The operation process and risks of early pregnancy abortion and gestation induction of labor

For more than ten years in obstetrics and gynecology, he often encounters some girls to do abortion at the age of 20, and spend a lot of money and energy at the age of 30 to see the infertility.We often have thousands of emotions. As obstetrics and gynecologists, we are more willing to prepare for pregnancy and prepare for pregnancy.

Because the original intention of artificial abortion was to use the cases of abnormal diseases, fetal development, family genetic diseases, and illegal laws that could not continue pregnancy, and used artificial termination of pregnancy.

I want to popularize the process of abortion here. After the ultrasound is confirmed to be an early pregnancy pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy sac is appropriate, the principle of negative pressure attraction is used to suck out the pregnancy sac and molten tissue in the uterine cavity with the attractive device.The curettage cavity is rough.Although anesthesia does not feel pain in itself, the trauma of the body exists. For example, the endometrium damage may also occur, and some pregnancy tissue residues, bleeding, uterine perforation, infection, etc. may occur.Some people also have a comprehensive reaction of artificial abortion, that is, the dangers such as decreased heart rate, pale complexion, blood pressure, shock, etc. occur during surgery.There may be cervical, uterine cavity adhesion, causing menstruation, and other complications such as secondary infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Early artificial abortion

Early pregnancy abortion is discharged by vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain after oral methalisone and macoolitone, and discharge embryo tissue.In the later period, the ultrasound was determined whether there was a residue in the uterine cavity and decided whether to clear the palace.The process of the Qing Palace is basically the same as the flow of people.Clinically, the drug abortion is not limited to 7 weeks of pregnancy, but also widely used in larger months.

Early pregnancy means that the pregnancy time is within 14 weeks. Generally, the abortion is more suitable for 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. It can also be done at 9-10 weeks.Therefore, more than 9 weeks of early pregnancy, it is usually recommended that the drug logistics abortion and then cooperate with the Qing Palace to reduce the damage of direct abortion.During the drug flow process, major bleeding requires the emergency treatment of the palace, and a large monthly need to be clamped to remove the pregnancy tissue to reduce bleeding.Drinking clamps usually fragmented the fetal limb clip, which is cruel and easy to leave.

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Smooth pregnancy means that the pregnancy time is within 14 to 28 weeks. According to the situation, the pregnancy -induced dysfunction needs to be selected to inject drugs through the amniotic diaphragm, oral meol (or medicine) or put it into the uterine water sac.The process is more painful.Check the ultrasound in the later period and decide whether to clear the palace according to the situation.The risk of induction of labor is relatively large. Common ones are major bleeding, tract injury, infection, placenta residues, etc., and severe life is dangerous.The process of induction of labor is close to natural delivery, which is much more complicated than early people and complications. Therefore, we must choose a regular hospital to go smoothly and safely, which can better guarantee life safety.

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As a doctor, we urgently want to call for more girls, we must learn to protect ourselves, take contraceptive measures, and do not do things that regret ourselves.Parents with a daughter should also conduct sexual education to her daughter early to prevent her from being harmed.

What impressed me was that some time ago, I met a little girl who was only accompanied by my mother to induce labor. A junior high school student was still a child.Because I do n’t know that I am pregnant, or I dare not say that I have missed the opportunity of the early abortion, now I have been pregnant and can only induce labor.I think the mood of this mother is complicated. She has a blame and distress on her daughter, and must have self -blame.We are helpless to encounter such a thing.

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