The ovarian cysts are repeated, which are related to these three reasons, one of which can be avoided

Although ovarian cysts are benign tumors, if the cyst is continuously increased or worsening, a regular hospital must be selected to remove it through surgery and cancer. For patients with ovarian cysts, the most afraid of recurrence is the condition.

1. It is related to endocrine factors

Studies have shown that the recurrence rate of ovarian cysts without fertility is more than three times that of more than three times that of women who have been born, because the ovaries can be protected during pregnancy and the ovaries are temporarily resting.In addition, after the age of 50, there is no menopause, early menstrual tide, frequent sexual life, use of ovulation -promoting drugs, and premature sexual maturity are also the factors that cause ovarian cysts to recur.

2. Bad living habits

Excessive mental stress, always staying up late, and irregular schedule will cause excessive acidification of constitution, reduce resistance and immunity, slow down the speed of metabolism, which will cause endocrine disorders and ovarian diseases, etc., and even form abnormal ovarian tissue hyperplasia.Eventually leading to the recurrence of the condition.In addition, an unreasonable diet structure always eats high -fat and high cholesterol and spicy and irritating foods. The body lacks vitamin A vitamin C and vitamin E, a large amount of smoking, drinking, and always suffering from ionizing radiation.

3. No thorough treatment

With the development of medicine, many methods can treat ovarian cysts. If you choose a small clinic or not choose the right treatment method, cysts will recur.In addition, the frequency of cyst hair is also very related to the season. Generally, the speed of metabolism in summer is strong, as well as secretion hormones, which stimulates estrogen and progesterone and induces ovarian cysts.

Patients go to the hospital before and after menstruation for B -ultrasound and laparoscopic examination, so that the type of cyst can be diagnosed.The physiological cysts disappear for about two months and do not require special treatment.Pathological cysts are preferred to choose drugs to control, and try to combine Chinese and western medicine as much as possible. If the cyst increases too fast, it should be removed by surgical.If the condition repeatedly occurs, the ovary should be removed directly if there is no fertility.Patients should develop good habits, quit smoke and alcohol, avoid eating spicy and irritating food, maintain a good mentality, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and avoid excessive fatigue.

Kind tips

Participate in physical exercise, keep regular schedules, and try not to eat contaminated foods.Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, avoid staying up late, and ensure that there is sufficient sleep, and the balance is physical intake of nutrients.Master the correct way of contraception, reduce the number of abortion, and cannot use emergency contraceptives to contraception.

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