The original god live online celebrities caused female high school students to be pregnant, and also cheated

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Recently, news that was called "The original God Live Clear Cross -High School Student Incident" in Japan on the Japanese network, which has caused widespread attention and discussion on the Japanese network.According to reports, a man of an online game anchor seduces female high school students to perform sexual behavior and leads to the woman’s pregnancy.What is even more shocking is that after the man wants to kick off the family after engaging in the belly of an adult’s family, he mobilizes the brokerage company to post a lawyer to the woman. The girl complained to the netizens and found that the netizen was also one of the girlfriend of the man, and the man also.At the same time, many women splitted. As a result, the two girls met for a big meal and jumped off the building to commit suicide live.The man later issued a statement pity. As a result, the brokerage company directly cut the frozen YouTU account, and scolded him to disguise himself as a tragic hero

Sadly, the dispute that should have been maintained by law and morality finally evolved into a tragic tragedy on earth.According to incomplete statistics, men not only have multiple girlfriends, but also set up complex emotional networks on the relationship network.After learning about the true face of the man, these girls communicated and decided to meet with each other. As a result, they committed suicide after jumping off the building after the dinner.

Such incidents are not only shocking, but also make us feel sad.This act of betrayal and desecration of personality not only violates social morality and legal regulations, but also challenges the bottom line of human civilization.If we cannot strictly condemn and sanction from morality and legal levels, then our society will fall into chaos and disorder.

In recent years, Japanese society has fallen into such a quagmire.The incident of the original god live online celebrity and female high school students exposed the evil of the world style: not only involved sexual assault and moral corruption, but also involved suicide and public opinion control.

This incident is guided by mistakes, and there is no need to say more about the harm caused by the whole society.However, what makes people even more embarrassed is that this moral collapse failed to get enough attention.Although the brokerage company has adopted means such as frozen YouTU accounts, how to ensure that similar incidents no longer occur?The handling of this anchor is so lightly described. How can this make moral standards return to society?Is this the status quo of Japanese moral ethics?

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