The pregnancy test will also "lie": In addition to pregnancy, there will be two lines in these three situations.

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In life, when the female friends found that their aunt was postponed for several days, what was the first reaction?Presumably you will buy a pregnancy test stick to detect it.

But when the pregnancy test stick showed the two bars of bright dazzling, in the end, it was found that it might be "empty joy". What is the situation?

Xiaomei recently found that he had "won the prize".When I got up that morning, Xiaomei tested with a pregnancy test stick and found that she was promoted to the "Captain of the Central Captain".

In order to be more secure, Xiaomei still took a pregnancy test stick to find a doctor, so that the doctor told him what the precautions for pregnancy.

However, the doctor’s attitude made Xiaomei very dissatisfied. Not only did he register herself, but also asked Xiaomei to pay the "urine test". Xiaomei thought that the hospital just wanted to "make money".

In fact, using the pregnancy test stick to detect whether pregnancy is a very common means, and the accuracy rate is also more than 90%, but the pregnancy test stick will actually "lie".

In life, women want to check whether they are pregnant or not, and the pregnancy test stick is the most direct way to test whether pregnancy.

The principle of the pregnancy test stick is actually to detect the HCG concentration in urine, because women will secrete a large amount of HCG in their bodies after pregnancy. The pregnancy test rod is to determine whether women are pregnant successfully by detecting the content of this hormone.

There will be three cases of use pregnancy test sticks: Situation 1: Women only display one line when the pregnancy test is used to test pregnancy, then it means that they are not pregnant; the situation 2: Women have two red lines when they use the pregnancy test stickThen it means that women are pregnant; Situation 3: Women have not been verified 5 minutes after using the pregnancy test stick, then it means that the pregnancy test stick is invalid and the pregnancy test fails.

Many women have two lines after using the pregnancy test stick, and they think that they are pregnant, but in fact, the "two bars" on the pregnancy test stick are not just pregnant, sometimes otherFor information, women must learn to distinguish.

1) It may be "biochemical pregnancy"

Biochemical pregnancy is a combination of sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs.

In this case, there will be two bars with a pregnancy test stick, but the display is very shallow. In this case, it may be "biochemical pregnancy".

"Biochemical pregnancy" does not have some impact on the body, but just like normal menstruation.

2) It may be ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal position of the fertilized egg in bed, and there is no normal bed to the uterus.

If it is an ectopic pregnancy, there will be two bars on the pregnancy test stick, but the color will be deeper and shallow.Of course, not all colors are deep and shallow. It may be that the pregnancy time is short. The hormones have not been given enough, so the pregnancy test is not obvious.

3) Other abnormalities

In addition, like a female body, there are some diseases, which will also cause two bars in the pregnancy test stick. The most common is "ovarian tumor". The level of hormone in the blood and urine will also increase.Its effects have two bars.

Although the pregnancy test stick has extremely high accuracy, it is not 100%, especially when the results of pregnancy testing are "deep and shallow", it can not represent it.Two bars, sometimes they may not really be pregnant.

Therefore, women want to determine whether they are really pregnant, and they need to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination. In the early pregnancy examination, it is not optional. In addition to determining whether it is really pregnant, it can also determine the pregnancy weekThe situation is the best choice to ensure the health of mother and baby.

At the same time, in addition to a pregnancy testing tool, the pregnancy test stick is also a tool for testing. Once the woman’s body is abnormal, go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid accidents.

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