The pregnant mother "Yang" is panicked?Succession expert: Mo panic, calmness is more important than running the hospital!

These days, Chengdu people are a little busy. I haven’t done anything earlier. The bricks that have not been moved have to move.However, no matter how busy everyone is busy, there are no friends.

Outside the house Yangyang Yangyang

When I go out, I feel that I am entering the "sheepfar"

Many mothers are a little panicked

What should I do if I am Yang?

Does it affect the doll?

The doctor said, the pregnant mother is Yang

The first thing is "Don’t panic"!

The calm attitude is the best vaccine!

First of all, it is necessary to know that from infection to rehabilitation is a natural process. It takes so many days to ensure rest and sleep regardless of intervention.

What do you do after the sun, I will say it slowly.


Xin Guanyang, do you carry it hard?

Many pregnant mothers, especially early pregnancy, are worried that medication will affect dolls?Is it possible to carry it with your own immunity?

The principle is not to carry hard

The new crown infection is mild and milder, and there are different treatment methods for different symptoms. In principle, it is not allowed to carry it.

Mildness: There is no viral pneumonia, the vitality signs are stable, there is no hypolical disease, but there are uncomfortable symptoms. In this case, the symptoms are not carried.

Moderate: There is viral pneumonia, no hypoxia. This is called ordinary type. You should go to the hospital in time and take the medicine by the doctor.

Severe: There is a problem with breathing. For example, you can see the purple lips intuitive.

If the milder has a repeated fever for 2-3 days, there is no fever, and the chest tightness is tight. If you can’t breathe, you can also go to the hospital for medical treatment.


Which symptoms need to go to the hospital for medical treatment?

Specifically, what symptoms need to go to the hospital for pregnant mothers?

These situations need to go to the hospital

First of all, the obstetrics need to go to the hospital. Symptoms include: contraction, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, abnormal fetal movement, etc.

The problem of merging internal surgery, such as:

1. Abdominal pain with fever, appendicitis, cholecystitis, etc.;

2. The symptoms of the upper respiratory tract accompanied by fever, and the fever lasts for 2-3 days.

3. Heating with difficulty breathing, palpitations, chest tightness, tightness, decreased oxygen saturation, purple magpie, etc.

Don’t hesitate at this time, come to the hospital immediately.

The fever should also be divided into situations. Generally, the temperature of the mercury thermometer of the underarms continues to exceed 37.3 ° C, which is a fever. This is low thermal; 38 ° C-39 ° C is medium heat; above 39 ° C is high fever.Generally, the symptoms of muscle soreness and headache above 38.5 ° C, it feels as if it is beating.

Note that when the body temperature is measured, there must be no sweat under the armpit, nor can it be measured after strenuous exercise or after eating.

Another indicator is oxygen saturation, which can be detected by the fingertip blood oxygen meter. Normally above 98, the index continues to be less than 93.


What department to go to the hospital?

Symptomatic treatment, hanging obstetrics OR Industrial Medicine

It depends on what the symptoms are. If it is obstetrics, such as breaking water, flowing fluid and other problems, obstetrics are hung.

If there are symptoms such as fever, cough, and vomiting, you can hang in the industry.

Don’t rush to the hospital at the beginning of the fever. The fever is an immune process that removes the virus to remove the virus. It can let the bullet fly another haha.


What should I do if my sore throat?

What should I do if the pregnant mother sore soreness?Can I drink rock sugar stew Sydney?

Drink water, warm water is the first choice

Salva is the most common symptom of the new crown. Many people’s symptoms are concentrated in sore throat and sputum.

The first is to drink water, and ordinary warm water is best.

Secondly, we must avoid two pits. Sugar -containing water is not recommended, including rock sugar Sydney, because the sugar metabolism of pregnant mothers is already slower, and the weight management of many pregnant mothers itself is also a matter of attention.Electrolyte water is not very recommended. Drinking without obvious dehydration will only increase the burden on the kidneys.


Do you breastfeed?

Can but not force

Many mothers are worried about whether breastfeeding will infect babies?In fact, it is rare in the breast milk. Breast milk is the best vaccine for baby. Breastfeeding can improve the baby’s own immunity.

If you are Yang, you can take precautionary measures during breastfeeding: wear a mask to avoid droplets and disinfect surrounding items.If you are very worried, squeeze it out to feed.

If you are still very, very anxious, your mother’s physical and mental health is also very important. If you are really worried, you can also stop breastfeeding.

Guide to Home Drug

If you want to be at home,

Please see the treasure book for breastfeeding during pregnancy,

Remember to see it at any time!

1. Symptoms can only improve the symptoms and have no effect on the course of the disease. Symptoms should avoid drug treatment, especially the first three months of pregnancy.

2. Drug treatment should be reduced as much as possible to avoid using compound cold medicine.

3. Drugs should choose drugs with sufficient research evidence and high safety during pregnancy and lactation.

According to the "New Coronatte Pneumonic Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan", mild patients can use drugs as appropriate. Non -mild disease is recommended to go to the hospital for standardized treatment.

Fever, muscle soreness

Excessive temperature of the mother’s body may affect the cell division of the fetus, and causes nervous tube deformity, abnormal fetal development, and congenital heart disease. Active treatment should be actively treated during pregnancy.

If the body temperature does not exceed 38 ° C, it is generally not necessary to use antipyretic medicines. It can be used for physical methods such as warm water, wet wet application, and ice pillow.

If the patient’s body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C and the physical method is not obvious, or the fever causes obvious discomfort caused by the fever, he fever drugs can be treated for treatment.

Among the hydrodidal drugs, acetaminol during pregnancy can be used at any stage of pregnancy.Burpromifen’s large dose after 28 weeks and later may induce fetal arterial catheter prematurely, decreased amniotic fluid, and abnormal fetal renal function.

Nasal stuffing

Heating and humidifying air can improve the symptoms; in addition, you can try high -lying saline (or physiological saline) nasal spray nose spray or nose washing.

If the effect is not good, it can be treated in the short term, such as dectidine, Setrizine, or chlorophenicaminamin in Malanin. At present, the use of pregnancy is safe during pregnancy.Insufficient evidence should be avoided.

Cough, sputum

Mild cough can be treated without treatment. If the symptoms are obvious, you can consider the cough medicine for cough drugs such as right Meishafen to relieve the symptoms, but try to avoid use in three months before pregnancy.Copy or acetylspeedine.

Digestive tract symptoms

If there are many diarrhea, water -like and other digestive tract symptoms, you can choose to choose the safe and safe mammothing stone to stop diarrhea during pregnancy and lactation.Salt salt III treatment to prevent electrolyte disorders.


Is the pregnant mothers bottomed out?

"Pregnant mother" Yang ", don’t panic first"

Successively guard you

I wish you all


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