like it, so she often lives in my brother’s house. I can understand it, but as a son, I have not lost my obligation at all for so many years.

She once fell, and her brother was not at home. My sister and I accompanied the hospital for two months. After her brother came back, she only said that her brother’s hard work, only the words and me.

I can bear this, after all, it is a biological mother.But when my wife had gastric cancer surgery, my mother had never asked a word.

I was completely chilling. After my wife recovered, she considered her body. I didn’t intend to ask for a child anymore, and my mother always said this matter.

Later, my brother went to the country because of his work. My mother also followed the country. After so many years, I have been born in the field.

My wife recurred at the age of forty years old, and had been hospitalized for more than a year. I still did not heal and died!

During this year, my mother had no concern, and she couldn’t come back to call, but she didn’t.

After my wife died, I was decadent in a small tavern every day, and I also met a lot of miscellaneous people. Through them, I accidentally knew that my mother had two houses in the city, but in her and my brother and my brotherWhen I went to the country, I had given my brother.

Even if I didn’t tell me, I didn’t say that she had to ask her house or anything, or I was her child, how could I be eccentric.

The second year of my wife’s death, my mother came back and lived in the city’s house with her brother. She went out and was broken by the car. They did not tell me. After my mother was fine, my sister said.

After that, they lived outside, and I thought that our relationship was so faint, maybe when she died, it was given!

But I never expected that some time ago, my brother pushed my mother back to his hometown and clamored at our door, and actually asked me to give her a care.

The first reaction was how it was possible. I asked my mother: "Who said it at first, I didn’t have a son, and I was annoyed when I saw me.

It was unexpected that my mother did not admit that she had said that. At that time, because I only gave birth to a daughter and slandered me outside, I didn’t care.

How can I come back to ask me for my elderly? Besides, all her property has given my brother, and my brother should give her the elderly.

But my mother said: The old house I live in now has a copy of her, so she must give her an old age!

I was very angry and asked my brother to push my mother to leave, and the door did not let them enter.It wasn’t until my sister came to my house that day that I knew what my mother asked me to give her the elderly.

Because my mother’s heavy male and female, my sister is also very painful. My sister has suffered less than me.

That day, my sister said that my mother asked her to come to my house, and advised me to give her an old -age care. My mother meant that I had only one daughter. In the future, the old road house could not give me my daughter.

After she came over to the elderly, the house was her. After that, she could pass it to my brother’s son, and would never give my daughter a surname!

After knowing my mother’s abacus, I made up my mind to never give her to the elderly. When they came again for the second time, my sister was there. My mother never admitted her behavior.

This time my sister confronted her directly, so that my mother should not be too much, but she still did not admit her eccentric behavior.

It wasn’t until the end of my sister’s complaint that she acknowledged her behavior, and then made up for the same saying that she was wrong.

But this sentence did not have any comfort to me. I have passed the stage that needed comfort. When my wife had just died, as long as she called a phone call at that time, I was not like this as a son.

In the end, although I forgive my mother, I would still not give her an old age. That day I asked my brother to push my mother to stand at the door for a day, and did not open the door. Finally, they left!

Written at the end:

It is said that only children who do not want parents and do not ignore their children, but real life is not a fairy tale world, no matter what kind of parents, there will be.

Without the suffering of others, I do n’t persuade others to be good. Only the suffering that Uncle Zhou has experienced is that he knows that his emotions cannot be expressed. The mockery and slander of family members are the most fatal. What do you think?

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