The pregnant mother and husband quarreled and were crying. The 5 -month -old fetus in the stomach made a wonderful response

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Yesterday, the cousin, who was pregnant for more than 5 months, published a state in the circle of friends: just quarreling with her husband, she was crying, and the baby’s response in the stomach was too cute.truce.Later, it was found that it was useless. He actually kicked with his little feet and kicked. There were several protrusions appearing in the belly for a moment.I quickly told her that my mother did not scold you. She scolded her dad, so she wouldn’t move.

Haha, so smart baby.No wonder many pregnant mothers have recently said that as long as they quarrel with her husband, fetal movements are particularly frequent.It turned out that when the baby was in the stomach, he could perceive the mood of the mother, and he would also worry about that the mother would train him.

So the question comes, how much does it affect the baby during pregnancy?

one.Affect fetal development

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a lot of emotional ups and downs, and they are easy to get angry and lose their temper.If the husband does not know the consideration, the couple’s two are prone to fierce quarrels.We know that when people are in a state of extreme anger, blood vessels will shrink, blood flow accelerates, endocrine will change, secreting some harmful hormones.These changes will directly endanger the development of the fetus.

Another thing that needs to be aware is that when the fight, the voice of speaking is generally loud, and the baby will feel scared.

two.Psychological defects are prone to occur after birth

Studies have found that during pregnancy, if the relationship between the couple is not good, they often quarrel and fight, and the child is prone to physical and mental defects after birth.Not only is it developing slowly, but also due to fear of fear, it will not be very good in personality. It is easier to be timid and weak after encountering things, and poor life independence.

So whether it is for the pregnant mother or the child, the dispute should be reduced during pregnancy.Pregnant mothers must learn to control their emotions, and Bao Dad should also be more physical and understand the pain and pressure of the pregnant mother.When contradictions occur, we must analyze it rationally and understand each other.


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